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Dishonored: Leviathan by Manic Intent
Summary: In the end, Corvo has no one to blame but himself. He, after all, had been the first to spare Daud after besting the assassin in a duel. He, after all, had been anxious to explain his motives for doing so - at length - to Emily, when she had, one sunny afternoon in the Tower pavilion where her mother had met her violent death, asked what had happened to her mother's murderer.

Now her letter of pardon seems to burn in his coat pocket on the right, opposite the Heart that he yet holds in his left coat pocket, and it feels like betrayal and not betrayal as he watches the sea pass him by, on his way to Serkonos on a fast ship, with Daud's apparent successor-via-default by his side. Life is infinitely ironic.
Reccer's Notes: I've never played the Dishonored video game, and started to read this because Manic Intent is one of my favorite authors, but the story dragged me in. I just love the dynamic between Corvo and Daud, as they share loyalty to the same two people, but with very different ways of dealing with everything.
fandom:dishonored  pairing:corvo.attano/daud  length:20.000-40.000.words  creator:manic_intent  theme:apocalypse&dystopia  theme:amnesty  reccer:chibifukurou 
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