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Solved: Optiplex GX620 memory limitation - Dell Community
The GX620 can support 2 gig modules. With 4 memory slots and a 64 bit CPU and OS it will see 8 Gigs of Ram in bios but you cant use 8. You can only use 3GB or 3.5GB. You CANNOT utilize more memory than 3.5 Gigs even when you install a 64-bit version of your OS This is a GX620 Limitation. Models with Pentium D also support NX and the other requirements for Windows 8.
hardware  hardwaresupport  memory  motherboard  forumthread  2012  intel  cpu  bios  links  spec  oldversion  info 
18 days ago by ezequiel
NDISwrapper - Wikipedia
NDISwrapper is a free software driver wrapper that enables the use of Windows XP network device drivers (for devices such as PCI cards, USB modems, and routers) on Linux operating systems. NDISwrapper works by implementing the Windows kernel and NDIS APIs and dynamically linking Windows network drivers to this implementation. As a result, it only works on systems based on the instruction set architectures supported by Windows, namely IA-32 and x86-64.
ndiswrapper  wikientry  x86  amd64  compatibility  driver  drivers  linux  sysadmin  oldversion  windows  windowsxp  wikipedia  article  links  software  hardwaresupport 
27 days ago by ezequiel
Thinkpad-acpi - ThinkWiki
This is a Linux ACPI driver for the ThinkPad laptops written by Borislav Deianov, and currently maintained by Henrique de Moraes Holschuh and is included with the Linux kernel. It aims to support various features of these laptops which are accessible through the ACPI framework but not otherwise supported by the generic Linux ACPI drivers. As a kernel module, thinkpad-acpi works as a bridge to deliver information about certain hardware events like key presses or control the state of certain hardware features by software.
linux  kernelmodule  compatibility  hardwaresupport  wikientry  oldversion  battery  powermanagement  bios  links  sysadmin  resources 
4 weeks ago by ezequiel
Tpacpi-bat - ThinkWiki
tpacpi-bat is a script using acpi_call kernel module which allows one to set battery charge thresholds on new ThinkPad models not supported by tp_smapi.
laptop  battery  tool  cli  hardwaresupport  oldversion  wikientry  links  ubuntu  mint  arch  gentoo  linux  software  ppa  repository  packages 
4 weeks ago by ezequiel
This is a Kodi 17 Krypton fork made specifically for older devices using Android 4.4.2 operating system, and is called MyGica Media Centre
Also works on Android 4.4.4
android.app  compatibility  oldversion  xbmc  download  links  mediaplayer  2017 
8 weeks ago by ezequiel
kodi - builds for old ARM cpus
(TODO: which android versions are supported by these '.apk' files?)
cpu  oldversion  hardwaresupport  compatibility  downloads  android.app  xbmc  mediaplayer 
8 weeks ago by ezequiel
Download Kodi 17 for Android 4.4 Devices. MyGica Media Center.APK For Android | APK-S
MyGica implements Kodi changes and updates to make sure it’s fully functional on all products.
MyGica products are hardware accelerated in XBMC Software for Best HD performance and functionality.
Visit https:www.droidboxforums.comthreadskodi-17-on-android-4-4-devices.9707 to discuss this application. Please note DroidBOX do not control the code for this application.
android.app  downloads  xbmc  mediaplayer  compatibility  oldversion  streaming  links 
8 weeks ago by ezequiel
Old OpenWrt Wiki [Old OpenWrt Wiki]
OpenWrt ​is a highly extensible ​GNU/​Linux ​distribution for embedded devices ​(typically wireless routers). Unlike many other distributions for these routers, OpenWrt ​is built from the ground up to be a full-featured, easily modifiable operating system for your router. In practice, this means that you can have all the features you need with none of the bloat, powered by a Linux kernel ​that's more recent than most other distributions.
oldversion  archived.version  openwrt  wiki  hardwaresupport  router  embedded  howto  guide  tips  example  links  resources 
8 weeks ago by ezequiel
OpenWrt Project: OpenWrt on 4/32 devices
* You have a device with 4MB flash and/or 32MB RAM.
* You have read and understood the 4/32 warning.
* You have adjusted your expectations according to this warning.
* You still want to install OpenWrt on your 4/32 device for [...]
embedded  router  memory  firmware  openwrt  wikientry  tips  howto  links  forumthread  hardwaresupport  oldversion  linux 
8 weeks ago by ezequiel
SquidFaq/ConfiguringSquid - Squid Web Proxy Wiki
Before you start configuring:
The best all around advice I can give on Squid is to start simple! Once everything works the way you expect, then start tweaking your way into complexity with a means to track the (in)effectiveness of each change you make (and a known good configuration that you can always go back to when you inevitably fubar the thing!).
squid  faq  reference  documentation  configuration  sysadmin  networking  proxy  example  tips  wikientry  security  links  releaserelated  oldversion 
11 weeks ago by ezequiel
HAProxy Documentation Converter
HAProxy Documentation Converter
Made to convert the HAProxy documentation into HTML.
More than HTML, the main goal is to provide easy navigation.
haproxy  documentation  oldversion  links  reference  configuration  guide  tips  example  performance  github  online  releaserelated 
12 weeks ago by ezequiel
HAProxy version 1.7.x - Configuration Manual
This document covers the configuration language as implemented in the version specified above. It does not provide any hint, example or advice. For such documentation, please refer to the Reference Manual or the Architecture Manual.
The summary below is meant to help you search sections by name and navigate through the document.
documentation  configuration  haproxy  reference  example  sysadmin  networking  performance  oldversion  raspbian  linux  unix 
12 weeks ago by ezequiel
Compose file version 2 reference | Docker Documentation
Reference and guidelines:

These topics describe version 2 of the Compose file format.
Compose and Docker compatibility matrix

There are several versions of the Compose file format – 1, 2, 2.x, and 3.x The table below is a quick look. For full details on what each version includes and how to upgrade, see About versions and upgrading.

This table shows which Compose file versions support specific Docker releases. [...]
docker  documentation  reference  comparison  releaserelated  tips  example  configuration  sysadmin  tool  oldversion 
december 2019 by ezequiel
Get Archive – Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-GB)
Retrieve a dead link from an archive service with these shortcuts:
* CTRL+3: get an archive.org link (Wayback Machine) and copy the archive link to the clipboard [...]
If you want to get an archive link for a page that no longer exists, either:
* right click the dead link and select the appropriate option [...]
Included alternative shortcuts: [...]
internet  oldversion  archived.version  firefox  extension  web 
october 2019 by ezequiel
Internet Archive – Get this Search Tool for 🦊 Firefox (en-GB)
A search add-on for the Internet Archive located at http://archive.org/
Note that the above site doesn't support an incremental search, so neither does the add-on.
archived.version  oldversion  internet  web  search  firefox  extension 
october 2019 by ezequiel
Error 404 Wayback Machine – Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-GB)
Error 404 Wayback Machine detects error codes 404, 408, 410, 451, 500, 502, 503, 504, 509, 520, 521, 523, 524, 525, and 526 and checks to see if archived versions of the URLs requested are available. If they are, a message will be displayed offering the opportunity to view the archived version.
archived.version  internet  web  firefox  extension  oldversion 
october 2019 by ezequiel
[APP] OPL Daily Builds (New BETA Releases) - PS2-HOME.com - PS2 Homebrew and Tools
(me: download links for OPL (PlayStation 2 [PS2]) daily builds with instructions on how to update an existing copy in a memory card (through an USB drive), many tips, etc.)
opl.ps2  freemcboot  install  installation  tips  example  guide  howto  sysadmin  usb  vg.plat.ps2  releaserelated  links  downloads  source  firmware  hacking  archived.version  oldversion  compatibility  build  daily 
july 2019 by ezequiel
Editing Configuration Files · transmission/transmission Wiki
It's not always possible to set all configurations from the GUI, especially on the Daemon or the Web Interface. This guide will try to give an overview of how and what you can change. For the location of these files, look at the Configuration Files page.
bittorrent  gui  software  configuration  environment  howto  linux  unix  gtk  cli  wikientry  github  example  tips  proxy  oldversion  networking 
may 2019 by ezequiel
The Python Standard Library — Python 2.7.6 documentation [readthedocs.io] [archive.org]
Python’s standard library is very extensive, offering a wide range of facilities as indicated by the long table of contents listed below. The library contains built-in modules (written in C) that provide access to system functionality such as file I/O that would otherwise be inaccessible to Python programmers, as well as modules written in Python that provide standardized solutions for many problems that occur in everyday programming. Some of these modules are explicitly designed to encourage and enhance the portability of Python programs by abstracting away platform-specifics into platform-neutral APIs.
(me: clicked through every topic to make the waybackmachine archive the whole of the standard library)
python  documentation  reference  api  library  online  oldversion  archived.version 
april 2019 by ezequiel
The Python Standard Library — Python 2.7.6 documentation [readthedocs.io]
Python’s standard library is very extensive, offering a wide range of facilities as indicated by the long table of contents listed below. The library contains built-in modules (written in C) that provide access to system functionality such as file I/O that would otherwise be inaccessible to Python programmers, as well as modules written in Python that provide standardized solutions for many problems that occur in everyday programming. Some of these modules are explicitly designed to encourage and enhance the portability of Python programs by abstracting away platform-specifics into platform-neutral APIs.
python  documentation  reference  api  library  online  oldversion 
april 2019 by ezequiel
The Python Standard Library — Python 2.7.16 documentation [docs.python.org]
Python’s standard library is very extensive, offering a wide range of facilities as indicated by the long table of contents listed below. The library contains built-in modules (written in C) that provide access to system functionality such as file I/O that would otherwise be inaccessible to Python programmers, as well as modules written in Python that provide standardized solutions for many problems that occur in everyday programming. Some of these modules are explicitly designed to encourage and enhance the portability of Python programs by abstracting away platform-specifics into platform-neutral APIs.
python  documentation  reference  api  library  online  oldversion 
april 2019 by ezequiel
WineHQ - Adobe Digital Editions 1.7
What works:

* Everything I tried from within the application.
* I was able to check out an ebook from the public library, read it, transfer it to an ebook reader, and to return it.
* The ebook reader used was a Barnes and Noble nook.  Note that ADE didn't detect the nook out of the box.  I needed to do the following as noted in the Selected Test Results to get ADE to detect it.
winecompatible  ebooks  software  free  links  forumthread  tips  install  configuration  adobe  compatibility  oldversion 
february 2019 by ezequiel
The Oroborus Project
Oroborus basically is a really minimalistic window manager, which is about 75kb small on a PowerPC machine and about 63kb on an x86 machine. "Minimalistic" means that the Oroborus window manager doesn't provide some things other window managers provide. So you will need some external tools also provided by this project.
xquartz  windowmanager  oldversion  2005  opensource  macosx  2010  tools  x11  links 
august 2018 by ezequiel
Modified Oroborus for Mac OS X
OroborOSX is an X11 environment designed for use in rootless mode with XDarwin on Mac OS X. It is currently being used with Mac OS X from version 10.0.x to the latest 10.2.1.
xquartz  windowmanager  oldversion  2005  opensource  macosx  x11  links 
august 2018 by ezequiel
Since it’s inception Node.js has depended on the V8 JavaScript engine to provide code execution in the language we all know and love. The V8 JavaScript engine is a JavaScript VM written by Google for the Chrome browser. From the beginning, a primary goal of V8 was to make JavaScript fast, or at least — faster than the competition. For a highly dynamic, loosely typed language this is no easy feat. This piece is about the evolution of V8 and JS engines performance.
2017  javascript  performance  article  blogpost  node.js  internals  tech  example  links  comparison  oldversion 
august 2018 by ezequiel
Find and download archived versions of Adobe AIR SDK
Find links to archived versions of Adobe AIR SDK runtime, SDK, and compiler. Test applications with different versions of Adobe AIR.
adobe  air  compatibility  oldversion  archived.version  software  links  downloads  resources  releaserelated  linux  windows  macosx  android  iphone  sdk 
march 2018 by ezequiel
Download link for Adobe Digital Editions 1.7.2? - MobileRead Forums
You used to be able to download Adobe Digital Editions 1.7.2 from the Kobobooks.com website, from this page: [...]
adobe  drm  software  oldversion  archived.version  links  forumthread  2014  windows  downloads  reader 
may 2017 by ezequiel
The AROS Archives @ aros-exec.org
We are here to serve the AROS community. On this site you will find software for the AROS Research Operating System. Feel free to post your application on The AROS Archives or browse the site for a specific application.
You want AROS software, we know where it is, The AROS Archives!
aros  downloads  games  amiga  oldversion  browsable  searchable  links  freeware  opensource 
december 2016 by ezequiel
Power C for the Commodore 64
This page is about the Power C compiler for the Commodore 64. It's one of the best high-level languages available for this machine, with an excellent editor, a compiler, and a linker. Although its dialect is K & R (pre-ANSI) C, it's very capable. An assembler is also available, making it even more useful for large projects (see the links to Transactor articles on linking C and assembly). Further down the page, you'll find a collection of add-on utilities I downloaded from Q-Link back in the day. If you have any questions, you can mail me email me (cenbe at kolabnow dot com).
commodore  abandonware  commercialsoftware  compiler  software  downloads  c  links  archived.version  oldversion 
december 2016 by ezequiel
cc65 - a freeware C compiler for 6502 based systems
Oliver Schmidt, long time contributor to the libraries is providing support for the old version. See http://cc65.github.io/cc65/ for more information.
compiler  c  hardwaresupport  oldversion  links  commodore  software 
december 2016 by ezequiel
LWN.net Weekly Edition Archives [LWN.net]
Here is a simple (for now) archive listing for the LWN.net Weekly Edition. Note that this archive begins on June 6, 2002; please see the old site archives for editions prior to that date.
news  articles  linux  kernel  archived.version  oldversion  development  unix  security  releaserelated 
september 2016 by ezequiel
Text Input - The Chromium Projects [obsolete]
OBSOLETE: The contents need to be updated

* Chromium OS will be internationalized and will support many languages other than English;
* Chromium OS will support a variety of text input methods to make text entry as easy as possible for non-English languages;
* End user language and input-method settings are synchronized with the user's profile in the cloud to enable a consistent user experience from any device;
chromium  chrome.browser  documentation  design  oldversion  online  reference  links  development  keyboard  browser  google  x11  chromeos 
august 2016 by ezequiel
Do not blur() the BODY in Internet Explorer | Proper Code
If you have to remove the focus from an active element using JavaScript blur() function, make sure that the active element is not BODY. Otherwise, if your HTML page is the only opened tab, the IE will go to the bottom of the opened windows stack.
2013  blogpost  archived.version  oldversion  ie  javascript  html  issue  workaround  links  compatibility 
july 2016 by ezequiel
Vim Online Help [Internet Archive Wayback Machine]
(me: main page with links to every archived version of the vim online help website)
vim  help  manual  reference  guide  documentation  online  oldversion  archived.version  editor  unix  linux  macosx  windows  links 
june 2016 by ezequiel
Vetusware.org: Welcome to the forum
Forum, dedicated to the software of the good old days.
dos  free  freeware  archive  archived.version  software  oldversion  forums 
october 2015 by ezequiel
Documentation | CMake
(me: includes links to documentation on previous releases)
cmake  documentation  oldversion  links  reference  guide  tips  buildgenerator  unix  linux  windows  macosx 
october 2015 by ezequiel
Boost C++ Libraries: Documentation
Much work goes into the documentation for the Boost libraries and tools. The documentation included in the library and tool release is also available here: [...]
boost  c++  development  c++11  documentation  library  libraries  unix  linux  posix  macosx  windows  gcc  visualstudio  mingw  reference  links  oldversion  compatibility  multiplatform 
august 2015 by ezequiel
Old and New Version of Foxit Reader Download - OldApps.com
(me: contains foxitreader v7.0.8-1216, which runs fine under wine-1.4 and wine-1.6 on amd64 (with WINEARCH=win32))
(me: wine-1.4 needs a registry fix under nx/x2go:
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Wine\X11 Driver] "ClientSideWithRender"="N"
) (see also: http://wiki.winehq.org/UsefulRegistryKeys)
winecompatible  oldversion  download  downloads  software  freeware  windows  pdf  fileformats  ubuntu  ubuntu.precise  archived.version  suspicious.malware 
may 2015 by ezequiel
WifiDocs/WPAHowTo - Community Help Wiki
WPA configuration is handled seamlessly by the "just works" WifiDocs/NetworkManager and should be installed with recent versions of Ubuntu. If not you can go through the procedure to install it manually here or you can configure the daemon in charge of WPA encryption (wpasupplicant) manually. [...]
ubuntu  wiki  wireless  configuration  howto  guide  oldversion  ubuntu.hardy  debian  linux  sysadmin  wikientry 
april 2015 by ezequiel
netbeans - Release Archives & Development Downloads
Start here for past releases and development downloads of NetBeans - daily builds, Milestones, sources and other extras required to build from source. Please note dev builds are not release quality, use at your own risk.
netbeans  download  downloads  archived.version  oldversion  java  ide  development  tool  c  c++  php  macosx  linux  unix  solaris  opensource 
march 2015 by ezequiel
Windows Hardware Dev Center Archive (Windows Drivers)
Looking for content about earlier versions of Windows? Then check out these archived topics. But note that they haven't been validated or updated since they were first published.
For up-to-date content about our latest technologies and features, please use our site search or navigation.
microsoft  windows  msdn  reference  documentation  links  downloads  oldversion  archived.version  driver  kernel  drivers  hardwaresupport  development 
march 2015 by ezequiel
kiarchive.relcom.ru:/pub/msdos/shell/connect - CONNECT
(cn.zip: "connect" file manager, a freeware file manager (norton commander style) for DOS)
dos  filemanager  textui  downloads  source  oldversion  archived.version  tool  software 
february 2015 by ezequiel
EDM/2 - A Programmer's Editor Shootout - Visual SlickEdit 2.0
Visual SlickEdit from MicroEdge is a cross-platform (and they mean it!) programmer's editor, which comes in both PM and text-mode versions for OS/2.
editor  comparison  os2  oldversion  review  reviews  gui  development 
january 2015 by ezequiel
FileMerlin - Advanced File Conversion Software
FileMerlin™ reads and converts most modern as well as older word processor files, as well as some spreadsheet and data base files. In many cases, it also converts graphics embedded in or linked to documents. It can read more than 100 different major file formats, and convert them to modern-day applications. The supported file formats are:
trialware  windows  commercialsoftware  officeapp  converter  software  tool  wordstar  wordperfect  msoffice  oldversion  fileformats  rtf  html 
october 2014 by ezequiel
Documentation | CMake
Includes links to documentation for previous cmake releases
cmake  documentation  reference  links  development  tool  software  buildgenerator  linux  unix  windows  macosx  oldversion  online 
september 2014 by ezequiel
vim-win3264 - Win64 releases of Vim (Vi IMproved) - Google Project Hosting
An obsolete distribution point for Win64 binaries for the Vim editor.

This project is no longer maintained. Please refer to the Vim Tips Wiki's Where to Download Vim for up-to-date suggestions on obtaining a Win64 build.
vim  download  windows  freesoftware  opensource  install  amd64  oldversion  archived.version 
august 2014 by ezequiel
DoxyGen Syntax - DoxyGen Highlighting on top of c/c++/java : vim online
DoxyGen Syntax : DoxyGen Highlighting on top of c/c++/java.
Note (from the page): this script has been "moved" into vim7.
vim  plugin  script  programming  doxygen  oldversion  links  c  c++  java 
july 2014 by ezequiel
Checker - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)
The GNU checker package has been decommissioned, as valgrind does a better job and is being actively maintained. Old home page preserved below for archaeologists.
oldversion  gnu  gcc  freesoftware  linux  unix  debug  compiler  tool  software  memory 
may 2014 by ezequiel
Workbench Nostalgia: The history of the AmigaOS Graphic User Interface (GUI): Index
These pages are dedicated to the preservation and restoration of the interesting and valuable history of the Amiga Graphical User Interface known as "Workbench."
amiga  os  screenshots  reviews  oldversion  community 
april 2014 by ezequiel
The Game Archives - games and ROMS for download
Here you will find old games for a lot of different systems.
You can easily select the files you want from the menu on the left.
gaming  emulation  archive  download  downloads  oldversion  commodore  amiga  computing  dos  games 
april 2014 by ezequiel
AMI Sector One - News
This site is dedicated to Amiga emulation and all what's related to it. AMI Sector One's only goal is to provide the Amiga emulator fan with the stuff he or she needs legally. You'll find here a huge collection of games, module files and demos of the Amiga scene. But keep in mind - all you can download here is shareware or a commercial product we're allowed to put it up, because we're having a written permission by the author or the distributor. You'll find a list of all contributors in the corporate area. We hope you'll enjoy your stay.
amiga  emulation  resources  downloads  computing  oldversion  games  gaming 
april 2014 by ezequiel
The Personal Computer Museum, Brantford, Ontario, CANADA - Recycle, donate, and browse your old computers, electronics, video games, and software
For over 20 years, Brantford Local Computer Guru SYD BOLTON has dreamed of opening a museum to showcase the history of personal computers. Many children have no idea about life before a ‘mouse’, when ‘green screens’ ruled the day, and a time well before the Internet was available to everyone. Relive your earlier computer days or find out how we roughed it in the 70’s and 80’s.
history  oldversion  pc  commodore  amiga  apple  mac  ibm 
april 2014 by ezequiel
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