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changing vim's vertsplit character to │ - Stack Overflow
Q: [...] How would one, on windows xp's cmd, gvim 7.2 change vertsplit character, so that instead of default | it is │ (so that it makes a full, and not an splitted line) ? [...]
2010  forumthread  vim  configuration  fonts  tips  gui 
6 weeks ago by ezequiel
FIGlet - hosted by PLiG
FIGlet is a program for making large letters out of ordinary text
opensource  ascii  art  fonts  software  linux  unix  windows  cli  textui  textprocessing  macosx  dos  amiga  os2  nextstep  beos 
october 2018 by ezequiel
home directory - Path for fonts? - Ask Ubuntu
Q: I searched already for this question and got a page on here where someone answered with "go to home/username/.fonts" or somesuch. I ran into a couple problems: [...]

(me: look into '/etc/fonts/fonts.conf', '/etc/fonts/conf.d/50-user.conf', '/etc/fonts/conf.d/*.conf' (look for '<dir>' entries))
2014  forumthread  stackexchange  ubuntu  debian  configuration  fonts  linux  tips  example 
september 2018 by ezequiel
ryanoasis/nerd-fonts: Iconic font aggregator, collection, and patcher. 40+ patched fonts, over 3,600 glyph/icons, includes popular collections such as Font Awesome & fonts such as Hack
🔡 Iconic font aggregator, collection, and patcher. 40+ patched fonts, over 3,600 glyph/icons, includes popular collections such as Font Awesome & fonts such as Hack https://NerdFonts.com
fonts  links  downloads  github  opensource  license.mit  linux  unix  x11  unicode  icons  programming  gui  xorg 
september 2018 by ezequiel
ryanoasis/vim-devicons: Adds file type glyphs/icons to popular Vim plugins: NERDTree, vim-airline, Powerline, Unite, vim-startify and more
🔣 Adds file type glyphs/icons to popular Vim plugins: NERDTree, vim-airline, Powerline, Unite, vim-startify and more.
font  fonts  opensource  license.mit  github  vim  plugin  plugins  neovim  icons 
september 2018 by ezequiel
View list of embedded fonts in PDF file with Preview - Super User
Q: [...] OS X's Preview can also display metadata, albeit a more limited subset (under Tools > Show Inspector). However, you can't see embedded font information with Preview.
Is there a way in OS X (preferably with Preview, and not with Acrobat) to see what fonts are embedded in a PDF file?
pdf  forumthread  2010  stackexchange  macosx  cli  unix  tips  example  links  fonts  fileformats 
october 2016 by ezequiel
Re: [ft-devel] A small post about the v40 interpreter
FreeType 2.7.0 will ship the new v40 TrueType instructions interpreter version enabled by default. It finally brings DirectWrite/ClearType-like rendering to the screen, or "subpixel hinting" as some FreeType code calls it. Actually, there is no subpixel hinting. Read on. [...]
mailinglistpost  fonts  library  linux  unix  2016  ui 
august 2016 by ezequiel
7 Of The Best Ubuntu Terminal (Fixed Width) Fonts ~ Web Upd8: Ubuntu / Linux blog
You asked for it so here it is: a post with 7 of the best Ubuntu terminal (fixed width or monospace) fonts. I say 'Ubuntu' because the installation instruction for most of these fonts are for Ubuntu.
ubuntu  debian  ttf  x11  fonts  tips  screenshots  font  comparison  terminal  editor  2010 
july 2016 by ezequiel
20 Best Web Fonts from Google Web Fonts and @font-face
(me: previews and links to some freely available web fonts from Google)
free  fonts  typography  css  google  links  downloads  web  html 
april 2016 by ezequiel
Force RGB mode in Mac OS X to fix the picture quality of an external monitor | i reckon
I recently bought a MacBook Pro (with ‘Retina’ screen), but when I hooked it up to my Dell U2410 monitor via HDMI cable I was shocked by the poor picture quality. The contrast was all wrong and text was misshapen. No amount of calibration in the monitor or software would fix it. [...]
(me: thorough list of steps, which have been reported to work for many people)
macosx  fonts  configuration  tips  2015  ui  macosx.elcapitan  issue  fix  workaround  cli  example  sysadmin  blogpost 
january 2016 by ezequiel
Fonts Look Blurry in OS X Yosemite? Change Font Smoothing Settings
[...] We’re going to cover a few options and you’ll have to try them yourself to see which looks best for your eyes and your display. [...]
macosx  fonts  configuration  tips  2014  ui  cli  example  blogpost 
january 2016 by ezequiel
Mac Screen Looking Blurry? Optimize & Troubleshoot Font Smoothing in Mac OS X
If you think a Mac display looks fuzzy or blurry there are a few common solutions to check into before assuming the screen itself has a problem.
macosx  fonts  configuration  tips  2012  ui  example  cli  blogpost 
january 2016 by ezequiel
change-font(2) - JASSPA MicroEMACS [jasspa.com]
change-font is a platform specific command which allows the displayable font to be modified. The selection of font is determined by the monitor resolution and the capabilities of the graphics adapter.
(me: useful examples on how to change the font used under dosbox/dosemu on Linux/unix)
microemacs  documentation  reference  editor  configuration  font  fonts  dos  dosemu  dosbox  issue  workaround  windows  x11 
november 2015 by ezequiel
compression - How to reduce the size of a pdf file? - Ask Ubuntu
Q: I'm looking for a way in Ubuntu to reduce the size of a pdf (by reducing the quality of the images).
I know that this can be done in Ghostscript by typing the following command in terminal: [...]
forumthread  stackexchange  ubuntu  debian  tips  howto  fonts  pdf  cli  example  links  linux  unix 
august 2015 by ezequiel
ubuntu - How to get Ghostscript to use embedded fonts in PDF - Stack Overflow
I'm using (trying anyway) to use Ghostscript to reduce my PDF file size. The command above looks like it works, it reduces file size greatly, but then several of the fields are garbled. As for as I can track it down, It's doing font substitution. IE, The same text = same garbled text.
pdf  forumthread  stackexchange  tool  cli  tips  issue  workaround  fonts  example  linux  unix  macosx  windows 
august 2015 by ezequiel
How to repair a PDF file and embed missing fonts - Stack Overflow
Q: I use pdftk to repair some failures in corrupted PDF files, but I faced another problem which is not fixed by pdftk (or at least I do not know how to do so).
forumthread  stackexchange  pdf  tool  cli  howto  tips  issue  workaround  unix  linux  windows  macosx  fonts 
august 2015 by ezequiel
Install the Verdana and Tahoma fonts under Ubuntu Linux - makandropedia
Arial, Verdana, Tahoma, and similar “basic” Microsoft fonts are not included in a vanilla Ubuntu installation. You should have these fonts because many designers consider them to be universally available: [...]
fonts  install  howto  linux  ubuntu  debian  x11  ttf  tips  example  links  blogpost 
july 2015 by ezequiel
How to get gorgeous looking fonts on ubuntu linux (guide/howto)
The tweaks shown in the post should give identical font rendering on any linux distro provided that BCI hinting (Byte code interpreter) is available (which it is on most modern linux distros since the bci patent has now expired).
configuration  howto  ubuntu  linux  debian  x11  ttf  fonts  guide  article  screenshots  design  ui  links  example  xorg  free 
july 2015 by ezequiel
Google Fonts
(me: searchable, browsable collection of (Google-owned?) fonts)
google  fonts  font  typography  downloads  browsable  searchable  ttf  x11  free 
july 2015 by ezequiel
Fonts - Ubuntu Wiki
This page describes fonts in general.
font  fonts  install  sysadmin  howto  tips  reference  documentation  wikientry  linux  ubuntu  ttf  x11  links  ui 
july 2015 by ezequiel
ttf-mscorefonts-installer : Precise (12.04) : Ubuntu
This package allows for easy installation of the Microsoft True Type Core Fonts for the Web including:
* Andale Mono
* Arial Black
* Arial (Bold, Italic, Bold Italic)
* Comic Sans MS (Bold)
* Courier New (Bold, Italic, Bold Italic)
* Georgia (Bold, Italic, Bold Italic)
* Impact
* Times New Roman (Bold, Italic, Bold Italic)
* Trebuchet (Bold, Italic, Bold Italic)
* Verdana (Bold, Italic, Bold Italic)
* Webdings
fonts  install  package  ubuntu  ubuntu.precise  installation  links  downloads  ttf  font 
july 2015 by ezequiel
LibreOffice missing certain Microsoft fonts - Ask Ubuntu
(me: instructions on how to get the ttf-mscorefonts-installer installer package installed properly on ubuntu)
ubuntu  forumthread  fonts  install  howto  issue  workaround  sysadmin  debian  linux  2012  ttf  font  officeapp 
july 2015 by ezequiel
Install Free Office 2007 Fonts for Linux and XP - OpenOffice.org Ninja
Windows Vista and Microsoft Office 2007 introduce the new ClearType Collection typefaces: Calibri, Cambria, Candara, Consolas, Constantia, and Corbel.
fonts  officeapp  linux  ubuntu  debian  msoffice  install  howto  tips  sysadmin  guide  ttf  font  blogpost 
july 2015 by ezequiel
freefont.de :: Free font of the month
[...] Every month you’ll find a different font here from our huge selection totally free to download – no strings attached. [...]
free  download  downloads  fonts  windows  linux  ttf  freeware 
june 2015 by ezequiel
General Wine Troubleshooting - Wine-Wiki.org
(me: tips on solving common errors, video problems, printing issues, etc.)
wine  faq  configuration  sysadmin  installation  howto  tips  issue  workaround  linux  unix  x11  wikientry  support  hardwaresupport  opengl  xorg  driver  printing  fonts  usb 
may 2015 by ezequiel
Unicode fonts and tools for X11
The classic X Window System bitmap fonts are now available in an ISO 10646-1/Unicode extension.
x11  xorg  font  fonts  unicode  download  unix  windows  macosx 
may 2015 by ezequiel
Arkandis Digital Foundry ("open source friendly" fonts)
Welcome to the Arkandis Digital Foundry -ADF- homepage. This site has been created in order to offer a large collection of high quality fonts for publication and open source programs.
font  fonts  free  links  opensource  x11  ttf  linux  unix  xorg  license.gplv2  freesoftware 
january 2015 by ezequiel
Font-FAQ - Apache OpenOffice Wiki
This is the place where the work on the Font-FAQ for OpenOffice.org 2.x (*nix) will happen. Eventually it will replace the Font Trouble Shooting Guide prepared for OpenOffice.org 1.x.
openoffice  faq  font  fonts  howto  tips  linux  ubuntu  windows  ui  configuration  wikientry  officeapp 
december 2014 by ezequiel
Developing CMap Resources for CID-Keyed Fonts [pdf]
This document is a tutorial and “best practices” document for font developers and sophisticated end users who develop CMap resources intended to be used with CID-keyed fonts, or used for building OpenType/CFF fonts.
pdf  fileformats  font  fonts  reference  howto  guide  tips  filetype:pdf  ebook  adobe 
november 2014 by ezequiel
Planet PDF - Technical background to PDF font options
The PDF specification provides many options for the display of textual content and the related extraction of the text content. In this article I will try to highlight the key areas and terms that you will encounter when working under the hood with fonts in PDF files. Key terms that you should take note of are in bold.
pdf  fileformats  article  2012  font  fonts  howto  reference 
november 2014 by ezequiel
Embedding font feature status - Ask LibreOffice
[...] I just wanted to know what the current status of the much desired font embedding feature on LibreOffice Writer (on ODT files, since it's already implemented for PDF files) [...]
libreoffice  openoffice  odf  fileformats  fonts  issue  forumthread  software  multiplatform  officeapp  links 
march 2014 by ezequiel
font-manager - A font management application for the GNOME desktop - Google Project Hosting
Font Manager is not intended to be a professional-grade font management solution, but rather a simple application suitable for the needs of most desktop users.

Although designed with the GNOME desktop environment in mind, it should work well with most major desktop environments such as Xfce, Enlightenment, and even KDE.
fonts  font  software  google  freesoftware  source  python  gtk  gnome  ui  desktop  linux  unix  license.gplv3 
january 2014 by ezequiel
Font Configuration - ArchWiki
Fontconfig is a library designed to provide a list of available fonts to applications, and also for configuration for how fonts get rendered. See package fontconfig and Wikipedia:Fontconfig. The Free type library (freetype2 package) renders the fonts, based on this configuration.
arch  linux  fonts  reference  howto  guide  configuration  sysadmin  xorg  x11  unix  wikientry  ui  tips  example 
january 2014 by ezequiel
Linux Font Project | Free software downloads at SourceForge.net
Developing console fonts and fixed- and variable-width fonts for X (and porting some of them to Windows). The purpose is to make new fonts to enrich the very poor selection of fonts available in both console and X and improve the existing ones.

Some of the included fonts: uniread, ...;
font  fonts  source  sourceforge  downloads  free  x11  linux  unix  desktop  desktopart 
november 2013 by ezequiel
Bug #659434 “Font/image corruption after resume from hibernate” : Bugs : “linux” package : Ubuntu
Since updating to Maverick I've noticed that the display becomes somewhat corrupted after resuming from hibernate on my laptop. It looks like the X server's cached images have become corrupt (guess!). It starts out small, but after a few cycles text becomes totally unreadable. [...]
ubuntu  linux  ubuntu.precise  issue  xorg  intel  driver  screen  hardwaresupport  links  fonts 
august 2013 by ezequiel
[SOLVED] [EVEN FireFox, LibreOffice] Font config is a pain in the (Page 1) / Installation / Arch Linux Forums
Boy owe boy, I have been useing Archlinux for . . . like 3 years now, and I have never been able to get the fonts to look right. I was useing OpenSuse for school for a month or too, and man fonts CAN look really good on Linux.
I know Arch is the best because I set it all up (and other reasons) but it sure would be nice if there was a package that just installed a set of good fonts and 'configured them'. Anyone have some scripts that they use to get them looking good?
fonts  howto  forumthread  issue  fix  arch  linux  xorg  configuration  libreoffice  firefox 
february 2013 by ezequiel
NoMachine NX - Support: Feature Request
Adding the DEFAULT_X_DPI configuration key to the NX node
The NX node configuration file, namely /usr/NX/etc/node.cfg, should provide a new key to specify the DPI of the X server:
nx  nomachine  issue  xorg  x11  fonts  workaround  configuration  sysadmin  linux 
january 2013 by ezequiel
NoMachine NX - Support: Article
Fonts are shown at different sizes when run inside NX and on the local display
The DPI is calculated based on the size in millimeters of the screen and the width and height. We have verified that the DPI reported by nxagent to its clients always matches the DPI reported by the real X server, but still we get different fonts inside nxagent and on the real display.
nx  nomachine  issue  xorg  x11  fonts  workaround  configuration  sysadmin  linux  gnome  kde 
january 2013 by ezequiel
Gentium — a typeface for the nations
Gentium is a typeface family designed to enable the diverse ethnic groups around the world who use the Latin and Greek scripts to produce readable, high-quality publications. It supports a wide range of Latin-based alphabets and includes glyphs that correspond to all the Latin ranges of Unicode.
ttf  fonts  font  download  free 
july 2009 by ezequiel
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