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Tern Reference Manual
Tern consists of several components. Depending on what you are trying to do with it, you will be interested in a different layer. At the very top are the editor plugins. These talk to a Tern server, which is implemented on top of the server module, which uses the inference engine to do the actual type inference.
tern.js  javascript  documentation  reference  manual  guide  faq  tips  configuration  example  online  tool  editor  plugins 
7 days ago by ezequiel
BashFAQ - Greg's Wiki
These are answers to frequently asked questions on channel #bash on the freenode IRC network. These answers are contributed by the regular members of the channel (originally heiner, and then others including greycat and r00t), and by users like you. If you find something inaccurate or simply misspelled, please feel free to correct it!
bash  faq  shell  wiki  tips  example  howto  posix  unix  linux 
8 days ago by ezequiel
FAQ · vim-airline/vim-airline Wiki
I have a performance problem....
vim-airline strives to make it easy to use out of the box, which means that by default it will look for all compatible plugins that you have installed and enable the relevant extension.
Many optimizations have been made such that the majority of users will not see any performance degradation, but it can still happen. For example, users who routinely open very large files may want to disable the tagbar extension, as it can be very expensive to scan for the name of the current function. [...]
vim  plugin  neovim  faq  performance  configuration  tips  wikientry  documentation  github  ui  textui  gui  links  issue  workaround 
september 2018 by ezequiel
FAQ · neovim/neovim Wiki
Note: :CheckHealth (or :checkhealth for nvim >= 0.3) detects and resolves many of the problems in this FAQ. Try it!
neovim  faq  editor  links  tips  github  documentation  issue  workaround  example  configuration 
september 2018 by ezequiel
MOTIF Frequently Asked Questions
Subject: Motif FAQ (all parts)
Newsgroups: comp.windows.x.motif,comp.answers,news.answers
Reply-To: ksall@cen.com (Ken Sall)
Summary: Motif Frequently Asked Questions (with answers).
Posting-Freq.: irregular (re-posted every 7 days to comp.windows.x.motif)
Organization: Century Computing, Inc. <URL: http://www.cen.com/>
faq  motif  online  1996  tips  unix  x11 
august 2018 by ezequiel
Gamepad - ArchWiki
Joysticks can be a bit of a hassle to get working in Linux. Not because they are poorly supported, but simply because you need to determine which modules to load to get your joystick working, and it's not always very obvious!
wikientry  gamepad  joystick  gaming  configuration  sysadmin  linux  arch  workaround  issue  faq  links  kernelmodule  hardwaresupport  tips  howto 
august 2018 by ezequiel
AmazonSmile Help: About Free Delivery by Amazon
FREE Delivery is available if you're ordering eligible items for delivery within the UK or Republic of Ireland.
amazon  shopping  faq  uk 
july 2018 by ezequiel
JSLint Error Explanations -
[...] JSLint Error Explanations is designed to help you improve your JavaScript by understanding the sometimes cryptic error messages produced by JSLint and JSHint, and teaching you how to avoid such errors. [...]
javascript  node.js  tool  reference  tips  documentation  faq  online  info  bestpractice 
march 2018 by ezequiel
Clonezilla - About
Clonezilla is a partition and disk imaging/cloning program similar to True Image® or Norton Ghost®. It helps you to do system deployment, bare metal backup and recovery. Two types of Clonezilla are available, Clonezilla live and Clonezilla SE (server edition). Clonezilla live is suitable for single machine backup and restore. While Clonezilla SE is for massive deployment, it can clone many (40 plus!) computers simultaneously. Clonezilla saves and restores only used blocks in the hard disk. This increases the clone efficiency. With some high-end hardware in a 42-node cluster, a multicast restoring at rate 8 GB/min was reported.
backup  linux  livecd  license.gpl  freesoftware  harddisk  sysadmin  distro  cli  textui  screenshots  download  faq  info  documentation  lvm  filesystem  networking 
january 2018 by ezequiel
Beginner's Guide: Where to start & FAQ! : litecoin
Whether you're new to cryptocurrency and have no clue what a 'litecoin' is, or a seasoned investor in cryptocurrencies, the resources below will answer all your questions. If you still have questions, feel free to ask below in the comments!
reddit  cryptocurrency  litecoin  faq  links  info  finances  tips  software  shop 
december 2017 by ezequiel
ULTIMATE GUIDE: Understanding the Price of Gold in 2018 - Capital & Conflict
[...] Below there’s an extensive guide to the most precious metal in history, with everything that you need to know on how to invest in it. [...]
finances  uk  article  2017  guide  info  faq 
december 2017 by ezequiel
Fifa Soccer 96 - FAQ
Unofficial FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
FIFA Soccer 96 by Electronic Arts
Release 1.9
gaming  game  info  faq  howto  archived.version  dos  sports  football  reference 
november 2017 by ezequiel
Investment for beginners
Many savers fed up with risible rates of return on their cash are being tempted to invest in stock markets instead. Our beginners' guide explains what taking a punt on shares really means for your money, what and where to buy, and how much risk to take.
finances  article  2017  moneysaving  faq 
november 2017 by ezequiel
/r/Bitcoin FAQ - Newcomers please read : Bitcoin
You've probably been hearing a lot about Bitcoin recently and are wondering what's the big deal? Most of your questions should be answered by the resources below but if you have additional questions feel free to ask them in the comments.
bitcoin  cryptocurrency  faq  info  links  reddit  forumthread  crypto.blockchain 
november 2017 by ezequiel
Redis - documentation
Note: The Redis Documentation is also available in raw (computer friendly) format in the redis-doc github repository. The Redis Documentation is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license.
redis  documentation  database  online  reference  faq  guide  serverapp 
september 2017 by ezequiel
ctypes - Python Wiki
(me: includes examples on how to copy data in and out of 'ctypes.Structure' instances, etc.)
python  c  api  library  reference  documentation  tips  example  wikientry  online  linux  windows  macosx  sharedlibraries  faq 
july 2017 by ezequiel
Understanding the Linux Kernel | Linux.org
The Linux Kernel is often misunderstood or not even known about. To help everyone out we can go over some basics of the Kernel and help you to understand things better.

There are many aspects of the Kernel which will help you to understand the concept of the Kernel.
2017  forumthread  info  faq  kernel  linux 
july 2017 by ezequiel
Coroutines — Tornado (stable) documentation
Coroutines are the recommended way to write asynchronous code in Tornado. Coroutines use the Python yield keyword to suspend and resume execution instead of a chain of callbacks (cooperative lightweight threads as seen in frameworks like gevent are sometimes called coroutines as well, but in Tornado all coroutines use explicit context switches and are called as asynchronous functions).
python  documentation  reference  tips  guide  faq  howto  design  example  source  webserver  concurrency  multitasking  tornado.python 
february 2017 by ezequiel
Welcome to Read The Docs — Read The Docs 1.0 documentation
Read the Docs hosts documentation for the open source community. We support Sphinx docs written with reStructuredText and CommonMark. We pull your code from your Subversion, Bazaar, Git, and Mercurial repositories. Then we build documentation and host it for you. Think of it as Continuous Documentation.
documentation  opensource  online  free  serverapp  links  reference  api  faq  searchable 
february 2017 by ezequiel
Developer FAQ - WineHQ Wiki
This FAQ covers topics related to software development within the Wine project. For other topics, see our main FAQ.
wine  development  winelib  faq  links  tips  wikientry 
february 2017 by ezequiel
About | Microsoft Silverlight
Microsoft Silverlight is a free web-browser plug-in that enables interactive media experiences, rich business applications and immersive mobile apps.
silverlight  microsoft  links  downloads  faq  windows  macosx  firefox  ie  safari 
february 2017 by ezequiel
SquidFaq/SquidMemory - Squid Web Proxy Wiki
Squid uses a lot of memory for performance reasons. It takes much, much longer to read something from disk than it does to read directly from memory.
squid  proxy  wikientry  reference  memory  performance  tips  documentation  faq  http  unix  linux  bsd 
february 2017 by ezequiel
Linux / Unix: lftp Command Mirror Files and Directories
[...] lftp command is a file transfer program that allows sophisticated ftp, http and other connections to other hosts. lftp command has builtin mirror which can download or update a whole directory tree. There is also reverse mirror (mirror -R) which uploads or updates a directory tree on server. Mirror can also synchronize directories between two remote servers, using FXP if available. [...]
ftp  cli  unix  linux  faq  tips  example  networking  remote  blogpost  2012 
january 2017 by ezequiel
What is a Disqus identifier? | DISQUS
A Disqus identifier is a unique string which is used to look up a page's thread in the Disqus system. Typically this is passed using the disqus_identifier JavaScript configuration variable.
disqus  documentation  faq  tips  html  javascript  links 
january 2017 by ezequiel
Skia Graphics Library
Skia is an open source 2D graphics library which provides common APIs that work across a variety of hardware and software platforms. It serves as the graphics engine for Google Chrome and Chrome OS, Android, Mozilla Firefox and Firefox OS, and many other products.
c++  library  graphics  image  chrome.browser  chromium  opensource  firefox  android  documentation  source  downloads  tips  faq  reference  google  license.bsd 
december 2016 by ezequiel
Vim documentation: vim_faq
This Vim FAQ is created from the questions and answers posted to the vim@vim.org user mailing list and the comp.editors newsgroup. There are several ways to solve a problem in Vim. This FAQ gives one of those several possibilities. You can explore the other ways using the information and links given in this FAQ. The credit for the answers in this FAQ goes to Peppe, Benji, Charles Campbell and numerous others.
vim  documentation  faq  tips  online 
august 2016 by ezequiel
Vim Cookbook [archive.org]
This is the Vim cookbook page. It contains short recipes for doing many simple and not so simple things in Vim. You should already know the basics of Vim, however each command is explained in detail. [...]
vi  vim  tips  faq  example  editor  editing  reference  archived.version 
august 2016 by ezequiel
Vi Macros, Abbreviations, and Buffers [archive.org]
Vi Macros, Abbreviations, and Buffers
Copyright (C) 1988 by Fred Buck; all rights reserved.
Additions: 1989 Maarten Litmaath <maart@cs.vu.nl>
Thanks to: Jean-Pierre Radley <jpradley!root@uunet.uu.net>
faq  tips  vi  vim  howto  guide  reference  macro  online  documentation  editor  archived.version 
august 2016 by ezequiel
DragonFlyBSD: DragonFly BSD
DragonFly version 4.6 brings brings more updates to accelerated video for both i915 and radeon users, home-grown support for NVMe controllers, preliminary EFI support, improvements in SMP and networking performance under heavy load, and a full range of binary packages.
bsd  distro  unix  opensource  license.bsd  downloads  links  documentation  faq  tips  resources  source  history  performance  freebsd  dragonfly.bsd 
august 2016 by ezequiel
UNIX shell differences and how to change your shell (Monthly Posting)
The following article answers the frequently asked questions, what UNIX shells are available, what are the differences between them and how do you change your interactive shell. It is posted monthly to the USENET newsgroups comp.unix.shell, comp.unix.questions, news.answers and comp.answers and is additionally available on the world wide web as http://www.wonderland.org/~eternal/shell.html
bash  ksh  zsh  shell  comparison  compatibility  scripting  unix  posix  linux  cygwin  macosx  faq 
july 2016 by ezequiel
Handling positional parameters [Bash Hackers Wiki]
The day will come when you want to give arguments to your scripts. These arguments are known as positional parameters. Some relevant special parameters are described below: [...]
bash  scripting  shell  cli  unix  linux  macosx  tips  reference  faq  documentation  online  howto  wikientry  example 
june 2016 by ezequiel
What is a terminal multiplexer? It lets you switch easily between several programs in one terminal, detach them (they keep running in the background) and reattach them to a different terminal. And do a lot more. See the manual.
tmux  github  terminal  textui  remote  tool  unix  linux  software  opensource  source  links  support  documentation  reference  manual  manpage  faq 
june 2016 by ezequiel
G'MIC - GREYC's Magic for Image Computing: A Full-Featured Open-Source Framework for Image Processing
G'MIC is a full-featured open-source framework for image processing. It provides several different user interfaces to convert/manipulate/filter/visualize generic image datasets, ranging from 1d scalar signals to 3d+t sequences of multi-spectral volumetric images, thus including 2d color images.
gimp  photography  images  software  plugin  extension  plugins  downloads  download  packages  debian  linux  ubuntu  links  documentation  guide  howto  faq  tips  windows  macosx 
june 2016 by ezequiel
Debian / Ubuntu Linux: Clear the Package Cache
Q. I’ve Debian Linux installed on 10 GB hard disk and noticed that /var/cache/apt/archives/ has lots of file taking my precious 1Gb disk space. Can I remove those file safely without causing any side effect on my setup?
faq  tips  ubuntu  debian  linux  packagemanager  sysadmin 
may 2016 by ezequiel
For Developers - The Chromium Projects
Find information about how Chromium works, how to participate in the development of Chromium, or just how to build it yourself.  For a quick-start guide, see the Life of a Chromium Developer slides (updated Oct 2014; for the original slides, see Original Life of a Chromium Developer).
chromium  community  wiki  links  reference  documentation  faq  guide  tutorial  howto  bestpractice 
may 2016 by ezequiel
lua-users wiki: Lua Faq
This page contains unofficial answers to frequently asked questions about Lua. It is maintained by the Lua community. Questions covered in the official Lua FAQ [1] will not be answered here.
lua  faq  links  language  tips 
may 2016 by ezequiel
Lua: documentation
The official definition of the Lua language is its reference manual, which describes the syntax and the semantics of Lua, the standard libraries, and the C API. [...]
lua  reference  documentation  guide  links  online  faq  tutorials  language 
may 2016 by ezequiel
Overview — Python 2.x documentation
Welcome! This is the documentation for Python 2.x, last updated [...]
documentation  python  reference  guide  links  online  howto  faq  spec 
april 2016 by ezequiel
Pensions: Everything you need to know for retirement
Fancy an easy pay rise? Start a pension and you've got one. Not only will the Government top up your pension pot, but if you're employed, your employer may also HAVE to help.
pension  uk  links  info  resources  faq  moneysaving  finances  tips 
march 2016 by ezequiel
PHEM (Palm OS 4.x emulator) - FAQ
PHEM is based on the Palm OS Emulator, and can support all the Palm models that POSE can. In practice, this means essentially all Palm models that run Palm OS 1.0 to 4.2 that were produced by Palm, Symbol, Handspring, and TRG. It does not support Sony Palm models (yet) - Sony had their own emulator for those.
freeware  palm  palmos  emulator  software  android.app  faq  tips 
march 2016 by ezequiel
PHEM (Palm OS 4.x emulator) - Quick Start
PHEM emulates the hardware of a Palm PDA (the hardware of many different models of Palm PDA, actually). But in order to run Palm apps, you also need the Palm OS, the operating system software that runs on the hardware. These typically are named something like "palmos40-en-m505.rom" or "palmos353-en-handera330.rom".
palm  palmos  emulator  software  faq  guide  tips  freeware  android.app 
march 2016 by ezequiel
RaspbianFAQ - Raspbian
The goal of Raspbian is to become the leading OS of choice for all users of the Raspberry Pi. This goal has been largely achieved. There are still some rough edges but these are generally more related to the Pi's hardware and kernel than Raspbian itself.
raspberrypi  linux  debian  faq  embedded  os  distro  documentation 
march 2016 by ezequiel
FrontPage - Raspbian
Raspbian is a free operating system based on Debian optimized for the Raspberry Pi hardware. An operating system is the set of basic programs and utilities that make your Raspberry Pi run. However, Raspbian provides more than a pure OS: it comes with over 35,000 packages, pre-compiled software bundled in a nice format for easy installation on your Raspberry Pi.
raspberrypi  debian  embedded  os  linux  distro  links  downloads  faq  documentation  reference  sysadmin  support  hardwaresupport 
march 2016 by ezequiel
Better Specs { rspec guidelines with ruby }
RSpec is a great tool in the behavior-driven development (BDD) process of writing human readable specifications that direct and validate the development of your application.
On the web there are many resources that give complete overview of _what_ you can do with RSpec. But there are fewer resources devoted to how to create a great RSpec test suite.
Better Specs tries to fill this gap by collecting most of the "best practices" that other developers learn through years of experience.
ruby  ruby.rspec  bestpractice  tips  links  guide  tutorial  tutorials  faq  tdd 
february 2016 by ezequiel
SQLite performance tuning and optimization on embedded systems - Katastrophos.net Blog
Based on the experience I gained while developing my Zaurus media player, here is a short compendium of optimization rules, tweaks and hints when using SQLite on an embedded system (may apply to other systems as well): [...]
2007  sqlite  performance  embedded  tips  faq  linux  unix  blogpost 
february 2016 by ezequiel
SQLite Optimization | Performance FAQ (2003)
Compiled from sqlite docs, source, and yahoo postings
This document is current for SQLite 2.8.6
sqlite  performance  tips  howto  links  2003  memory  cpu  faq  blogpost 
february 2016 by ezequiel
YAML.rb is YAML for Ruby | Cookbook
Welcome to the Yaml Cookbook for Ruby. This version of the Yaml Cookbook focuses on the Ruby implementation of Yaml by comparing Yaml documents with their Ruby counterparts.
yaml  ruby  tips  example  guide  faq  documentation  reference 
february 2016 by ezequiel
File: README — Documentation for sinatra (1.4.6)
(me: includes reference documentation (not just the README entry (which is the starting point))
framework  ruby  rest.web  extension  library  webapp  documentation  online  guide  faq  tips  example  reference 
january 2016 by ezequiel
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