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life gave me some lemons so I made some lemonade by lynzie914 {vampire diaries - caroline/elena}
(2013-09-18) Caroline doesn’t know how to act around this Elena, and when she talks about it with Bonnie, she thinks she gets the nice version of “this isn’t all about you, you know?”, and Caroline just hates everything. So she goes back to what she does know. Set pre-series. (1,884 words)
fandom:vampire.diaries  character:caroline.forbes  character:elena.gilbert  type:femslash  theme:character.study  theme:friendship  theme:female.characters  timeline:pre-canon  content:underage  rating:mature  length:01.000-5.000.words  @lj  year:2013  month:sept 
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you'll be my star, i'll be your sky by ninjaextraordinaire {vampire diaries - elena/matt}
(2013-03-08) "Can we pretend? Pretend like the past year and a half never happened, and we're still together, and our biggest problem right now is what we wear to prom?" (3,114 words)
fandom:vampire.diaries  pairing:matt.donovan/elena.gilbert  character:matt.donovan  type:het  theme:au:canon.divergence  theme:hurt/comfort  timeline:s3  rating:teen  length:01.000-5.000.words  @ffn  year:2013  month:mar 
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pictures from the flood by aerintine {Vampire Diaries - Rebekah/Matt}
(2012-12-11) Like some cosmic joke, the dust clears and Matt's the only one left standing. Struggling to move on with his life, he can't help but notice the only one just as alone as he is. Probably because she won't let him. (~12,200 words) Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/805464
(alt.link)  fandom:vampire.diaries  pairing:matt.donovan/rebekah.mikaelson  character:matt.donovan  character:rebekah.mikaelson  type:het  theme:au:canon.divergence  theme:slice.of.life  theme:character.study  timeline:s3  content:character.death  content:violence  rating:teen  length:10.000-20.000.words  @lj  year:2012  month:dec 
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Head Underwater by sandrine {Vampire Diaries - Matt/Damon}
(2012-12-02) If he were anything like Damon, enjoying putting his finger to the open wound and pressing down, what he would say was, 'You're only trying to fix my life because it's easier than fixing your own'. (5,914 words) Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/579117
(alt.link)  fandom:vampire.diaries  pairing:matt.donovan/rebekah.mikaelson  character:matt.donovan  type:multi  theme:au:canon.divergence  theme:slice.of.life  timeline:s4  rating:teen  length:05.000-10.000.words  @lj  year:2012  month:dec 
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(his shoulder blots out the stars but) the minutes don't stop by softly_me {Vampire Diaries - Elena Gilbet}
(2012-10-02) After the S3 finale. "What a pair, she thinks bitterly as they sit side by side on a train going west and Stefan's fingers tap incessantly against the armrest until she loses her patience, reaches over, and breaks them. Stefan's in love with the girl she used to be and she's in love with a man that he never was." (~8,200 words)
fandom:vampire.diaries  pairing:elena.gilbert/stefan.salvatore  character:elena.gilbert  type:gen  theme:au:canon.divergence  theme:dark  theme:female.characters  timeline:s3  content:violence  content:abuse  rating:mature  length:05.000-10.000.words  @lj  year:2012  month:oct 
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fanmix: of monsters and men by akzseinga {vampire diaries - elena/stefan}
(2012-08-01) To sum up, it's a fanmix to this dialogue:
Stefan: You’ve changed. Something’s different about you. You’re stronger, tougher.
Elena: You’re not the only one who changed, Stefan. We all had to.
Stefan: It’s good though.
And it's exactly what the title of the fanmix suggests. A story of monsters and men. And there is no easy way to tell which is which.
(download)  non-fic.recs:fanmix  fandom:vampire.diaries  pairing:elena.gilbert/stefan.salvatore  character:elena.gilbert  character:stefan.salvatore  type:het  theme:romance  rating:not.rated  @lj  year:2012  month:aug 
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Vid: The Truth Is, You Should Lie With Me by fizzyblogic {Vampire Diaries - Klaus/Stefan}
(2012-06-09) Song by Say Anything. *'Cause I'm full of hate, just excite me.* Half "come at me bro" and half "come in me bro", that's Klaus and Stefan. (2:34)
Notes: Yes, murderboyfriends exactly.
(download)  non-fic.recs:fanvid  fandom:vampire.diaries  pairing:klaus.mikaelson/stefan.salvatore  character:klaus.mikaelson  character:stefan.salvatore  type:slash  theme:romance  content:violence  rating:not.rated  vid.length:2:00-3:00  @dw  year:2012  month:jun  !Rec 
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Vid: i know what i want by Hermy483 {Vampire Diaries - Stefan/Elena, Elena/Damon}
(2012-06-07) "Berlin" by Snow Patrol. "So, what do you want?" "I want you to get everything you're looking for."
Notes: This is vid is beautiful with it wonderful parallels between Elena/Stefan & Elena/Damon. Also, it didn't make me gag and hate Damon/Elena on sight.
non-fic.recs:fanvid  fandom:vampire.diaries  pairing:elena.gilbert/stefan.salvatore  pairing:elena.gilbert/damon.salvatore  character:elena.gilbert  type:het  theme:romance  timeline:s3  rating:general  vid.length:2:00-3:00  @youtube  year:2012  month:jun  !Rec 
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when we collide (we'll see what gets left over) by softly_me {Vampire Diaries - Stefan/Damon}
(2012-04-16) Stefan starts rationalizing it like this: The first time doesn't count because Katherine started it. All the other times don't count because Damon started it. (6,100 words)
fandom:vampire.diaries  pairing:damon.salvatore/stefan.salvatore  character:stefan.salvatore  type:slash  theme:angst  theme:dark  content:incest  content:dub/non-con  rating:mature  length:05.000-10.000.words  @lj  year:2012  month:apr 
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Take a bite (of my heart) by Ischa {Vampire Diaries - Damon/Katherine/Stefan}
(2012-02-10) A story about things Stefan doesn't remember. (1,244 words)
'Why, why is she incapable of hating him? This here, this game they play (house – they always played house, their own version of it) it would be easier if she wouldn't care. Like Katherine didn't care.'
fandom:vampire.diaries  pairing:damon.salvatore/stefan.salvatore  pairing:katherine.pierce/damon.salvatore  pairing:katherine.pierce/stefan.salvatore  character:damon.salvatore  type:multi  theme:angst  content:incest  rating:mature  length:01.000-5.000.words  {series}  @ao3  year:2012  month:feb 
february 2012 by exitsign
Meta: a certain kind of sadness: a stefan meta-shaped thing by softly_me {Vampire Diaries - Stefan}
(2012-01-21) Whether he is correct or incorrect is a philosophical discussion that I will not be getting into. Stefan idea of love defines him, especially when he becomes a vampire and everything is heightened and amplified and worse than it was before. Taken to the extreme, this mindset can and does have incredibly destructive impacts on Stefan's behavior and self-identity. Loving someone means putting your desires aside and trying to make them happy. Working for their well-being instead of your own. Being selfless. And, in turn, you *receive* love when you do these things. When you are good to someone, they will love you. When you are not, they will reject you. This is what Stefan has always known. Love must be earned again and again and again and again.

The thing is... he’s not *wrong*. Look at his life, look at the people he has loved, look at how those stories end.
non-fic.recs:meta  fandom:vampire.diaries  pairing:(gen).no.pairing  character:stefan.salvatore  type:gen  theme:character.study  timeline:s3  rating:not.rated  @lj  year:2012  month:jan 
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Our Hearts Are Small by waltzmatildah {Vampire Diaries - Damon/Stefan/Katherine}
(2012-01-08) The white-washed sky overhead paints a most brilliant backdrop: sedate in a way that serves only to emphasise their ornate perfection. Mahogany curls that loop delicately to the deep bow of her corset. The slant of a muscular set of shoulders he doesn't recall noticing previously.

Stefan laughs suddenly. Light and joyous. A reverent sound that echoes sharply through his hollowed out insides. Miss Katherine raises a gloved hand to Stefan's forearm in response. And for a moment they are one. A silhouette joined along a common ridge.

He revels in a voyeuristic thrill; unexpected and shocking. Like he has bared witness to something rare.

He thinks, suddenly, he falls in love with them then. (650 words)
fandom:vampire.diaries  pairing:katherine.pierce/damon.salvatore  pairing:katherine.pierce/stefan.salvatore  pairing:damon.salvatore/stefan.salvatore  character:stefan.salvatore  type:multi  theme:polyamory  theme:angst  rating:teen  length:0-1.000.words  @lj  year:2012  month:jan 
january 2012 by exitsign
No One Will by crimsonandebony {Vampire Diaries - Klaus/Stefan}
(2011-11-18) After the events of Homecoming, Klaus contemplates his relationship with Stefan, and what he is going to do about Stefan’s betrayal. (1,256 words)
fandom:vampire.diaries  pairing:klaus.mikaelson/stefan.salvatore  character:klaus.mikaelson  type:slash  theme:unrequited  theme:episode.related  timeline:s3  rating:teen  length:01.000-5.000.words  @lj  year:2011  month:nov 
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with teeth sharper and blood hotter by crickets {vampire diaries - caroline/stefan/tyler}
(2011-11-12) Stefan escapes from Klaus and returns to Mystic Falls. He is followed by the hybrid, and the town pays for his mistake. Mystic Falls is abandoned. Stefan embarks with Caroline and Tyler. On the road and off, we follow the threesome for the next decade. (12,300 words)
Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/259849
(alt.link)  fandom:vampire.diaries  pairing:caroline.forbes/tyler.lockwood  pairing:caroline.forbes/stefan.salvatore  character:stefan.salvatore  type:multi  theme:au:canon.divergence  theme:futurefic  theme:polyamory  theme:bigbang  timeline:s2  content:character.death  content:violence  rating:mature  length:10.000-20.000.words  @lj  year:2011  month:nov 
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i am the conscience clear by softly_me {Vampire Diaries - Stefan Salvatore}
(2011-11-04) or: seven people who think they know stefan salvatore (~6,000 words)
Rosie Fell, the reverend's daughter, told him once that he was on a slippery slope, deciding which sins count and which ones don't. Stefan had nodded like he saw the error in his ways, but couldn't help thinking that the rules of society were far too reliant on dishonesty for every lie to matter.
fandom:vampire.diaries  pairing:katherine.pierce/stefan.salvatore  pairing:klaus.mikaelson/stefan.salvatore  pairing:elena.gilbert/stefan.salvatore  character:stefan.salvatore  type:multi  theme:character.study  theme:family  timeline:pre-canon  timeline:s3  content:violence  rating:not.rated  length:05.000-10.000.words  @lj  year:2011  month:nov 
november 2011 by exitsign
The Past is Prologue by lit_chick08 {Vampire Diaries - Various}
(2011-10-03) Everyone seems to forget they were young once too. Find out how Grayson found out about vampires, how Miranda ended up Mrs. Gilbert, how Richard became Mayor of Mystic Falls, what *really* happened between John and Isobel, how Liz became Sheriff, why Jenna only has "dirty shame," and how Isobel Flemming became a vampire. (70,548 words)
Notes: I want to live in Lit_chick08's brain, all the details she set up for her own back-story to match canon were all wonderful and emotional. Several parts of the story made me tear up leaving an emotional ache in my heart. Everyone gets a moment to shine in this story but I love Jenna and Liz parts the most. Go read it and leave feedback for this author.
Link: http://hetbigbang.weebly.com/the-past-is-prologue-by-lit_chick08.html or http://archiveofourown.org/works/289427.
(alt.link)  fandom:vampire.diaries  type:het  theme:drama  theme:angst  theme:backstory  theme:female.characters  theme:novel-length.fic  theme:bigbang  timeline:pre-canon  content:character.death  rating:explicit  length:60.000-80.000.words  @lj  year:2011  month:oct  !Rec 
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how dull it is to pause by summerstorm {Vampire Diaries - Elena/Stefan}
(2011-08-07) Stefan always tries to keep the noise to a minimum when Jenna's home, but he's been even more careful about it since their fake break-up and then their real break-up and everything that happened with Jenna and Katherine—none of which Elena's in the mood to rehash right now. (2,079 words) Link: http://summerstorm.livejournal.com/457544.html or http://archiveofourown.org/works/236001
(alt.link)  fandom:vampire.diaries  pairing:elena.gilbert/stefan.salvatore  character:elena.gilbert  type:het  theme:pwp  theme:kink  theme:porn.battle  rating:explicit  length:01.000-5.000.words  {comment!fic}  @dw  year:2011  month:aug 
august 2011 by exitsign
The Vampire Diaries. Good Fathers Make Good Sons - lit_chick08 - 9,136 words
(2011-05-21) Matt/Elena, Miranda/Grayson, hints of Vicki/Jeremy, Stefan/Elena, Matt/Caroline, PG-13. Though he never says it out loud, Matt has always considered himself to be Grayson's son. Comment: This fic is so lovely; I have tears rolling down my face. I love the back-story and that there is an author exploring Elena & Matt past. Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/370385
fic  fandom:vampire.diaries  elena/matt  elena/stefan  genre:het  genre:futurefic  pre-series  rating:pg13  length.5-10k  2011-05  !favorite 
may 2011 by exitsign
Vampire Diaries. Good Girls Go Bad - Charli J - Klaus, Stefan, various
various permutations of Klaus/Stefan/Katherine/Damon. "Good Girls Go Bad" by Cobra Starship. Major spoilers for seasons 1 and 2. Klaus recruits Stefan because they both have a history of convincing others to give in. 
fanvid  fandom:vampire.diaries  katherine/stefan  rating:nr  2011-05 
may 2011 by exitsign
[Vampire Diaries] Civilised | entangled_now | 2,448 words
Stefan/Damon, R. "I only promised I wouldn't eat her. I don't remember saying anything about the rest of these lovely, lovely people." link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/161079
fic  fandom:vampire.diaries  damon/stefan  content:dub/non-con  content:incest  rating:r  length.2-3k  2011-05 
may 2011 by exitsign
[Vampire Diaries] Bluebells in the late December | xRobaholic | Damon + Stefan
signs by bloc party - "why are you protecting him?"  "because you are not the only one, hoping that he might actually change."
fic  fandom:vampire.diaries  damon/stefan  timeline:s1  rating:nr  2011-05  @youtube 
may 2011 by exitsign
[Vampire Diaries] Going to Love You With My Hands Tied | sablier_bloque | 1,500 words
(2011-02-03) Damon/Stefan, R. Pre-series. Stefan ran to Venice years ago to escape Damon and their life of bloodlust and debauchery. Running from Damon isn't that easy though.
fic  fandom:vampire.diaries  damon/stefan  pre-series  content:incest  content:sex  rating:r  length.1-2k  2011-02 
february 2011 by exitsign
The Vampire Diaries. Dot Dot Dot - silviakundera - the Salvatore brothers
(2011-02-03) "Not a Boy" by The Like. When Stefan decided he wanted to spend an eternity with his brother... he had no idea it would end up like this. *"What do you mean? I'm perfectly safe. I have Damon, the self-serving psychopath on my side." "What are you up to, Damon?" "That's for me to know, and you to dot dot dot."*
(download)  fanvid  fandom:vampire.diaries  damon/stefan  genre:crack/humor  rating:sfw  2011-02 
february 2011 by exitsign
[The Vampire Diaries] These Muscles have Atrophied - scorpiod1 - 3,400 words
(2010-11-15) Stefan/Damon, R. Coda to Plan B. He hasn't done this in a long time. He thinks maybe he's forgotten how.
fic  fandom:vampire.diaries  damon/stefan  genre:hurt-comfort  timeline:s2  content:incest  rating:r  length.3-4k  2010-11 
november 2010 by exitsign
[The Vampire Diaries] The Fine Art of Poisoning - turnonmyheels - ~11,500 words
(2010-10-20) Damon/Katherine/Stefan, NC-17. In the Spring of 1864, Katherine Pierce poses as an orphan to gain entry to the Salvatore estate in Southern Virginia. She captivates the household with her beauty and charm. She has everyone under her thumb with one exception, Stefan Salvatore. Determined to seduce him without using compulsion, Katherine decides to use Stefan's only obvious weakness against him—his brother. Pitting the brothers against each other quickly becomes more than a game, turning into full-on obsession as Damon requires no compulsion and little seduction to corrupt his younger brother. As the triangle shifts and the body count rises, no one will remain unscathed. Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/127918
alt.link  fic  fandom:vampire.diaries  damon/katherine  katherine/stefan  damon/stefan  genre:multi  genre:smut  genre:kink  genre:kink:threesome  pre-series  content:incest  content:explicit.sex  content:violence  rating:nc17  length.10-15k  2010-10  !bigbang 
october 2010 by exitsign
[The Vampire Diaries] Love Takes Hostages - scorpiod1 - 130,402 words
(2010-10-10) Stefan/Damon/Elena, past Stefan/Damon/Katherine, with background Anna/Jeremy and other canon pairings, NC-17. An AU of season one, post-Fool Me Once (1.14), After Katherine shatters Damon's world, Damon's forced to reconsider his priorities and decides that rekindling the bloody mess of a relationship with his brother is the best remedy for his broken heart. Of course, Stefan is with Elena now, but it isn't that difficult for Damon to show Elena exactly how truly twisted his relationship with his brother is—and how susceptible she is to being drawn into their tangled web.

But Elena has never been the only one taken by the charms of the Salvatores. An old flame resurfaces. More fickle than Damon and twice as lethal, Katherine's never particularly liked sharing her toys and all Elena wants is to survive the experience.
No one loved her quite like Stefan and no one got under her skin quite like Damon.
(download)  fic  fandom:vampire.diaries  damon/elena/stefan  damon/katherine  katherine/stefan  genre:angst  genre:drama  genre:au:canon  genre:polyamory  genre:kink:threesome  timeline:s1  content:character.death  content:dub/non-con  content:explicit.sex  content:incest  content:violence  content:underage.sex  rating:nc17  epic  2010-10  !bigbang  !favorite 
october 2010 by exitsign
The Vampire Diaries: Through A Glass Darkly (The Split Ends Remix) - congregations - ~647 words
(2009-10-24) Damon/Bonnie, Elena/Stefan, Damon/Elena, 15. *I remember when we were girls, friends, with nothing between us but silly games and damaged pride. I should care if you're happy. You should care that I know he doesn't love you.

Instead we sit in a cafe in Piccadilly, we drink tea, we pretend not to see the shipwreck beneath the waves.* Comment: Just wow the mood is so perfect.
fic  fandom:vampire.diaries  elena/stefan  genre:het  genre:drama  genre:established-relationship  genre:futurefic  content:sex  rating:pg13  length.-1k  2009-10  !favorite 
october 2010 by exitsign
The Vampires Diaries: Let Me Steal This Moment From You Now - thenyxie - 2,035 words
(2009-09-30) Damon/Stefan, NC-17. Immediately post episode two, Night of the Comet. Stefan is HIS. And Damon will ruin anyone who tries to take him away. Comment: The UST in the show is totally undeniable.
fic  fandom:vampire.diaries  damon/stefan  genre:angst  genre:established-relationship  timeline:s1  content:incest  content:sex  content:violence  rating:nc17  length.2-3k  2009-09 
october 2010 by exitsign
The Vampire Diaries: La Serenissima - sai - 1,766 words
(2009-08-28) hinted Damon/Stefan, R. Set ten years after the series has ended. When Elena dies, Stefan goes to Venice. (Yuletide 2003) Comment: The imagery, the anger, and Stefan's realization that he needs to save himself makes me love this story.
fic  fandom:vampire.diaries  damon/stefan  genre:hurt-comfort  genre:angst  genre:futurefic  content:incest  rating:r  length.1-2k  2009-08  !yuletide 
october 2010 by exitsign
The Vampire Diaries: They still know the steps of the dance - Hecate (slippery_fish) - 2,127 words
(2009-08-28) Gen, R. Things were supposed to better now. (Yuletide 2008) Comment: The horror and violence in this story is very fitting and if feels real that the ending of the book may not have been so neat.
alt.link  fic  fandom:vampire.diaries  genre:general  genre:horror  content:violence  rating:r  length.2-3k  2009-08  !yuletide 
october 2010 by exitsign
The Vampire Diaries: On Our Way To Hell by windiain (Damon/Stefan, R)
(2009-08-28) "He's your brother, you can't do this! It's sin, you'll burn in hell!" ~260 words.
fic  fandom:vampire.diaries  damon/stefan  content:incest  rating:r  length.-1k  2009-08 
october 2010 by exitsign
The Vampire Diaries: After the Fury by Elekra Pendragon (Damon/Stefan, R, +2.1k)
(2009-08-28) After the events in the crypt, Damon is more weak than he had let on, and Stefan keeps his promise to take care of him. link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/167746
alt.link  fic  fandom:vampire.diaries  damon/stefan  content:incest  rating:r  length.2-3k  2009-08  @archive 
october 2010 by exitsign
The Vampire Diaries: Accomodations - finta - 5,819 words
(2009-08-28) Gen, R. AU. This is a missing scene from my AU where Tanner didn't die. It covers the first few weeks after Katherine and Elena die, when Stefan follows Damon to Italy and the two settle into sharing Damon's apartment. Although the two brothers may be trying to get along, the road to hell is notoriously paved with good intentions. *Stefan disembarked wearily at the Santa Maria Novella station and walked slowly down the train platform, letting other travelers scurry around him. He shut his ears to the tourists’ English around him and slipped through the underpass until he finally emerged next to the church of Santa Maria Novella itself.*
fic  fandom:vampire.diaries  genre:general  genre:friendship/family  genre:au/ar  content:dub/non-con  content:explicit.sex  content:violence  rating:r  length.5-10k  2009-08 
october 2010 by exitsign
The Vampire Diaries: Revelations - LindaMarie - 5,636 words
(2009-08-28) Elena/Matt/Stefan, NC-17. AU. There are moments that are eternal, that even though small, change everything. Comment: I love this story. I wish this were canon because this story has all of my favourite pairings. I love Matt characterization in this story because people in this fandom seem to forget that Matt loves Elena and he love Stefan because hey he is his best friend. Oh yeah there is some typos here and I don't really care I really like it.
Link: http://lm.livejournal.com/502778.html#cutid1 or http://www.panavatar.net/luminescent/fanfiction/revelations.htm
fic  fandom:vampire.diaries  genre:au/ar  genre:multi  genre:polyamory  genre:kink:threesome  content:explicit.sex  rating:nc17  length.5-10k  2009-08  !favorite  @archive 
october 2010 by exitsign
[The Vampire Diaries] Across Unhallowed Ground - ghostrunner - 10,000 words
(2010-09-30) Elena/Stefan/Damon, R. Stefan and Damon and Elena. They'll never make it on their own. She'll have to build this thing between them. *Damon looks directly at him and either he’s been drinking much, much more than he should, or he’s trying to tell Stefan something important when he says, “It would be so much easier to just end it badly.”* Comment: I may hugely dislike this show but I can't help but like this fic. It so wonderfully written that I could actually read the fuckery of Elena, Damon, and Stefan relationship. I like that it short but pack lots of tiblets to think over. This story is good everyone that is fan of this show should go read it. Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/200710
alt.link  fic  fandom:vampire.diaries  damon/elena/stefan  genre:multi  genre:polyamory  genre:kink:threesome  content:incest  content:sex  rating:r  length.5-10k  2010-09  !bigbang  @dw 
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