Eversource, UNH, Durham plan community microgrid - News - fosters.com - Dover, NH
In order to enhance the resiliency of the local electric system and advance clean energy technologies, Eversource, the University of New Hampshire and the town have entered into a partnership to plan the development of a community microgrid. The Oyster River Clean Innovation Project will propose an interconnected system of distributed energy resources, including solar and battery technology, that will act as an island during extreme weather, ensuring that power serving the campus and critical town facilities is not interrupted.
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4 hours ago
UNH, Eversource, Durham Partner on Emergency Power Plan | New Hampshire News | US News
The University of New Hampshire, Eversource and the town of Durham have formed a partnership to plan a clean energy project to help make sure power isn't interrupted in cases of extreme weather.
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4 hours ago
N.H. Senate Unanimously Sends New Biomass Subsidy Plan To House | New Hampshire Public Radio
The state Senate has backed a new version of a subsidy plan for the state's wood-fired power sector.
nhpr  biomass  legislation  subsidy 
4 hours ago
NH Senate approves more subsides for biomass plants | State | unionleader.com
The State Senate endorsed legislation aimed at delivering three years of subsidies for six wood-burning plants that have shut down or become idle since a 2018 law meant to grant the same relief was tied up before federal regulators.
UnionLeader  biomass  legislation  subsidy 
4 hours ago
The Race to Build a Better Battery | Fortune
At first glance, all seems serene on a spring morning at the research-and-development campus of SK Innovation, one of Korea’s biggest industrial conglomerates. The campus sits in Daejeon, a tidy, planned city an hour’s high-speed-train ride south of Seoul that the national government has built up as a technology hub. Dotting SK’s rolling acres are tastefully modern glass-and-steel buildings that wouldn’t be out of place in a glossy architecture magazine. One contains a library, its tables stocked with rolls of butcher paper and Post-it notes to spur creativity. Another houses an espresso bar where engineers queue for caffeination. A cool breeze blows. Birds chirp. Pink cherry blossoms bloom.
fortune  batterystorage  technology 
4 hours ago
Letter: Net metering bill is good for the state
Several energy bills proposed in the Legislature this year are vital to N.H. businesses and municipalities, and to the economic and environmental resiliency of the entire state in the years to come. The most notable, House Bill 365, allows businesses, towns and school districts to qualify for net metering (sell energy back to the electric grid) for renewable energy projects that can produce up to 5 megawatts of energy. The current limit is 1 megawatt.
concordmonitor  letter  netmetering 
4 hours ago
Fate of bill to require greenhouse gas study of CMP project in question - CentralMaine.com
The Maine House gave initial approval Thursday to a bill that would require a comprehensive analysis of how Central Maine Power’s transmission line proposal would impact greenhouse gas emissions in New England and Canada.
centralmaine  cmp  Hydro-Quebec  greenhouse  gas  emissions  study 
4 hours ago
ISO-NE studying market impacts of up to 12 GW of offshore wind power | S&P Global Platts
ISO New England is conducting three economic studies to evaluate the impact of up to 12 GW of offshore wind power on prices, the wholesale market and the transmission system as the US East Coast prepares for an influx of offshore wind power development.
Platts  iso-ne  offshorewind  powermarkets 
4 hours ago
Valley News - Biomass sites met with caution
Hanover residents on Thursday said they wanted to learn more about the three locations Dartmouth College is considering for a biomass plant to heat its campus, but several said one of the sites, on Route 120 near the Lebanon line, was their preference.
valleynews  biomass  durham  powerplant 
4 hours ago
Judge reconsidering stay of lawsuit over CMP billing - CentralMaine.com
A Superior Court justice said she will rule soon on requests by lawyers to move ahead with a lawsuit over Central Maine Power Co.’s billing practices.
centralmaine  cmp  lawsuit 
4 hours ago
Eversource plans $7 million battery project in Westmoreland | Local News | sentinelsource.com
Eversource on Tuesday announced plans to build a large-scale battery in town, with the goal of reducing outages and lowering fossil-fuel use at times of peak demand.
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Eversource turns to non-wires solution in outage-plagued New Hampshire town | Utility Dive
Eversource will turn to a mix of utility scale and customer-sited resources to address reliability concerns in Westmoreland. And while the initial price tag is slightly higher than the distribution circuit alternative, officials say the cost pencils out.
utilitydive  positive  batterystorage  westmoreland  cleanenergy  reliability  ratereview 
Utility as Partner: Microgrid 2019 Explores the Pros and Cons
Until recently, the power industry focused almost solely on generating and delivering electricity through a centralized system. But changing times and evolving demands now mean that more production and delivery is done on site. How is this affecting utilities, and are they adapting to the new realities?
microgridknowledge  positive  cleanenergy  reliability  ratereview 
Utility to test storage in outage-prone New Hampshire town | Energy News Network
STORAGE: Eversource is planning a $7 million demonstration storage project, instead of a new power line, to serve a rural New Hampshire town that suffers frequent lengthy power outages. (NHPR)
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Boston group brings corporate America to D.C. to push for climate bill - The Boston Globe
Members of Congress are used to hearing from the usual suspects — the enviros and other lefties — about the pressing need for a law that would curb carbon emissions.
bostonglobe  climatechange  carbonemissions  legislation 
Support for net metering bill - News - fosters.com - Dover, NH
I am writing in support of New Hampshire Senate Bill 446, also known as this Net Metering bill. Just to provide a little background, Net Metering is a process when solar panels or other renewable energy generators are connected to a public-utility power grids. The surplus power generated from these sustainable energy sources is then transferred onto the grid, allowing customers to be compensated for the excess energy created. The Net Metering bill Senate 446 would increase the current limit on net metering compensation from 1 megawatt to 5 megawatts.
fosters  netmetering  legislation 
Valley News - Dartmouth identifies potential sites for biomass plant
Dartmouth College on Wednesday revealed three potential locations for its proposed biomass heating plant: two sites off Route 10 just north of campus and a third site two miles south of the Dartmouth Green along Route 120.
valleynews  biomass  powerplant 
ISO-NE analysis shows potential operable reserve shortfalls in the 2020s | S&P Global Platts
An ISO-New England power generation capacity analysis shows there could be a negative margin in projected operable capacity in the 2020s, under certain assumptions, that would require operators to take capacity deficiency actions under Operating Procedure 4.
Platts  iso-ne  fuelsecurity 
10 to Watch winners lead the way - News - seacoastonline.com - Portsmouth, NH
Announced Wednesday night, winners of the sixth annual 10 to Watch awards included a clean energy leader, legal counsel to New Hampshire’s governor, an affordable housing advocate, and pet store owner turned life coach.
seacoastonline  positive  10towatch  sponsorship 
Amid CMP corridor controversy, Mills mulls a key energy policy pick — Daily Brief — Bangor Daily News — BDN Maine
Gov. Janet Mills is soon expected to pick someone to fill a plum job with Maine’s utility regulator, a move that will balance a break with her predecessor on energy policy with a business-friendly attitude that has her and the agency in the spotlight.
BDNMaine  cmp  energy  policy 
$7M battery experiment in Westmoreland could ease power outages, advance clean energy | Energy | unionleader.com
Eversource wants to install a large ion battery and offer financial incentives to Westmoreland residents and businesses in an effort to reduce power outages and promote clean energy.
UnionLeader  positive  batterystorage  westmoreland  cleanenergy  reliability  ratereview 
2 days ago
Eversource Plans $7M Battery Storage Demonstration Project In Westmoreland | New Hampshire Public Radio
Eversource wants to bring battery storage and other new energy technology to a small, rural town in western New Hampshire.
nhpr  positive  batterystorage  westmoreland  cleanenergy  reliability  ratereview 
2 days ago
Giant battery, utility control of some customer thermostats part of Eversource plan 
Eversource is looking for permission to control some customers’ thermostats, electric vehicles or home batteries on hot afternoons as a potential alternative to expensive and polluting upgrades to the power grid.
concordmonitor  positive  batterystorage  westmoreland  cleanenergy  reliability  ratereview 
2 days ago
Why California Nixed a Natural Gas Power Plant in Favor of Batteries | National News | US News
RENEWABLE ENERGY sources like wind and solar have always had one big knock against them: They can only generate electricity when the sun is shining or the wind is blowing.
usnews  solar  batterystorage  renewableenergy 
2 days ago
New technology, falling prices mean a green Keene is doable | Op-ed | sentinelsource.com
Keene has long been a leader in responding to the threats of climate change. Now, to reduce greenhouse gasses, the City Council has set a goal that, by 2050, all energy used in Keene come from solar, wind, geothermal, biomass, tidal or hydropower sources. This excludes all fossil fuels.
SentinelSource  op-ed  keene  renewableenergy  goal 
2 days ago
State Supreme Court hears from both sides on Northern Pass
A company that lost a bid to build a hydropower project accused the New Hampshire state committee charged with making the decision of failing to do its job.
concordmonitor  northernpass  supremecourt  appeal 
2 days ago
Behind the scenes as Northern Pass friends and foes argue one more time | Manchester Ink Link
Oral arguments on the Northern Pass Transmission project before the Supreme Court last week was like a dysfunctional family reunion.
ManchesterInkLink  northernpass  supremecourt  appeal 
2 days ago
Peaker envy, veto proof net metering, and utility scale solar growth in New Hampshire – pv magazine USA
One must wonder if New Hampshire, after seeing the large size of Vermont’s demand charge savings, has its own peaker envy.
pvmagazine  netmetering  legislation  peak  demand 
2 days ago
Maine Voices: Consumer utility takeover will break CMP/Iberdrola stranglehold - Portland Press Herald
Rep. Seth Berry’s proposed public takeover of Central Maine Power and Emera might seem groundbreaking, but it’s a logical and proven answer to a question facing many American policymakers. If technologies like solar and batteries provide affordable competition to the existing utility – just as cellphones offered an alternative to landline phone companies – then why should governments continue protecting monopoly utility companies that make bad bets, provide poor service and raise prices?
portlandpressherald  op-ed  cmp  legislation 
2 days ago
Central Maine Power’s $1 billion project tests unity of Maine House Democrats — Daily Brief — Bangor Daily News — BDN Maine
Central Maine Power’s lobbying strength could be put to the test on Tuesday, when the Maine House of Representatives is scheduled to vote on a bill that would make the state study the emissions impact of the utility’s $1 billion corridor proposal.
BDNMaine  cmp  Hydro-Quebec  cleanenergy  study  legislators 
2 days ago
Local legislators back bill for public power authority - By Stephen Betts - Rockland - Camden - Knox - Courier-Gazette - Camden Herald
Many local legislators are supporting a bill that would have the state take control of the electricity system.
villagesoup  cmp  legislation 
2 days ago
FERC Sets Conference on New England Fuel Security
FERC has agreed to New England’s request for a public “prefiling” meeting to discuss the region’s plans for long-term fuel security.
RTOInsider  ferc  fuelsecurity 
2 days ago
TEDxPortsmouth will take place Sept. 13 - News - fosters.com - Dover, NH
“We are lucky to have some amazing community minded sponsors this year who have made an event of this caliber possible,” says Goldsmith. Sponsors for the 2019 event include: The Kane Co., Kennebunk Savings, Saltwater, Catchfire Creative, Heinemann, DeStefano Architects, Eversource, Mad*Pow, DTC Lawyers, Mulhern & Scott, Winter Holben, UNH and Manypenny Murphy Architecture. Piscataqua Savings Bank, Petersen Engineering, Frontier Justice Digital, Feminist Oasis, NHPBS, Seacoast Lately and HappsNow.
fosters  positive  sponsorship 
2 days ago
Merrimack station power plant in Bow, including two "jet engine" generators on site, were sold by Eversource last year as part of deregulation.
concordmonitor  correction  Merrimackstation  divestiture 
2 days ago
A 'non-wires alternative' to transmission upgrades - Granite Geek
What is it with the little towns on the Connecticut River west of Keene? First Chesterfield sets up the state’s first municipally-supported broadband network with Consolidated Communications, now its neighbor Westmoreland is the target of an unusual ‘non-wires alternative’ by Eversource.
granitegeek  positive  batterystorage  westmoreland  reliability  cleanenergy  ratereview 
3 days ago
Biomass Subsidy Plan Will Go For Senate Vote Without Trash Incinerator Funding | New Hampshire Public Radio
Lawmakers working on subsidies for the state’s biomass energy industry have stripped funding for a trash incinerator in Concord from their latest proposal.
nhpr  biomass  legislation  subsidy 
3 days ago
Stakes high in New Hampshire timber industry debate - The Boston Globe
New Hampshire’s wood-fired power plants helped support the timber industry for nearly four decades. But their days could be numbered now — unless the state Legislature’s latest lifeline succeeds.
bostonglobe  biomass  industry  legislation  subsidy 
3 days ago
10 to Watch Awards to honor young professionals - News - seacoastonline.com - Portsmouth, NH
The big night is nearly here for 10 to Watch nominees and all young professionals in the Seacoast who want to be involved and get connected with each other.
seacoastonline  positive  Awards  workforcedevelopment 
3 days ago
New Hampshire legislators quintuple net metering cap by veto-proof margin | Utility Dive
Solar price competitiveness and customer demand for decentralized resources has led more states to meet their net metering caps. In anticipation of this, New Hampshire has sought to encourage further adoption by increasing the maximum amount of distributed solar capacity that would receive credit for power sent to the grid.
utilitydive  netmetering  legislation 
3 days ago
Letter to the editor: Climate change response requires sacrifice - Portland Press Herald
I read with great interest your May 5 story about the Central Maine Power/Hydro-Quebec project and its impact on the North Woods.
portlandpressherald  letter  cmp  NECEC  climatechange 
3 days ago
Monadnock Ledger-Transcript - Bonnie Mitchell resigns from Jaffrey Select Board, Kevin Chamberlain steps in
A former Budget Committee member has been appointed to the Select Board following the resignation of Selectwoman Bonnie Mitchell.
MonadnockLedgerTranscript  employee  selectboard 
3 days ago
Renewables aren't reliable enough to generate that much power | Op-ed | sentinelsource.com
Global warming and 100 percent renewable energy have been inextricably linked by the media, with the latter proposed as a solution for the former. Here’s why 100 percent green cannot be a solution for Keene.
SentinelSource  op-ed  renewableenergy  goal 
3 days ago
Eversource Balks at ISO-NE Plan on CIP Costs | RTO Insider
ISO-NE on Thursday proposed a “hybrid” filing Section 205 of the Federal Power Act to allow some generators to recover the costs of NERC critical infrastructure protection (CIP) requirements, but Eversource Energy suggested alternatives, saying it doesn’t want the costs collected as part of its transmission rates.
RTOInsider  iso-ne  nerc  transmission 
3 days ago
Company behind Northern Pass accuses NH agency of failing to do its job — New England — Bangor Daily News — BDN Maine
A company that lost a bid to build a hydropower project accused the New Hampshire state committee charged with making the decision of failing to do its job.
bangordailynews  northernpass  supremecourt  appeal 
7 days ago
NH Supreme Court hears from both sides on Northern Pass project
New Hampshire's Supreme Court is considering whether to give the Northern Pass electricity transmission project another chance.
wmur  northernpass  supremecourt  appeal 
7 days ago
At N.H. Supreme Court, Eversource Argues It ‘Could Not Win’ On Northern Pass | New Hampshire Public Radio
The New Hampshire Supreme Court heard oral arguments Wednesday in Eversource's bid to revive its Northern Pass transmission line.
nhpr  northernpass  supremecourt  appeal 
7 days ago
N.H. Senate Supports Ending RGGI Rebate To Fund Energy Efficiency | New Hampshire Public Radio
The state Senate passed a bill today that would do away with a consumer rebate from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, or RGGI.  
nhpr  rggi  energyefficiency  legislation 
7 days ago
Eversource Launches New Mobile App – Londonderry News
Just as Eversource works to improve and modernize the electric system to strengthen reliability, the company also continues to make enhancements to its communications tools to better serve customers. Now, the energy company is launching a mobile app for Apple and Android users to give customers the ability to easily manage their accounts from their smart phones.
londonderrynews  positive  mobileapp 
7 days ago
Amid Controversy Over CMP Project, Developer Seeks To Revive Competing Northern Pass Proposal | Maine Public
As the controversial Central Maine Power project slogs forward, the previously competing Northern Pass transmission line proposal landed in New Hampshire's Supreme Court Wednesday.
mainepublic  cmp  northernpass  supremecourt  appeal 
7 days ago
No guarantee $1 billion CMP line will deliver new energy, Massachusetts AG warns — Maine Focus — Bangor Daily News — BDN Maine
While Maine continues to debate the potential environmental impacts of Central Maine Power Co.’s proposed 145-mile transmission line, the Massachusetts attorney general and environmental groups have warned the contracts that would govern power sold over a completed line could undermine the state’s attempt to bring new amounts of clean, renewable power into New England.
bangordailynews  cmp  hydropower  cleanenergy 
7 days ago
Live wires temporarily confine man to truck after Swanzey crash | Local News | sentinelsource.com
A Swanzey man was trapped under live wires in a pickup truck Thursday morning after crashing into a utility pole that snapped in half and fell on his vehicle, police said.
SentinelSource  crash  outages 
7 days ago
Wood-burning power plant's waste heat may grow some leafy greens - Granite Geek
Burgess BioPower, a wood-burning electricity plant in the North County city of Berlin, has gotten a $500,000 state grant to heat a greenhouse for vegetables with its waste heat. From a press release:
granitegeek  Burgess  biomass  heating 
7 days ago
ISO New England expects sufficient power supplies this summer | Vermont Business Magazine
Vermont Business Magazine New England is expected to have sufficient resources to meet peak consumer demand for electricity this summer under both typical and extreme weather conditions, according to ISO New England Inc, the operator of the region’s bulk power system and wholesale electricity markets. This summer, under typical weather conditions, electricity demand is forecasted to peak at 25,323 megawatts (MW). Extreme summer weather, such as an extended heat wave, could push demand up to 27,212 MW. More than 32,000 MW of capacity is expected to be available to meet New England consumer demand for electricity.
vermontbiz  iso-ne  summer  demand 
7 days ago
FERC Upholds Electric Storage Order | RTO Insider
FERC on Thursday rejected multiple requests to reconsider its landmark electric storage order, prompting a partial dissent from Commissioner Bernard McNamee over requests to allow states to opt out (RM16-23-001, AD16-20-001, Order No. 841-A).
RTOInsider  ferc  batterystorage 
7 days ago
Eversource Argues Regulators Made Legal Errors Denying Northern Pass - InDepthNH.orgInDepthNH.org
The battle over Northern Pass moved to the New Hampshire Supreme Court Wednesday with developer Eversource claiming state regulators made legal errors requiring the court to overturn the $1.6 billion project’s denial.
InDepthNH  northernpass  supremecourt  appeal 
8 days ago
Northern Pass may make another transmission line pitch if state Supreme Court appeal fails | Energy | unionleader.com
Eversource would consider revising Northern Pass or proposing a new transmission line project in New Hampshire if the state’s highest court turns down its appeal heard Wednesday.
UnionLeader  northernpass  supremecourt  appeal 
8 days ago
Eversource was honored to be recognized by Business N.H. Magazine as the 2019 New Hampshire Business of the Year in the business services sector.
concordmonitor  positive  BOY  award 
8 days ago
Despite plant closure, New England has enough electricity for summer peak
Despite the shutdown of one of the region’s three nuclear power plants, New England should have enough electricity production to meet demand this summer even under extreme weather, according to ISO New England, which runs the six-state power grid and wholesale electricity markets.
concordmonitor  iso-ne  demand 
8 days ago
Could nuclear subsidies offer blueprint to save New Hampshire biomass plants? | Energy News Network
A ratepayer subsidy used to prop up nuclear power plants in two states is being proposed as a model to save New Hampshire’s failing biomass industry.
energynewsnetwork  biomass  subsidy 
8 days ago
10 to Watch puts spotlight on young leaders - News - fosters.com - Dover, NH
The 2019 edition of the 10 to Watch Awards will again put a spotlight on up-and-coming young professionals in the Seacoast, and we hope you will enjoy the party.
fosters  positive  sponsorship  workforcedevelopment 
8 days ago
N.H. Supreme Court Hears Oral Arguments On Northern Pass Wednesday | New Hampshire Public Radio
After nearly a decade of heated debate, the Northern Pass project will land at the New Hampshire Supreme Court Wednesday.
nhpr  northernpass  supremecourt  appeal 
9 days ago
Watch Live Northern Pass' Supreme Court Appeal On Video Here May 15 - InDepthNH.orgInDepthNH.org
Watch it live May 15 at 10 a.m. Veteran journalist Garry Rayno will be at the New Hampshire Supreme Court in Concord to report for InDepthNH.org.
InDepthNH  northernpass  supremecourt  appeal 
9 days ago
With Construction Underway, Opponents Appeal Seacoast Power Line To N.H. Supreme Court | New Hampshire Public Radio
Opponents of a new Eversource transmission line on the Seacoast are asking the state Supreme Court to review the project, even as construction gets underway.
nhpr  SRP  clf  supremecourt  appeal 
9 days ago
State Supreme Court hears from both sides on Northern Pass
The New Hampshire Supreme Court is scheduled to hear arguments over a controversial project that would bring hydropower from Canada to markets in southern New England.
readingeagle  associatedpress  northernpass  supremecourt  appeal 
9 days ago
Anbaric to flip Massachusetts coal plant site into offshore wind facility with 400 MW storage | Utility Dive
The United States is badly in need of port infrastructure to support offshore wind deployment. Unlike Europe, whose offshore wind development boomed in part through the use of existing offshore oil drilling infrastructure, the states currently leading in U.S. offshore wind never allowed offshore oil drilling, therefore lacking in ports that are ready to support the large-scale manufacturing activities required.
utilitydive  anbaric  offshorewind  powerplant 
9 days ago
Ex-Coal Plant Site Chosen for Mass. Offshore Wind Hub
In an announcement rich with symbolism, transmission developer Anbaric said it will spend $650 million to build a delivery hub for offshore wind at Brayton Point, the former site of New England’s largest coal-fired plant.
RTOInsider  anbaric  offshorewind  powerplant 
9 days ago
Pieces falling into place for US offshore wind
To support its offshore wind projects in Virginia and the US northeast, renewable energy developer Ørsted is partnering with WindServe Marine, LLC to construct two US-flag, purpose-built crew transfer vessels (CTVs).
offshorewindjournal  orsted  CleanEnergyRFP 
9 days ago
Allowing DERs to participate in wholesale markets does not trample state and local authority | Utility Dive
Distributed energy resources (DERs) are rapidly expanding as technologies advance, their costs decline and customers demand more control over their own energy usage.
utilitydive  renewableenergy  distributedgeneration 
9 days ago
North American Clean Energy - Arthur Murray Takes Steps to Save Money and Energy with Eversource
In an effort to save money and reduce their impact on the environment, Arthur Murray Dance Studio North Hampton – Seacoast recently partnered with Eversource to add energy efficiency upgrades as part of the small business’ repertoire. The studio at 29 Lafayette Rd. in North Hampton is now lighter and brighter for students looking to improve their skills, while also saving the studio $4,000 in annual energy costs and advancing environmental responsibility. 
nacleanenergy  positive  energyefficiency 
9 days ago
With Construction Underway, Opponents Appeal Seacoast Power Line To N.H. Supreme Court | New Hampshire Public Radio
Opponents of a new Eversource transmission line on the Seacoast are asking the state Supreme Court to review the project, even as construction gets underway.
nhpr  SRP  clf  supremecourt  appeal 
10 days ago
Conservation Law Foundation Appeals Seacoast Project to NH Supreme Court - InDepthNH.orgInDepthNH.org
The Conservation Law Foundation filed an appeal with the state Supreme Court Monday challenging approval of the Seacoast Reliability Project.
InDepthNH  SRP  clf  supremecourt  appeal 
10 days ago
Driver arrested after crash in Swanzey causes power outage | Local News | sentinelsource.com
A West Swanzey man was arrested Friday after crashing his vehicle into a utility pole, according to police.
SentinelSource  crash  poledamage  outages 
10 days ago
Is there a non-micro role on the New Hampshire power grid for microgrids? 
It says something about the complexity of the coming energy revolution that lawmakers are trying to figure out how we can do something that tens of thousands of New Hampshire homeowners already do every winter.
concordmonitor  microgrids  cleanenergy 
10 days ago
OPINION: It’s Finally Time to Say “Pass” on Northern Pass – InsideSources
After nearly a decade of debate, discussion and dissent, Northern Pass is finally coming to a head next week at our state Supreme Court.   There the Court will consider Eversource’s appeal of a decision by the New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee to deny Northern Pass’s request for a site certificate to construct the proposed 192-mile transmission line project. 
NHJournal  op-ed  northernpass  opponent  supremecourt  appeal 
10 days ago
Announcing the 2019 10 to Watch finalists
Young professionals in the fields of marketing, law enforcement, medicine, retail, graphic design, nonprofits and more are among the 20 finalists for the 2019 10 to Watch contest.
portsmouthherald  positive  workforcedevelopment 
10 days ago
Northeast ports vie for piece of wind energy action | AJOT.COM
Wind energy is about to take off in a big way in the northeast United States, and owners and operators of port assets are readying their facilities to participate in the operations of this growing industry in ways that go beyond handling cargo and logistics. A trio of ports in New England and New York are poised to function as hubs for the wind energy industry—and that means assembling components and providing other operational support, and not just processing freight.
ajot  offshorewind  orsted 
10 days ago
Massachusetts coal plant to be redeveloped into offshore wind hub with 400 MW of storage | S&P Global Platts
The former 1,493-MW Brayton Point coal-fired power plant site in Massachusetts is being redeveloped into an offshore wind power support center that will include 400 MW of battery storage, the site owners and developers said Monday.
Platts  BraytonPoint  coal  offshorewind 
10 days ago
BIA Business Perspective: To lawmakers -- Tread carefully on energy legislation | Business | unionleader.com
Vitex Extrusion is one of many advanced manufacturing businesses in New Hampshire. At our 115,000-square-foot facility in Franklin, we have the capability to produce 30 million pounds of custom aluminum extrusions and components for industries including electronics, building products, automotive and sporting goods.
UnionLeader  column  bia  energy  policy 
11 days ago
Valley News - Even after victory in Statehouse biomass battle, Springfield, N.H., power plant goes idle
Last September the timber industry in New Hampshire scored a big win when the Legislature overrode Gov. Chris Sununu’s veto to push through a controversial biomass bill designed to subsidize the wood-burning power plants and save them from closing.
valleynews  biomass  legislation  subsidy 
11 days ago
Amendment would preserve wood industry, senator says | Local News | laconiadailysun.com
Sen. Jeb Bradley, R-Wolfeboro, said he is confident that a bipartisan amendment to House Bill 183 would satisfy the legal concerns that have prevented the implementation of last year’s law requiring utilities to purchase power generated by the state’s six wood-burning biomass plants and, in doing so, preserve more than 1,000 forestry-related jobs.
laconiadailysun  biomass  legislation  subsidy 
11 days ago
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