Muzzle - silence embarrassing notifications
automatically silence notifs when screensharing
osx  apps  mac 
july 2017
Inspiring Girls into STEM with Programmable Wearables
Taking friendship bracelets into the digital age, Jewelbots teaches young girls to tinker and code their way into the exploding world of wearable technology. Whether it
girls  programming 
february 2016
Bad Elf GPS for Lightning Connector
No subscription no internet gps that works with standard apps
travel  shopping  motorcycle 
february 2016
Bee Schools - Maine State Beekeepers Association
Annual Bee Schools are sponsored by Local Chapters, Adult Education Programs,
maine  farm 
february 2016
GitHub - p-e-w/maybe: :rabbit2: See what a program does before deciding whether you really want it to happen.
rm -rf pic* Are you sure? Are you one hundred percent sure? ... allows you to run a command and see what it does to your files without actually doing it! After reviewing the operations listed, you
programming  python 
february 2016
Vagrant Manager
vagrant vm manager menubar
tools  cli  wordpress 
january 2016
petehunt/react-howto · GitHub
A guide to React by one of the creators
javascript  learning 
january 2016
NAPA AutoCare
Find a Location Repair Estimator Specials Preventive Maintenance Financing Nationwide Warranty
january 2016
Science Fiction Stories with Good Astronomy
Compiled by Andrew Fraknoi (Foothill College) Version 6.1; 2014
books  girls 
december 2015
get soundtracks to specific length videos royalty-free
music  video 
december 2015
source for ustwo.com api driven wp site
wordpress  design 
november 2015
Dive into deals this ski season | The Portland Phoenix
good breakdown of deals and days among the ski mountains
maine  skiing 
november 2015
alfred/quicksilver launcher app for windows
windows  tools 
november 2015
MOFGA guide to apple cultivation
maine  apples 
november 2015
Even the LastPass Will be Stolen Deal with It!
great post about methods of decrypting lastpass data and how to address it
november 2015
Unlimited Private Repos with collaborators
programming  tools 
november 2015
Home — TensorFlow
Part of Google's ML library open sourced
ai  fraud  ml 
november 2015
app that allows safari view (with content blocking and secure browsing) from within any app rather than being forced to use the in-app browser
november 2015
Ed Fairburn
beautiful portraits drawn into maps
art  maps 
november 2015
The Contrary Farmer
neat practical advice site on wp
farm  wordpress  home  maine 
november 2015
download photos from a set directly
photos  cli 
november 2015
auto-save for simplenote/nvalt functionality
october 2015
notational velocity / nvalt for vim
vim  txt 
october 2015
hosts file ad and tracker blocking; uses blocklists, can be adjusted
security  privacy 
october 2015
How to Make Hard Cider - Real Food - MOTHER EARTH NEWS
Learn how to make hard cider. You can make delicious, intoxicating hard cider at home with this simple process.Brewing hard cider from non-alcoholic, or “sweet” cider is a simple…
maine  cider  howto 
october 2015
expands title only or truncated feeds to full
september 2015
HannahMitt/HomeMirror · GitHub
neat repurposing of an android device to create a mirror with HUD
hardware  craft 
september 2015
run speet test from the commend line and avoid the garbarge site
npm  tools 
september 2015
wordpress theme review team code samples
wordpress  programming  learning 
july 2015
Mosh: the mobile shell
alternative to ssh for mobile remote terminal; better at disconnect/reconnect/sleep issues
cli  tools 
july 2015
About Snownews
ncurses based rss cli feed reader
cli  programming 
june 2015
"The finest rally school in the country."− Road & Track Magazine"Best course I’ve been to. Awesome amount of seat time!"− Past Student"Team O'Neil is probably the best damn…
maine  rally  bucketlist 
may 2015
How I do my Computing
rms stallman on his setup
tools  linux 
may 2015
Laughing Stock Farm | Freeport, Maine
The content that follows was originally published on the Laughing Stock Farm website at http://www.laughingstockfarm.com/ Welcome To Our Family Owned Farm Laughing Stock Farm is a four season, family…
maine  farm  shopping 
may 2015
Jason's secure webmail + reader software
may 2015
indicator for menubar, you tell it what to indicate.
osx  app  cli 
april 2015
the 'best' FOSS sysadmin tools
april 2015
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