Logojoy raises $4.5 million for AI-generated logos | VentureBeat
Bespoke brand assets don’t come cheap. The average logo designer on freelance site Upwork charges about $45 per hour, and that’s only the base rate. via Pocket
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8 hours ago
Airtable, maker of a coding platform for non-techies, raises $100M at a $1.1B valuation – TechCrunch
If data is the new oil, you might think of apps are the cars that need it to move. Now, a startup that has built a platform to let everyone — not just those with technical expertise — make and drive their own “cars” has raised a significant round of…
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8 hours ago
New iPad Pro doubles as display for new Mac mini | Cult of Mac
Having a hard time deciding between whether to buy the new Mac mini or the new iPad Pro? Why not get both and merge them into one workstation? via Pocket
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8 hours ago
Facebook denies it ordered execs to use Android phones to hit back at Apple - 9to5Mac
The piece suggests that this was in part due to a feud between Zuckerberg and Apple CEO Tim Cook. When Cook was asked what he would do were he in Zuckerberg’s shoes during the Cambridge Analytica scandal. via Pocket
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8 hours ago
TP-Link KP200 smart outlet is actually an outlet, not a smart plug - The Verge
This summer, I replaced every single power outlet in my house with a tamper-resistant one. You do things like that when you’ve got a curious two-year-old. via Pocket
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8 hours ago
'You feel ungrateful': the sisters who gave back a Michelin star | Food | The Guardian
It was a very tricky call for the team at the Checkers restaurant in Wales to make. Seven years after their remote restaurant and B&B close to the English border was awarded a Michelin star they picked up the phone to the revered guide and explained…
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8 hours ago
The Timbuk2 Never Check sold me on the importance of a good travel backpack – TechCrunch
For someone who travels a lot, I can be downright reckless when it comes to packing. I’ve found myself hurling clothes, toiletries and assorted cables into bags on more early mornings than I care to mention. That haphazard approach naturally extends…
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8 hours ago
Trump tariffs are increasing the cost of building vehicles in the US: Global Automakers CEO | Fox Business
Global Automakers CEO John Bozzella discusses why he is concerned about President Trump’s steel and aluminum tariffs and the potential U.S. national security tariffs on automotive imports. via Pocket
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8 hours ago
Ireland to remain open door to UK for EU citizens post-Brexit | Politics | The Guardian
Ireland will remain an open door to the UK for EU citizens after Brexit with no mandatory passport checks on those who travel to Britain via Dublin and Belfast, it has been confirmed. via Pocket
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8 hours ago
Driverless cars will lead to more sex on the road, study says
"It is quite likely that autonomous vehicles will lead to prostitution, whether legal or illegal, taking place in moving autonomous vehicles in the future,” said one researcher. via Pocket
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8 hours ago
Google's Balloon Internet is Coming to Kenya in 2019 | Digital Trends
It may be hard to imagine a modern day without the internet, but billions of people around the world still lack connectivity. Sure, the internet has its dregs, trolls and garbage content strewn across the web, but it also offers access to more infor…
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8 hours ago
Verizon to introduce next-generation RCS texting in 2019
RCS support has been slow to roll out, but another major US carrier will soon jump on board. Verizon announced at an event that the company would support the messaging system in "early 2019," joining Sprint, US Cellular and the limited support curre…
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8 hours ago
With FilmStruck disappearing, Criterion is launching its own streaming service - The Verge
In the wake of WarnerMedia’s decision to shutter FilmStruck, The Criterion Collection is planning to launch its own standalone streaming service in spring 2019. via Pocket
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8 hours ago
Verily pauses research on glucose-sensing contact lens - The Verge
Verily, previously Google Life Sciences, is putting a hold on its program to build a contact lens that can monitor glucose in tears. First announced in 2014, the glucose lens has been one of Verily’s highest-profile projects, even as experts suggest…
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8 hours ago
Verizon Launches New 'My Numbers' Feature for Adding Up to 5 Numbers to a Single Smartphone - MacRumors
Verizon today announced the launch of a new "My Numbers" feature designed to let you add up to four additional numbers to a smartphone with unlimited calling and texting, for a total of five phone numbers connected to one device. via Pocket
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8 hours ago
NASA warns long cold winter could hit space in months bringing record low temperatures | Fox News
That's the warning from a scientist who fears sunspot activity on the surface of our star has dropped so low that record low temperatures could soon set in. via Pocket
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8 hours ago
Why You Should Double Check Your TSA Precheck and Global Entry Status Right Now - Coastal Living
You might be in for a rude surprise the next time you try to pass through airport security with your PreCheck or Global Entry membership. It has been five years since the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) began issuing PreCheck and Global…
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8 hours ago
Michelle Obama reveals she snuck out of White House to celebrate gay marriage ruling
The former first lady and her daughter Malia secretly joined the public to celebrate the 2015 landmark ruling and see the White House lit in rainbow colors. On June 26, 2015, the U.S. Supreme Court made same-sex marriage legal across the U.S. via Po…
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8 hours ago
Aquafaba: the miracle ingredient you’ve been throwing away | Waste Not with Tom Hunt | Food | The Guardian
The discovery of aquafaba was a revelation for vegans: suddenly, mayonnaise, marshmallows, even macaroons were on the table. via Pocket
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8 hours ago
School with chickenpox outbreak has high vaccination exemption rate
As of Friday, 36 students at Asheville Waldorf School had contracted the varicella virus, known to most as chickenpox. The school has one of the highest vaccination religious exemption rates in the state. via Pocket
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8 hours ago
Shortcut Puff Pastry recipe | Epicurious.com
Yield Makes 26 oz. Ingredients2 Tbsp. sugar1½ tsp. kosher salt2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour, plus more for surface1 1/4 cups (2 1/2 sticks) chilled unsalted butter Preparation Whisk sugar, salt, and 2 1/2 cups flour in a large bowl to combine. via Po…
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Microsoft is retiring HockeyApp on November 16, 2019 | VentureBeat
Microsoft has revealed that it is sunsetting HockeyApp, the beta-testing service for app developers, on November 16, 2019. via Pocket
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2 days ago
European GPS system will now be accessible by US devices - 9to5Mac
Europe brought its own GPS satellite system online in 2016, as it was concerned that the US might switch off civilian access to GPS data in a time of crisis. via Pocket
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2 days ago
Recipe: Slow Cooker Chicken Enchilada Soup | Kitchn
It may seem crazy to make a hearty soup in August, but the occasional dreary, rainy days that pop up this month are a preview of the cooler autumn days ahead. A warm bowl of chicken enchilada soup, made in the slow cooker, is exactly what I crave on…
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2 days ago
Google is using AI to help The New York Times digitize 5 million historical photos - The Verge
The New York Times doesn’t keep bodies in its “morgue” — it keeps pictures. In a basement under its Times Square offices, stuffed into cabinets and drawers, the Times stores between 5 million and 7 million images, along with information about when t…
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2 days ago
Google health initiative in the works, organizing AI, Nest, & Fit - 9to5Google
Despite its machine learning prowess and massive consumer reach, Google has yet to launch major health products. However, the interest is there, with the company today appointing the former CEO of a health care system to lead and organize various te…
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2 days ago
Cloudflare launches mobile app for its DNS service | Android Central
Cloudflare launched its DNS service a few months ago — on April Fool's, of all days — with a focus on privacy and speed. Cloudflare put its mobile app into beta a month ago, and now — on 11.11 — it's releasing the 1.1.1. via Pocket
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2 days ago
Cloudflare's app speeds up iPhone internet access | Cult of Mac
A new application has the potential to speed up internet access on your iPhone. And Cloudflare’s app certainly makes everything you do online more private. What it’s doing is a bit technical, but we’ll do our best to explain the benefits wit…
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2 days ago
Big studies give mixed news on fish oil, vitamin D | PBS NewsHour
CHICAGO — Taking fish oil or vitamin D? Big studies give long-awaited answers on who does and does not benefit from these popular nutrients. Fish oil taken by healthy people, at a dose found in many supplements, showed no clear ability to lower hear…
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2 days ago
Most Popular Fall Slow Cooker Recipes | Kitchn
Fall is all about hearty soups and stews, meaty roasts, warm drinks, and all the apple desserts. And there's no easier way to make these seasonal favorites happen than by using your slow cooker. via Pocket
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2 days ago
15 Classic American Desserts That Are No Longer Made | Eat This, Not That!
America hearts its sweets, and this love affair with cakes, pies and other desserts has been going on for quite some time. Here are 15 desserts as American as, well, apple pie, but, unlike apple pie, have for the most part disappeared. via Pocket
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2 days ago
Google open-sources AI that can distinguish between voices with 92% accuracy | VentureBeat
Diarization — the process of partitioning out a speech sample into distinctive, homogeneous segments according to who said what, when — doesn’t come as easy to machines as it does to humans, and training a machine learning algorithm to perform it is…
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2 days ago
Drinkworks and Keurig Create HomeBar, a Cocktail Machine With Pods | Digital Trends
Making mixed drinks at home requires a fair amount of preparation and counter space. Instead of storing the many drinks you need to set up a full bar, you can just get the Drinkworks Home Bar by Keurig. via Pocket
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2 days ago
More leeway for states to expand inpatient mental health
WASHINGTON (AP) — The Trump administration is opening the door for states to provide more inpatient treatment for people with serious mental illness by tapping Medicaid programs. Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar made the announcement Tu…
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2 days ago
First Alert's Safe & Sound HomeKit smoke alarm adds Alexa Calling & Messaging features, more - 9to5Mac
(Aurora, Ill.) November 13, 2018 – Your family’s new best friend is getting even smarter. The Onelink Safe & Sound by First Alert, the first smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) alarm with a superior home speaker and enabled Amazon Alexa, is now equipped …
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2 days ago
Google's Project Fi to Offer a Free VPN for Your Phone
Google is adding a new privacy perk to its Project Fi cellular service: a free VPN. The VPN will encrypt all the internet traffic streaming through Project Fi phones over Wi-Fi and cellular connections. The beta service will start rolling out to cus…
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2 days ago
OWC announces new Thunderbolt 3 dock with 85W charging, dedicated USB-C port and microSD slot - 9to5Mac
OtherWorld Computing has announced a new upgraded model of its Thunderbolt 3 dock. The new dock features 14 ports of connectivity, including max 85 watt charging over Thunderbolt 3, which means it can fully charge a MacBook Pro — and provide various…
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3 days ago
Mickey Mouse iPhone case lineup comes to Otterbox
In honor of Mickey Mouse’s 90th anniversary this month, Otterbox has released a new collection of iPhone cases with several different designs of the iconic character. Read on for a full look at the new Mickey Mouse iPhone case series. via Pocket
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3 days ago
Spotify Debuts on Apple Watch, Promising Advanced Features Still to Come – MacStories
The latest version of Spotify for iOS has been released, and it includes the music player's first Apple Watch app. The App Store release notes stress this is merely a "first version" of the Watch app, which is reassuring considering how limited the …
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3 days ago
Enhance Your 4K TV Experience With DreamScreen Lighting | The Daily Caller
Most people automatically think that the most cinematic experience they can have with their 4K TV is to turn all the lights off and close the drapes. Naturally, you don’t want light streaming in from outside sources to cause glare & distraction, but…
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3 days ago
Stream Music From Your Wrist With Spotify's New Apple Watch App
Good news for Spotify users with an Apple Watch: You can now control the music-streaming service right from your wrist. Following rumors earlier this month that it was testing an Apple Watch app, Spotify has officially launched one. via Pocket
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3 days ago
New on IFTTT: Aquanta
Aquanta is a retrofittable water heater controller brings your electric or gas water heater out of the basement and into the palm of your hand to heat water only when you need it. Aquanta Applets can help you manage your water heater automatically!
Published November 14, 2018 at 11:00AM
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3 days ago
Review: Lifeprint's Harry Potter Printer Lets You Print Photos That Come to Life Using Augmented Reality - MacRumors
Lifeprint recently came out with its newest product, the Harry Potter Magic Photo and Video Printer, a Harry Potter-themed version of its standard Lifeprint photo printer that connects to the iPhone. via Pocket
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3 days ago
Pilots says Boeing didn't disclose jet's new control feature
Boeing didn’t tell airline pilots about features of a new flight-control system in its 737 MAX that reportedly is a focus of the investigation into last month’s deadly crash in Indonesia, according to pilots who fly the jet in the U.S. via Pocket
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4 days ago
Thanks to troves of audience data, Roku is moving from tech provider to media company - Digiday
Roku is best known for its video streaming hardware, but it’s the data that the company collects from its 21 million registered users that will fuel the company’s growing advertising ambitions. via Pocket
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7 days ago
Air Traffic Controller Becomes Incapacitated on the Job
This post contains references to products from one or more of our advertisers. We may receive compensation when you click on links to those products. For an explanation of our Advertising Policy, visit this page. via Pocket
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7 days ago
Please enjoy a photo of Emmanuel Macron crushing Donald Trump's hand
French president Emmanuel Macron added another chapter to his ongoing handshake journey with Donald Trump on Saturday. It all started in May 2017, the first time the two leaders met. via Pocket
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7 days ago
Bathroom Accessories and Grooming Tools We Love: Reviews by Wirecutter | A New York Times Company
We use cookies and similar technologies to measure traffic, repeat visitors and site performance. Learn more about cookies (including how to disable them). By clicking “I agree”, “X” or by continuing to use our site you consent to the use of cookies…
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7 days ago
The Art Institute of Chicago Has Put 50,000 High-Res Images from Their Collection Online
The Art Institute of Chicago recently unveiled a new website design. As part of their first design upgrade in 6 years, they have placed more than 52,000 high-resolution images from their collection online, available to all comers without restriction…
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7 days ago
Ikea's smart blinds system to start at ~$100 and include blackout option, report says - 9to5Mac
Ikea’s smart home lineup will soon expand to includes smart blinds. The company confirmed its smart blinds back in September, and now we’re learning more about the pricing of those blinds. Teknikveckan suggests the Ikea smart blinds will start at ju…
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7 days ago
The complete list of Google Home commands so far - CNET
The Google Home is a $130 (£130 or AU$199) smart home speaker that showcases the artificially intelligent, voice-activated Google Assistant. It lets you set timers, control lights and thermostats, play trivia games, watch YouTube or Netflix and more…
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8 days ago
Buddha Bowl Meal Prep Ideas | POPSUGAR Fitness
Buddha bowls are one of our favorite food trends — they are overflowing with both flavor and potential. via Pocket
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8 days ago
close icon
A data breach tied to the system for Affordable Care Act enrollment exposed about 75,000 people's information, the federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services says. The breach affected the system insurance agents and brokers can use to help peo…
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8 days ago
Disney Gives New Look At Skyliner Gondola System At Walt Disney World — Details On Stations
Disney's next big method of transportation is coming along nicely. Walt Disney World has a bus system, a fleet of boats, the monorail, and even its own Minnie Van Uber-like transportation to get guests where they need to go. via Pocket
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8 days ago
Twitter’s lax account security should give pause to online activists - The Verge
The Interface is a daily column about the intersection of social media and democracy. Subscribe to the newsletter here. One reason I write this newsletter about social networks is to cover the new and exotic methods that state actors employ to bend …
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8 days ago
Why Netflix's 'Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat' Is The Cooking Show I've Been Waiting For
If you’re lucky enough to find a cooking show that stars a woman it's often tiresomely cliché and ends up falling into the domestic goddess trope. She’s an ornamental homemaker or a sweet granny humbly making a simple yet unimaginative dish in kitch…
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8 days ago
Book the Cook Not Available on World's Longest Flight to Singapore
This post contains references to products from one or more of our advertisers. We may receive compensation when you click on links to those products. For an explanation of our Advertising Policy, visit this page. via Pocket
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8 days ago
Star Wars supply ship docks atop restaurant at Disneyland’s Galaxy’s Edge – Orange County Register
A food freighter cargo ship carrying “tasty fare” has been spotted atop a docking bay that doubles as a restaurant at the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge themed land under construction at Disneyland. via Pocket
via-IFTTT  via-Pocket  disney  news  travel  via-Diigo 
8 days ago
How to fix apps that don't work in MacOS Mojave - Business Insider
I have an old version of Adobe Photoshop I've kept on my laptop for many years now — it's CS5, for those of you keeping score. When I upgraded my MacBook Pro to Mojave last month, I loved all of the changes, particularly the new Stacks feature. via …
via-IFTTT  via-Pocket  mac  macos  tip  via-Diigo 
8 days ago
Human curation of Apple News stops it being 'total crazy land' - 9to5Mac
Apple has for the first time allowed a reporter to cover the human curation process used to pick which news stories are included – and featured – in the Apple News app. The Cupertino company is unusual in having people, not algorithms, pick its top …
via-IFTTT  via-Pocket  apple  news  politics  tech  via-Diigo 
8 days ago
Apple's iOS 12.1 update arrives today iPhones and iPads, the same day the company announced its newest iPads and Macs. With iOS 12.1 you'll be able to video chat with up to 32 of your closest friends using Apple's Group FaceTime. via Pocket
via-IFTTT  via-Pocket  apple  ios  ios12  news  tech  via-Diigo 
8 days ago
YouTuber takes us inside the Mac-lined hallways of MacStadium | Cult of Mac
The Mac serves many roles for many people. Whether it’s used for creativity, research, development, content consumption, or as a server, there is a Mac for the job. via Pocket
via-IFTTT  via-Pocket  apple  cloud  mac  youtube  via-Diigo 
8 days ago
Apple’s TV subscription service starts in 2019 to compete with Netflix, Amazon | Ars Technica
We may be only a few months away from an Apple TV subscription service launch. According to a report by The Information, Apple plans to launch its TV subscription service in the US in the first half of 2019. via Pocket
via-Pocket  apple  media  news  streaming  tech  via-feedly  via-ifttt  via-Diigo 
8 days ago
Apple adds AirPlay 2 receivers category to HomeKit accessories list - 9to5Mac
Apple has expanded its list of HomeKit categories with a new entry: AirPlay 2 receivers. via Pocket
via-IFTTT  via-Pocket  apple  hardware  homekit  music  news  smarterhome  tech  via-Diigo 
8 days ago
How to Use Your Favorite Music App Inside Google Maps | PCMag.com
Using your phone to navigate and play music when you're driving are both common activities, but each app demands your complete attention. It's distracting, dangerous, and in many states illegal to fiddle with your phone when you're behind the wheel.…
via-IFTTT  via-Pocket  google  maps  music  news  tech  via-Diigo 
8 days ago
iOS 12.1: 4 Brilliant iOS Shortcuts to Get More Out of Music and Videos | Inverse
Apple’s first big patch for its next-generation mobile software, iOS 12.1 rolled out on Wednesday. And while the big draw was GroupFace Time, there were some other noteworthy upgrades as well, including new emojis and improvements to the Shortcuts s…
via-IFTTT  via-Pocket  aggregator  apple  download  ios  iphone  music  shortcuts  tech  video  via-Diigo 
8 days ago
Apple Maps Gains Indoor Maps at Over 20 Additional Shopping Malls and Airports Around the World - MacRumors
Apple Maps has added indoor maps at over 20 additional shopping malls and airports across the United States, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Denmark. via Pocket
via-IFTTT  via-Pocket  apple  maps  news  via-Diigo 
8 days ago
HomeRun is the best way to run HomeKit scenes from the Apple Watch - 9to5Mac
HomeRun is a new HomeKit Apple Watch app from indie developer Aaron Pearce that fixes a major pain point. HomeRun lets you design your own HomeKit app for Apple Watch from the iPhone with a dense layout of tiles that can run HomeKit scenes. via Pock…
via-IFTTT  via-Pocket  apple  apps  awatch  download  home  homekit  smarterhome  via-Diigo 
8 days ago
The Library of Congress Makes Thousands of Fabulous Photos, Posters & Images Free to Use & Reuse | Open Culture
The history of the venerable Library of Congress demonstrates the vast importance that the founders of the U.S. accorded to reading and studying. It may be one of the country’s most durable institutions, “the oldest federal cultural institution in t…
via-IFTTT  via-Pocket  aggregator  download  graphics  media  via-Diigo 
8 days ago
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