Sense uses machine learning to slash home energy consumption | VentureBeat
Few folks are aware of how much electricity their household consumes on a daily basis, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s Residential Energy Consumption Survey. via Pocket
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1 hour ago
Leonardo DiCaprio, Jude Law and Tom Hardy in list of 'smallest penises in Hollywood' · PinkNews
Actors Leonardo DiCaprio, Jude Law and Tom Hardy have been included in a list titled the “10 Smallest Penises in Hollywood.” The 10-strong small penis shortlist was compiled by Mr Man, a website dedicated to documenting male nudity in film and telev…
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1 hour ago
The most exciting new HomeKit devices coming in 2019 | Cult of Mac
Apple’s stealth play to hype HomeKit devices at CES gave the home-automation platform a major boost. A slew of new HomeKit-compatible devices are headed our way. From locks and TVs to blinds and video doorbells, they promise to make smart homes more…
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11 hours ago
Anchor says it’s ‘powering’ 40 percent of new podcasts – TechCrunch
Podcasting’s greatest asset has always been its accessibility — for consumer and creator alike. But even the simplest medium requires a little know-how, and Anchor’s overarching goal has long been to further lower the barrier of entry for those look…
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11 hours ago
Roku Adds Automatic Sign-Out Mode for Those With Regular Houseguests | Digital Trends
Arriving at a hotel or Airbnb guest house and seeing there’s a Roku device already installed on the TV is a great feeling. Realizing once you’re on the plane back home that you’ve forgotten to log out of that Roku, however, is a terrible feeling. vi…
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11 hours ago
The Best Butter Keepers on the Market Right Now | Real Simple
Even if you’re currently trying to Marie Kondo your life, we promise that owning a butter keeper will bring you joy. With the right butter keeper, you'll never struggle to soften your butter again. via Pocket
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11 hours ago
Amazon upgrades its Fire TV Stick with the new Alexa Voice Remote – TechCrunch
Amazon is giving its Fire TV Stick an upgrade. The company announced today it will now ship the Fire TV Stick with the new version of the Alexa Voice Remote launched last fall. via Pocket
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11 hours ago
Feds can't force suspects to unlock phones with finger, face
No one wants to end up in a situation where they are arguing with a cop over unlocking a phone. However, if you do find yourself in such a situation, there’s something you should know: Cops can’t force people to unlock a mobile phone with their face…
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11 hours ago
Brexit vote: Brexit deal was defeated in UK Parliament - Vox
British Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal was just voted down by Parliament. May’s deal lost 202 to 432, a humiliating margin that reveals just how unpopular her plan was. via Pocket
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11 hours ago
In an administration overstuffed with bizarre moments and unusual events, Monday night’s celebration of the Clemson University Tigers at the White House nonetheless made a mark. via Pocket
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11 hours ago
The Pirate Bay's Stuck in Time, No New Uploads - TorrentFreak
The Pirate Bay's upload functionality has been broken for more than two days. This means that users are unable to upload any new torrents to the site. The problems are likely cause by a technical problem but it's unclear how long it will last. The p…
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11 hours ago
Best cooking apps for the iPad - CNET
CNET también está disponible en español. One area where the iPad really shines is the kitchen. You can prop it somewhere relatively out of the way and consult your recipes as you go without having to run back to the computer or flip cookbook pages .…
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11 hours ago
Wrest control from a snooping smart speaker with this teachable ‘parasite’ – TechCrunch
What do you get when you put one Internet connected device on top of another? A little more control than you otherwise would in the case of Alias the “teachable ‘parasite'” — an IoT project smart speaker topper made by two designers, Bjørn Karmann a…
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11 hours ago
Xiaomi's new in-display fingerprint sensor solves one big issue
2018 was the year of the in-display fingerprint sensor, as everyone from Oppo and Vivo to Huawei and Xiaomi adopted the feature. It now seems like Xiaomi is readying an improved take on the technology, as it’s reportedly demonstrated an in-display s…
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11 hours ago
Bloomberg - Are you a robot?
The European Union said it was horrified by the massive scale of the U.K. Parliament defeat of the Brexit deal agreed to with Prime Minister Theresa May but said there was no option to renegotiate. Diplomats said they were stunned by the extent of t…
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11 hours ago
'Cake' Will Sweeten the Process of Dying in the Digital Age
A few years ago, ahead of a scheduled operation, I had to hire an attorney to draw up my last will and testament. Per the hospital's instructions, I was also told to bring a copy of my Advance Directive, or instructions on when to pull the plug. It …
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11 hours ago
How to Enable Google Assistant in Maps for Hands-Free Navigation Help on iPhone or Android « Smartphones :: Gadget Hacks
Millions depend on Google Maps for directions, and it's easy to see why. The app comes with tons of features like offline navigation, location sharing, and more. Google is far from done, however, and continually improves upon its navigation app to m…
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15 hours ago
Wacom Announced the Most Affordable Cintiq Pen Display | Fstoppers
Wacom is the leader in graphics tablet market with the top of the line Cintiq series. For many creators, Cintiq has always been quite expensive, but Wacom disproves it with the latest release. Wacom devices target different user groups working in di…
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15 hours ago
Lemon Bars Recipe | Bon Appetit
Our Recipes, Your Inbox Will be used in accordancewith our Privacy Policy via Pocket
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15 hours ago
Free-Form Pear Tarts with Almond & Cinnamon - Recipe - FineCooking
Position a rack in the center of the oven and heat the oven to 425°F. Line a baking sheet with parchment. Combine the sugar and cinnamon in a small bowl. Unroll or unfold the puff pastry on a lightly floured surface. Pinch any creases together and t…
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15 hours ago
What Is Zooeyia? Science Confirms the Health Benefits of Owning a Pet | Inverse
There is a growing global trend to consider pets as part of the family. In fact, millions of people around the world love their pets, enjoying their companionship, going for walks, playing, and even talking to them. via Pocket
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15 hours ago
Easy Gooey Butter Cookies - A Beautiful Mess
Sorry to anyone on a diet this month … my bad. But it’s cold, and I’m in the mood to bake some cookies. These are inspired by gooey butter cake, a truly delicious dessert that happens to be from St. Louis, Missouri—not too far from where I live. via…
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16 hours ago
Davidson Reiterates Stephen Curry's Jersey Won't Be Retired Until He Graduates | Bleacher Report | Latest News, Videos and Highlights
Stephen Curry is the greatest player in Davidson history, and his ascent brought the college national recognition. That said, the school isn't giving Curry preferential treatment when it comes to his jersey retirement. via Pocket
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16 hours ago
Apple Health Records initiative off to good if shaky start | Cult of Mac
Patients who’ve used the system Apple created to let iOS users see their medical history right on their mobile device are generally pleased with it. AdvertisementThat said, a small survey of users also showed there’s still room for improvement in th…
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16 hours ago
PG&E and Camp Fire: wildfire damages force utility to declare bankruptcy - Vox
PG&E, the largest utility in California, announced Monday that it will file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection at the end of the month, providing a 15-day advance notice required by law. via Pocket
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16 hours ago
10 Instant Pot Appetizers for Easy Entertaining | Allrecipes
There's just never enough time when we're prepping for a party. There is one secret weapon, however, that lets us grab back precious moments. The Instant Pot®. It's a key device for holiday entertaining -- or anytime entertaining. via Pocket
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16 hours ago
U.S. Court of Appeals denies Apple’s $440 million appeal against VirnetX in ongoing court battle - 9to5Mac
A U.S. appeals court has today ruled against Apple’s $440 million appeal in its ongoing court battle with patent troll company VirnetX. According to a report from Reuters, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has denied Apple’s appeal f…
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16 hours ago
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Ingredients Original recipe yields 1 servings 1 cup fat-free milk 1/2 cup fat-free plain yogurt 1 banana, frozen and chunked 1 tablespoon natural peanut butter 2 cups fresh spinach 1 cup ice cubes (optional) Directions Blend milk, yogurt, banana, pe…
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16 hours ago
Online porn horror: Girl, 16, forced to get a colostomy bag after attempting group anal sex | Daily Mail Online
The teenager's debilitating experience is just one of many detailed by experts and educators who say young women are suffering at the hands of their porn-addicted boyfriends. Cyber safety expert Susan McLean said many high-school aged girls have suf…
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16 hours ago
Government Shutdown: Impact on TSA Wait Times at US Airports | Money
Is the government shutdown causing TSA wait times to soar at U.S. airports? The partial shutdown, now over three weeks long and officially the longest government shutdown in U.S. history, has indeed disrupted a few major airports over the past few d…
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16 hours ago
EU glyphosate approval was based on plagiarised Monsanto text, report finds | Environment | The Guardian
EU regulators based a decision to relicense the controversial weedkiller glyphosate on an assessment plagiarised from industry reports, according to a report for the European parliament. via Pocket
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16 hours ago
Ina's Chocolate Cake - Simply Ina
This chocolate cake is a perfection when it comes to chocolate desserts! Well moist, rich, and creamy, this dessert is ideal for chocolate lovers and any special occasion that makes our lives sweeter and joyful. via Pocket
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16 hours ago
Bacon, Pear, & Brie Panini Recipe on Food52
Author Notes: Bless my father’s heart. Growing up he often took me to a local diner for breakfast, which was warm and inviting though it had poor decor and funky leather booths. Despite the hole-in-the wall appearance, I really loved going there; es…
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16 hours ago
Cookbook author Jamie Schler discovered this Senegalese dish while her family lived in Nantes, but her older son ended up moving to Senegal after completing his studies in architecture, so it has become a family favorite. via Pocket
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16 hours ago
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Ingredients Original recipe yields 1 servings 1/2 mango, chopped, or more to taste via Pocket
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16 hours ago
The Best Balsamic Chicken Crock-Pot Recipe | Mom Life
Balsamic chicken is a delicious dish that's adult enough to please your taste buds and sweet enough that your kids will eat it too. Though it doesn't take too long to make, the balsamic reduction can be messy. To keep cleanup easy, use your Crock-Po…
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16 hours ago
The Magnetic North Pole Has Moved. Here's What You Need To Know [Inforgraphic]
What is happening? Earth’s magnetic pole is moving in the direction of Siberia and away from Canada. This is something that scientists have been tracking for a long time. It’s fairly easy to look up the location of the magnetic pole dating back to t…
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18 hours ago
McDonald's Loses Big Mac Trademark Across Europe | Fortune
Move over, Big Mac, there’s about to be another Mac in town. Irish fast food company Supermac’s has won a case against McDonald’s, overturning the fast food giant’s right to the trademark “Big Mac” in Europe. via Pocket
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18 hours ago
Raspberry Crumble Bars Recipe - Southern Living
These Raspberry Crumble Bars are the perfect snack for after school. They also work great for teacher gifts or summer parties. via Pocket
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18 hours ago
TweetDeck gets a gorgeous new dark mode on macOS
TweetDeck, the must-have Twitter app for any power user, just got a nice update on macOS that adds a gorgeous new dark mode. The version 3.10 release has also been rebuilt to “fix many crashes.” via Pocket
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18 hours ago
Roku adds Auto Sign Out Mode to simplify guest access - SlashGear
Smart TVs and set-top boxes are great…until guests come over, use the system, and mess up your personalization. via Pocket
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18 hours ago
Improve Your Public Speaking With This Free Voice-Controlled Teleprompter | Lifehacker Australia
If you’re not used to public speaking, a teleprompter can be a useful tool to have in your arsenal. A teleprompter can help you keep your speech on track, and make everything run a bit more smoothly. via Pocket
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IKEA is Launching a New Blinds Set for the Smart Home on April 1st | Digital Trends
There has been a whole lot of hand-wringing in the smart home sector in the past month or so over whether the Swedish furniture giant IKEA would be bringing its jazzy new smart blinds to the U.S. market. The answer is “sort of. via Pocket
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Apple says Qualcomm refused to sell modems for iPhone XS and XR, citing legal battle - 9to5Mac
As Apple and Qualcomm’s FTC trial continues today, we’re learning more details about the quarrels between the two companies. via Pocket
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Sling TV Offers Free Shows, À La Carte Channels to Roku Users | Digital Trends
Sling TV, the streaming subscription service owned by Dish, is hoping to capture some new subscribers using the tried and tested approach of offering free samples. via Pocket
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Sling TV adds free streaming option for Roku device owners - SlashGear
Livestreaming TV service Sling TV has launched a free viewing experience for Roku users, enabling them to browse the service as a guest and watch content without paying. The free access is offered to new Sling TV customers who can access the content…
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This $30 Target Cart Is Being Called 'The Instant Pot Home'
At first glance, Target's $30 round rolling cart looks like any other multi-purpose home decor item. It's neutral and useful, enough to have purpose in your bedroom, bathroom, laundry room, or kitchen. via Pocket
via-IFTTT  via-Pocket  cooking  home  instantpot  via-Diigo 
Verizon adding full Apple Music as free perk to some Unlimited phone plans - 9to5Mac
We have learned that Verizon is adding Apple Music to two of its ‘unlimited’ cell phone plans, effectively offering the $9.99 subscription for no additional cost — this is not merely a free trial offer. via Pocket
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5 CES products that travelers should know about - TravelUpdate
This past week the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) happened in Las Vegas. The show sets the tempo for what we (consumers) can look forward to this year. These are 5 CES products that travelers should know about via Pocket
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Why companies are still designing open plan offices
First, you tear down the walls and dispense with the soulless cubicles. Then you put everyone at long tables, shoulder to shoulder, so that they can talk more easily. via Pocket
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Sally's Baking Addiction Healthier Treat: Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Almonds | Sally's Baking Addiction
Tag @sallysbakeblog on Instagram and hashtag it #sallysbakingaddiction. Another healthier treat? Try my mint chocolate energy bites! via Pocket
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2 days ago
Apple Health Records survey shows mixed but positive early results | VentureBeat
Over the last five years, Apple’s move into health-related products and services has been cautious but unmistakable, starting with the debut of the Apple Watch and continuing with everything from HealthKit medical studies to an iPhone Health Records…
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2 days ago
Adobe Lightroom CC for iPad is getting an update today that brings a few much-anticipated features to the app. Today’s update brings the app to version 4.1.1, and brings support for Apple’s Shortcuts app, which now lets you create a shortcut to allo…
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2 days ago
Martha Stewart's Apple-Cranberry Crisp | The Dr. Oz Show
The apple crisp is an easy fall treat that anyone can make — especially with the help of a slow cooker! You can achieve the same crunch and golden brown bake by using a towel to absorb the condensation from the lid. via Pocket
via-IFTTT  via-Pocket  baking  cooking  dessert  food  recipes  via-Diigo 
2 days ago
Italian Limoncello Trifle Recipe -
This Italian trifle is so rich, creamy, and really delicious. Your family and friends will love this treat. Simple and easy to prepare, try the recipe: Buon Appetito! via Pocket
via-IFTTT  via-Pocket  baking  cooking  dessert  food  recipes  via-Diigo 
2 days ago
Best apps for playing Blu-rays on your Mac in 2019 | iMore
Since the late '90s, Macs have welcomed DVD movies. Pop a disc in your drive, watch Apple's DVD Player app open, and enjoy the show. Simple. But DVDs' high-definition successors, Blu-rays, never got the same warm reception. via Pocket
via-IFTTT  via-Pocket  aggregator  apps  mac  macos  movies  news  osx  tech  via-Diigo 
2 days ago
I mostly control smart home devices via Siri, and even Steph has become a convert to the idea since we got HomePods. via Pocket
via-IFTTT  via-Pocket  apple  ipad  news  smarterhome  tech  via-Diigo 
2 days ago
Focus, Feedly and other amazing apps of the week | Cult of Mac
This week we check out Feedly’s amazing new iOS app, remember to take breaks with Focus, and write shortcuts from scratch, in code (!), with the Shortcuts Cub compiler. Woah, right? Last month, RSS news reader service Feedly got a completely redesig…
via-IFTTT  via-Pocket  aggregator  apps  tech  via-Diigo 
2 days ago
FoldiMate Laundry Folding Robot Debuts At CES 2019
Doing laundry is never fun, but the worst part might just be all the folding that comes after your clothes have gone through the dryer, thanks to how tedious and time-consuming it can be. So, what if you never had to fold your laundry again? via Poc…
via-IFTTT  via-Pocket  cleaning  gadgets  home  laundry  via-Diigo 
2 days ago
Hackers Using Zero-Width Spaces to Bypass MS Office 365 Protection
Security researchers have been warning about a simple technique that cybercriminals and email scammers are already being using in the wild to bypass security features of Microsoft Office 365, including Safe Links, which are originally designed to pr…
via-IFTTT  via-Pocket  cybersecurity  infosec  microsoft  news  o365  security  tech  via-Diigo 
2 days ago
Best Slow-Cooker Chili Recipe - Southern Living
There's almost nothing more comforting during cool weather than a warm bowl of chili. If you'll be entertaining a large crowd during the fall or winter months, this slow-cooker chili recipe belongs on your party menu. via Pocket
via-IFTTT  via-Pocket  beef  cooking  food  recipes  slowcooker  via-Diigo 
2 days ago
DFree's ultrasound sensor tells you when it's time to pee - CNET
Among the many wearables to monitor heart rate and the sensors for motion and temperature at CES, DFree by startup Triple W stands apart and serves a unique purpose. DFree stands for "diaper free" and it's meant to help adults suffering from inconti…
via-IFTTT  via-Pocket  gadgets  health  news  smarterhome  tech  via-Diigo 
2 days ago
Baked Chicken and Vegetables | Kitchn
Carve out 20 minutes on Sunday and you can have lunch for the entire week. Yes, seriously. No gimmicks here — just fast and easy cooking at its finest. via Pocket
via-IFTTT  via-Pocket  chicken  cooking  food  main  recipes  sheetpan  via-Diigo 
2 days ago
The Era Of Easy Recycling May Be Coming To An End | FiveThirtyEight
For those of us who spent most of our lives painstakingly separating plastic, glass, paper and metal, single-stream recycling is easy to love. No longer must we labor. Gone is the struggle to store two, three, four or even five different bags under …
via-IFTTT  via-Pocket  climate  environment  news  politics  recycling  via-Diigo 
2 days ago
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Ingredients Original recipe yields 6 servings 18 ounces dry lentils via Pocket
via-IFTTT  via-Pocket  cooking  main  recipes  slowcooker  soup  via-Diigo 
2 days ago
Best Smart Plugs for Alexa and Google Home in 2019 | Android Central
via Android Central - Android Forums, News, Reviews, Help and Android Wallpapers at January 13, 2019 at 11:47AM
via-IFTTT  via-inoreader  Android  via-Diigo 
3 days ago
Anker’s Roav Bolt is a USB car charger with Google Assistant built in - The Verge
Amazon’s Alexa got a head start on its smart home invasion compared to its primary competitor Google, and that early lead has extended beyond the home. Now, Google is aggressively pushing to catch up by partnering with third-party brands to further …
via-IFTTT  via-Pocket  car  google  iphone  mobile  news  tech  via-Diigo 
6 days ago
Super-Moist Banana Chocolate Chips Pound Cake - Food Contessa
Amazingly delicious, rich, and moist, this banana chocolate-chip Bundt cake is so easy and quick to prepare! All you need is one pound cake pan and a few simple ingredients to get a yummy dessert that goes perfectly with a nice cup of tea or coffee.…
via-IFTTT  via-Pocket  baking  cake  dessert  food  recipes  via-Diigo 
6 days ago
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