Avoiding Stairs Tube Guide
Gonna need this when traveling with the little guy.
4 weeks ago
Google's Code Competition
Do you have what it takes. I just read the oldest, and boy would that help learn any language from scratch.
november 2018
Podcastr theme for Wordpress by Sonaar
Nice looking wordpress theme if you're starting a podcast
wordpress  podcast 
october 2018
The Two Totally Incompatible Skills Leaders Need To Get Right
The Two Totally Incompatible Skills Leaders Need To Get Right on @Medium
august 2018
BuiltWith Tech
What was a website built with? Find out.
july 2018
Simplify your JavaScript – Use .map(), .reduce(), and .filter()
Simplify your JavaScript – Use .map(), .reduce(), and .filter() on @Medium
june 2018
Best programming languages 2018
Here are the best programming languages to learn in 2018 on @Medium
language  programming 
may 2018
Every NYT Front Page Since 1852
Very cool to watch the emergence of photo's and watch the amount of copy decrease quickly.
news  media  print 
may 2018
People Who Have “Too Many Interests” Are More Likely To Be Successful According To Research
People Who Have “Too Many Interests” Are More Likely To Be Successful According To Research on @Medium
april 2018
What About “The Breakfast Club”?
Revisiting the movies of her youth in the age of #MeToo. By Molly Ringwald
media  responsibility  metoo 
april 2018
Django and Azure SQL Database on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
Another Azure SQL Server for ubuntu article. #dayjob
ubuntu  azure  microsoft 
april 2018
Create Python apps using SQL Server on Ubuntu
Ya - strange mix of worlds going on to set yourself up for sql server through ubuntu, but hey, the day job keeps things interesting
ubuntu  azure  microsoft 
april 2018
Federation of Law Societies of Canada
If you're a lawyer in Canada, you must be member of one of these. Wouldn't it be cool if to call yourself a Journalist, it was a similar thing?
law  canada  journalism 
april 2018
Decent - a blockchain based social stream
I've seen this a few places. What it this? I need to know more.
social  blockchain  network 
march 2018
feedBase is a project to get feeds into a database.
rss  feeds  resource 
march 2018
A nice little newsletter service.
tools  newsletter 
march 2018
The “Basecamp MBA” Reading List
A bunch of book recommendations to pay attention to
books  recommendations 
march 2018
Op-Ed: Why The Barcode Will Soon Become The World’s Largest Consumer Engagement Platform
Interesting thoughts and developments on the simple unassuming barcode
barcode  news  tech  web 
march 2018
I just drove 10,000 miles and visited dozens of newsrooms to chronicle journalism in America.
I just drove 10,000 miles and visited dozens of newsrooms to chronicle journalism in America. on @Medium
march 2018
Exiting Media: Pondering new rules for an old profession
Exiting Media: Pondering new rules for an old profession on @Medium
march 2018
Gogs: Self Hosted Git
Go based, self hosted github clone
git  tools 
march 2018
Quickstart guide for a new Vue.js project
If I ever want to tinker with Vue.js looks like a good list to start with.
development  framework 
march 2018
Showcase of 40 Creative Embroidered Patch Designs
Who doesn't love badges. Get me a jean and bomber jacket!
march 2018
How Technology Stopped Being Innovation
The first half is a great emotional feeling around the dark side of McLuhan's tribal man
mcluhan  tribalism 
march 2018
The things I’ve wasted money on in my startup and what I learned from them
The things I’ve wasted money on in my startup and what I learned from them on @Medium
business  startup 
march 2018
The 12 Signs: How to know when you’re slowly but surely becoming a bad manager
The 12 Signs: How to know when you’re slowly but surely becoming a bad manager on @Medium
business  leadership 
march 2018
Podcast makers to watch
podcast  media 
march 2018
A tool to share changelogs. Could be nifty from a dev perspective.
dev  tools  communication 
july 2017
Github: Howdy AI
If I'm going to make a bot, I might start with this
github  bots 
june 2017
Visual Management Software | Edge of Chaos | Agile Development Blog
Existing project management tools have several serious flaws. They hide data inside and give the perception that you are in control. You are not. You don’t see the important things and have to dig through endless lists and reports in order to squeeze out the information you need. When you finally fin
agile  development 
april 2014
The Most Underrated Skill for Creatives? Empathy. - 99U
When given a task, it may be your instinct to hop in feet first. When starting a company, you may just want to put your head down and get to work. But before step one, there’s a step zero — the best of us listen first before creating anything. Those who stop and listen connect with their customers an
creativity  empathy 
april 2014
Busy Building Things Blog
In an age where social media runs rampant with humblebrags and constant barking, humility grows scarcer every day. While this trend may not appear to have any face value, it holds significant implications for your personal achievements, your team building and relationships, and a more realistic proje
teams  management 
april 2014
Here's Why Companies Are Desperate To Hire Anthropologists - Business Insider
At a time when we're debating the value of majoring in the humanities, major companies are increasingly hiring anthropologists.   Google, for example, hired an ethnographer to ferret out the meaning of mobile. Intel has an in-house cultural anthropologist, and Microsoft is reportedly the second-large
business  hr 
march 2014
Where everyone in the world is migrating—in one gorgeous chart – Quartz
It’s no secret that the world’s population is on the move, but it’s rare to get a glimpse of where that flow is happening. In a study released in today’s Science, a team of geographers used data snapshots to create a broad analysis of global migrations over 20 years. The study was conducted by three
march 2014
Our homegrown A/B testing framework got us a 251% lift (Part 1)
Six months ago we created a homegrown A/B testing framework wherein we randomize traffic between three servers running different branches of our codebase.  Conversion rate has since increased 251%. My goal in sharing our results is to encourage you to take bigger risks with your A/B testing. Please t
testing  qa  a/b 
march 2014
The next billion dollar SaaS company? Try looking in Canada - The Globe and Mail
What do Hootsuite, Shopify, Radian6, and Freshbooks have in common? They’re all category-leading SaaS (software-as-a-service) companies. They’re also all Canadian startups.Many of us in the tech investing business assume that Silicon Valley is the centre of the SaaS universe – with the likes of Box,
canada  saas  business 
march 2014
The Myth of the Non-Technical Startup Employee, by Zoelle Egner | Model View Culture
As the first non-technical hire at a startup, you wear many hats. You answer support tickets, write newsletters, even order lunch: whatever needs to get done. When you’re lucky - and I was - that means days spent untangling complex problems and creating processes to keep the chaos at bay. Unfortunate
business  startup 
march 2014
How To Build a $120K per Month Ecommerce Brand in Less Than A Year — Ecommerce Blog by Shopify
Do you follow the r/entrepreneur subreddit? We here at Shopify love that space, and regularly look through it for inspiration. Last week we picked up a super helpful post by an entrepreneur who has built an amazing store. In less than a year Mr. Eric Bandholz built a business with $120,000 in monthly
business  ecommerce 
march 2014
Atom powered Raygun - a Raygun plugin for Atom! | Raygun Blog
Recently GitHub released a new text editor named Atom. Atom is a desktop application based on web technologies. Since Raygun already integrates with GitHub, we thought we would give Atom a spin and write a plugin that would allow you to view your errors within Atom and zoom directly to the file where
march 2014
Traits Of The Best Startup CEOs - Business Insider
Three out of four startups fail, and a full 90% of those in the tech sector don't survive. The startups that become successful typically require exceptional leadership — and a lot of luck. In a recent Quora thread, users answered the question, "What separates the top 10% of startup CEOs from the rest
business  startup  leadership 
march 2014
Facebook Paper Has Forever Changed the Way We Build Mobile Apps | Wired Enterprise | Wired.com
Mike Matas was sitting on an L-shaped couch inside one of the largest offices at Facebook, holding an iPhone that plugged into a Mac laptop through a long, black cord. It was the early afternoon, and he was surrounded by several Facebook colleagues, including Chris Cox, who oversees the development o
march 2014
Google's Oppia Is A Smart Open Source Educational Tool For Interactive Learning
With its continued focus on education, Google has launched Oppia (beta). The Open Source project is a free educational tool that lets anyone create online educational activities through the web interface. Interactivity is its strong suit. The interactive activities are called “explorations”.Explorati
march 2014
Why Apache Spark is a Crossover Hit for Data Scientists | Cloudera Developer Blog
Spark is a compelling multi-purpose platform for use cases that span investigative, as well as operational, analytics. Data science is a broad church. I am a data scientist — or so I’ve been told — but what I do is actually quite different from what other “data scientists” do. For example, there are
development  apache  data 
march 2014
‘theSkimm’ Founders Try To Change How Millennials Read The News | Here & Now
Danielle Weisberg and Carly Zakin were working for NBC News when they decided they wanted to create their own news source — one more in tune with the lifestyles of millennials. They quit their jobs and launched “theSkimm,” a daily email newsletter that arrives early in the morning and gives subscribe
business  sociology 
february 2014
Aesop Story Engine: The Next Big Thing For WordPress? - WPMU DEV
The Aesop Story Engine plugin made a somewhat muted debut on the WordPress Plugin Repository this week. It’s been well-received but is certainly not taking the WordPress community by storm (maybe it should have called itself the Ghost or Medium Story Engine?) but it should be as it puts high-producti
wordpress  blogging 
february 2014
11 Fresh Useful Tools for Web Developers – 2014 | DesignZum
Website development is the term which is used broadly for developing a website or web pages on the internet. This website development may range from creating a static web page to complex websites including social networking services or typical internet applications. The growth of this website develop
development  tools 
february 2014
Kimono Transforms Websites Into Structured APIs In Seconds (video)
A new service has been unveiled called Kimono which has been created to allow users to turn any website into an API from your browser in seconds. Kimono enables users to obtain structured data output in JSON or .CSV. and the Kimono API is hosted in the cloud and run on the schedule you specify, witho
development  api 
february 2014
This Product Prioritization System Nabbed Pandora 70 Million Monthly Users with Just 40 Engineers
When it went public in 2011, over a decade after the company’s founding, Pandora employed fewer than 40 engineers. With this skeleton crew, the company built products for 70 million monthly users on the web, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, a thousand consumer electronic devices, and in over 100 types of
business  development  methodology 
february 2014
You're not going to read this | The Verge
Earlier this month, there was yet another lengthy public debate about Upworthy, the two-year-old publisher that has become one of the most popular sites on Facebook due to its knack for overselling its bite-size content with "curiosity gap" headlines like, "Why Is Bill Nye Acting Like A Lunatic? Beca
media  blogging 
february 2014
Jack Dorsey hasn’t tweeted in three weeks. Should we care? – Quartz
Just putting this out there: Jack Dorsey, the executive chairman and co-founder of Twitter, hasn’t tweeted since January 7. And people are starting to notice. This would be a non-story—OK, it almost certainly is a non-story—except that Dorsey is among the world’s most visible business executives, tha
twitter  celebrity 
february 2014
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