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The Wealthy Accountant | Spilling the Beans
Spilling the Beans on The Wealthy Accountant
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july 2018 by ethack
Financial Samurai
America's fastest growing personal finance site. We believe in reaching financial independence sooner, rather than later.
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april 2016 by ethack
The Power of Thrift - Thriftygal
This blog is a tool to keep me on track in life. I don’t work a conventional job anymore and I often worry that my true nature tends towards laziness. In an effort to combat my inner couch potato and perhaps to give myself some accountability, I decided to blog. From what I understand of blogging, I just write words here.

Sometimes the words will discuss money. Maybe the words will discuss travel or cooking. Maybe the words will discuss garbage. I do know the words will discuss lists.
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march 2016 by ethack
Best Money Blogs! - Rockstar Finance
Here are the best overall blogs on money. Covering everything from saving, earning, investing, financial freedom, getting your mindset right, paying off debt, and all other areas under “personal finance.” These guys not only paint a great overall picture, but they do so with flair incorporating personal stories and tips to make it highly entertaining along the way.
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january 2016 by ethack
I Will Teach You To Be Rich Blog
Your inside guide to money and psychology for entrepreneurs and everyone else. Featured in the WSJ and the NYT.
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january 2016 by ethack
Get Rich Slowly - Personal Finance That Makes Cents
Common sense advice and money saving tips on topics from high interest savings accounts, frugality, cd rates, money market accounts, mortgage rates, how to get out of debt, money management and more.
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january 2016 by ethack
Early Retirement Extreme
If you're new here, this blog will give you the tools to become financially independent in 5 years. The wiki page gives a good summary of the principles of the strategy. The key to success is to run your personal finances much like a business, thinking about assets and inventory and focusing on efficiency and value for money. Not just any business but a business that's flexible, agile, and adaptable. Conversely most consumers run their personal finances like an inflexible money-losing anti-business always in danger on losing their jobs to the next wave of downsizing.
Here's more than a hundred online journals from people, who are following the ERE strategy tailored to their particular situation (age, children, location, education, goals, ...). Increasing their savings from the usual 5-15% of their income to tens of thousands of dollars each year or typically 40-80% of their income, many accumulate six-figure net-worths within a few years. Since everybody's situation is different (age, education, location, children, goals, ...) I suggest only spending a brief moment on this blog, which can be thought of as my personal journal, before delving into the forum journals and looking for the crowd's wisdom for your particular situation.
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january 2016 by ethack
Does Owning a Vacation Home Make Sense?
Your retirement roadmap: save more, invest smarter, retire sooner.
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january 2016 by ethack
Mr. Money Mustache
Mr Money Mustache is a thirtysomething retiree who now writes about how we can all live a frugal yet Badass life of leisure.
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january 2016 by ethack
Financial Independence and Early Retirement blog. Life hacks, money saving tips, frugal food, general views on life and of course the occasional rant
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january 2016 by ethack
Mad Fientist
Advanced strategies for pursuing financial independence and early retirement
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january 2016 by ethack

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