Good Code Depends on Good Names · Stephen Mann
English teachers often advise students to write to a specific audience. The same principle applies to code, and the specific audience is developers who haven’t read the code yet.
writing  devAdvocacy  commonplace 
11 weeks ago
Mysticore – Quartz Obsession — Quartz
What’s more, social media has conjured up a kind of Instagrammable witchiness with capitalist potential—which trendsetters call “chaos magic” or “mysticore.”
mysticore  FRD  commonplace 
11 weeks ago
Crome Yellow, by Aldous Huxley
“That’s the test for the literary mind,” said Denis; “the feeling of magic, the sense that words have power. The technical, verbal part of literature is simply a development of magic. Words are man’s first and most grandiose invention. With language he created a whole new universe; what wonder if he loved words and attributed power to them! With fitted, harmonious words the magicians summoned rabbits out of empty hats and spirits from the elements. Their descendants, the literary men, still go on with the process, morticing their verbal formulas together, and, before the power of the finished spell, trembling with delight and awe. Rabbits out of empty hats? No, their spells are more subtly powerful, for they evoke emotions out of empty minds. Formulated by their art the most insipid statements become enormously significant. For example, I proffer the constatation, ‘Black ladders lack bladders.’ A self-evident truth, one on which it would not have been worth while to insist, had I chosen to formulate it in such words as ‘Black fire-escapes have no bladders,’ or, ‘Les echelles noires manquent de vessie.’ But since I put it as I do, ‘Black ladders lack bladders,’ it becomes, for all its self-evidence, significant, unforgettable, moving. The creation by word-power of something out of nothing—what is that but magic? And, I may add, what is that but literature? Half the world’s greatest poetry is simply ‘Les echelles noires manquent de vessie,’ translated into magic significance as, ‘Black ladders lack bladders.’ And you can’t appreciate words. I’m sorry for you.”
words  quotes 
11 weeks ago
Dread of Heinleinism - Charlie's Diary
(Mind you, Steel Beach is anything but a Heinlein juvenile, as becomes clear from the very first line: "In five years, the penis will be obsolete," said the salesman.)
october 2018
Something Bright, Then Holes: Poems - Maggie Nelson - Google Books
"You are gone now, truly
and to look you up in the dictionary
is no longer possible or

dictionary  poems 
august 2018
In Pursuit of Production Minimalism — Brandur Leach
n his book Nine Chains to the Moon (published 1938), inventor R. Buckminster Fuller described the idea of ephemeralization:

Do more and more with less and less until eventually you can do everything with nothing.
ephemeralization  commonplace 
august 2018
Google Cloud Platform - The Good, Bad, and Ugly (It's Mostly Good) - Deps
I’ve been pleased to see Google open source a lot of their work lately, notably Kubernetes, as well as smaller projects like gVisor and Jib. More work contributing back to open source projects they run like Redis, Postgres, and MySQL would help them improve developer mindshare.
august 2018
Confessions of a Watch Geek | The New Yorker
I believe that a novelist should write for no more than four hours a day, after which returns truly diminish; this, of course, leaves many hours for idle play and contemplation. Usually, such a schedule results in alcoholism, but sometimes a hobby comes along, especially in middle age.
april 2018
tholepin - definition and meaning
On a trireme, the oar pivoted on an upright, wooden peg called a tholepin.
FRD  commonplace  tholepin 
march 2018
The Male Glance | VQR Online
There’s better performance art in almost any woman than there is in a thousand James Francos.
march 2018
WebCite query result
list of oxford world's classics
oxford  world  classics 
january 2018
diapirism - definition and meaning
The researchers have considered whether volcanism or salt diapirism (a process where evaporite minerals intrude vertically into surrounding rock, forming dome-like structures on the surface) could be responsible for the annulus.
diapirism  FRD 
january 2018
Annie Proulx National Book Award Speech
Hence the indispensable silver lining, the lovers reunited, the families reconciled, the doubts dispelled, fidelity rewarded, fortunes regained, treasures uncovered, stiff-necked neighbors mending their ways, good names restored, greed daunted, old maids married off to worthy parsons, troublemakers banished to other hemispheres, forgers of documents tossed down the stairs, seducers scurried to the altar, orphans sheltered, widows comforted, pride humbled, wounds healed, prodigal sons summoned home, cups of sorrow tossed into the ocean, hankies drenched with tears of reconciliation, general merriment and celebration, and the dog Fido, gone astray in the first chapter, turns up barking gladly in the last. Thank you.
november 2017
lacinato - definition and meaning
Or try thinly sliced black kale (also called lacinato) - a member of the kale family that's tender enough to be eaten raw.
lacinato  FRD  commonplace 
november 2017
Topophobia: A Phenomenology of Anxiety: Dylan Trigg: Bloomsbury Academic
Topophilia, our love of place and our embeddedness in it and indebtedness to it, is not the only story to tell about place.
topophilia  FRD  commonplace 
september 2017
I am a murderino
Murderino. Noun. Person with a borderline obsessive interest in true crime, and the specific nature and details of disturbing murders.
murderino  FRD  commonplace 
august 2017
The Maddeningly Simple Way Tech Companies Can Employ More Women - The New York Times
That’s why they’re so proud of so-called boomerangs — candidates who have left a company for reasons that may or may not be related to how it treats women and, after advancing their careers elsewhere, return.
boomerangs  FRD  commonplace 
august 2017
Against Instagram | New Republic
As a youngish woman who uses social media, it is impossible for me to avoid “sponcon,” a genre of post in which users with a large enough following, or “influence,” are paid to post advertisements in their feeds.
sponcon  FRD  commonplace 
august 2017
Why women of 40 and 50 are the new 'ageless generation'
It was coined by US internet entrepreneur Gina Pell, 49, who explains, ‘Perennials are ever-blooming, relevant people of all ages who know what’s happening in the world, stay current with technology and have friends of all ages.
perennials  FRD  commonplace 
august 2017
How men's and women's brains are different | Stanford Medicine
Some researchers have grappled with charges of “neuro­sexism”: falling prey to stereotypes or being too quick to interpret human sex differences as biological rather than cultural.
neurosexism  FRD  commonplace 
august 2017
Ébauche - Wikipedia
Horology, clockmaking and watchmaking appropriated the term ébauche to refer to an incomplete or unassembled watch movement and its associated components.
FRD  commonplace  ébauche 
august 2017
Why Do Some Forms of Knowledge Go Extinct? — Blog of the Long Now
Ultimology is the study of that which is dead or dying in a series or process.
ultimology  FRD  commonplace 
august 2017
Elements of JavaScript Style – JavaScript Scene – Medium
A functor is anything you can map over, e.g., arrays ( or promises (promise.then()).
functor  FRD  commonplace 
july 2017
Technical Debt in Machine Learning – Towards Data Science – Medium
Hobo-features are features that do nothing useful in your ML system and you cannot get rid of them.
hobo-features  FRD  commonplace 
july 2017
“I Have No Idea What I’m Doing” – On the Usability of Deploying HTTPS
The lowest number of visited websites during the
lab study was 20 (P21).
july 2017
Tronie - Wikipedia
A tronie (16–17th-century Dutch for "face") is a common type, or group of types, of works common in Dutch Golden Age painting and Flemish Baroque painting that shows an exaggerated facial expression or a stock character in costume.
tronie  FRD  commonplace 
july 2017
90 Percent Of U.S. Men Have This Problematic Health Condition | HuffPost
Being “overfat,” as researchers call it, is a condition where the circumference of your waist measures more than half your height.
overfat  FRD  commonplace 
july 2017
Roomba's Next Big Step Is Selling Maps of Your Home to the Highest Bidder
If a company isn’t using simultaneous localization and mapping (or SLAM, as the mapping technology used by Roomba and its competitors is known), their robovac is probably inferior.
SLAM  frd  commonplace 
july 2017
Patent US8131538 - Phoneme decoding system and method - Google Patents
The dictionary is alphabetized (rather “phona-bet”-ized) according to the fifty-three, for example, symbol types. The particular order of the phonebetization can be arbitrarily selected, just as alphabetization is arbitrary. Consistency is the important feature. One phonabetized, the order of the phonabets should remain the same. To look up a word, a reader can sound the word, identify the symbols types associated with sounded phoneme(s), and then look up the word phonabetically.
phonabet  commonplace 
july 2017
THE JOY OF JAMDANI – Selvedge Magazine
Possibly the finest of all muslins, jamdani combines cobweb delicacy with intricate design to create the most desirable fabric, infinitely breathable in hot humid climates, yet downy soft.
jamdani  commonplace  FRD 
july 2017
Redneck Revolt: the armed leftwing group that wants to stamp out fascism | US news | The Guardian
Students at the University of Pikeville planned a counter-protest, but the event was quickly canceled due to safety concerns: university officials feared that a conflict between the Nationalist Front and members of the antifascist movement – or antifa – could escalate into violence.
antifa  FRD  commonplace 
july 2017
The Suit | Vestoj
Karen Knorr is known for her architectural scenography, a style she codified in the 1980s: typically she creates fictionalised spaces to reflect on Western cultural traditions.
scenography  commonplace 
july 2017
A ‘Neurographer’ Puts the Art in Artificial Intelligence | WIRED
“A photographer goes out into the world and frames good spots, I go inside these neural networks, which are like their own multidimensional worlds, and say ‘Tell me how it looks at this coordinate, now how about over here?’” Klingemann says. With tongue in cheek, he describes himself as a “neurographer.”
neurographer  FRD  commonplace 
july 2017
Ugly clothes are the coolest thing in fashion right now — Quartz
In France, there is the concept of the jolie-laide, a woman who is considered at once ugly and pretty, framing beauty as a complex spectrum rather than a binary.
jolie-laide  FRD  commonplace 
july 2017
Ugly clothes are the coolest thing in fashion right now — Quartz
In 18th-century France, for instance, a brief craze emerged for clothing in a color known as caca-dauphin, a shade of brown meant to resemble the excrement of the infant prince Louis-Joseph, son of King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette.
caca-dauphin  FRD  commonplace 
july 2017
Ugly clothes are the coolest thing in fashion right now — Quartz
Normcore was an attitude—or perhaps just a giant in-joke—first given a name in 2014 that embraced flavorless, nondescript clothing.
normcore  FRD  commonplace 
july 2017
The Best Smart Sprinkler Controller | The Wirecutter
For those of us with un-green thumbs, smart sprinklers can help by applying software algorithms to estimate evapotranspiration (the rate of moisture loss from both the soil and via your plants) so the device knows to adjust your watering schedule and volume according to your garden’s needs.
evapotranspiration  FRD  commonplace 
july 2017
Catapult | Catapult | Claim Your Complexity: The Monstrous Upheaval of the Chimera | Jess Zimmerman
This practice, of reducing mythology down to real people and places and events, goes by the lovely name of “euhemerism.”
euhemerism  FRD  commonplace 
june 2017
‘As a carnist I’m conditioned to accept meat-eating is natural’ | Comment | Life and style | The Guardian
Vegan psychologist Melanie Joy would describe me as a “carnist”. It’s a neologism that means I’m conditioned to accept meat-eating is natural and that animals are categorised into edible, inedible, pets and predators, rather than equals.
carnist  FRD  commonplace 
june 2017
Jessica Hische - FAQ
In the past few years, a new kind of designer has emerged—the designistrator: a designer that is also an image maker.
designistrator  FRD  commonplace 
june 2017
17 Cat Sploots That Are The Perfect Degree Of Squishiness - The Dodo
A " sploot" is a very magical thing that often occurs when corgis lay on their tummies with their hind legs sticking out like a frog.
sploot  FRD  commonplace 
june 2017
“Personal kanban”: a time-management system that explodes the myth of multitasking — Quartz
Starting but not finishing too many projects puts a person at risk of the so-called Zeigarnik effect, named for Bluma Zeigarnik, a Russian psychiatrist who, in the 1920s, discovered that people are better at remembering unfinished tasks than completed ones.
"Zeigarnik  effect"  FRD  commonplace 
june 2017
MansplaiNation – Alaura Weaver – Medium
Kimmel’s exchange with Pantsuit Lady is an (ironic) demonstration of testimonial injustice — that is, according to philosopher Miranda Fricker, “a credibility deficit owing to an identity prejudice in the hearer.”
'testimonial  injustice'  FRD  commonplace 
may 2017
Imagery in Psychology: A Reference Guide - Jon E. Roeckelein - Google Books
With some people certain words are accompanied by a sense of color, varying with different words (verbochromia)
verbochromia  FRD  commonplace 
may 2017
What Makes Call-Out Culture So Toxic
This is why “calling in” has been proposed as an alternative to calling out: calling in means speaking privately with an individual who has done some wrong, in order to address the behaviour without making a spectacle of the address itself.
"calling  in"  FRD  commonplace 
may 2017
Douglas Coupland’s Bit Rot shows what happens to a voice of a generation decades later.
One piece in Bit Rot is a list of unviral words and phrases like “detroitus” (“the fear of Michigan”) and “ebulliophobia” (“the fear of bubbles”).
detroitus  FRD  commonplace  ebulliophobia 
may 2017
Further notes on scenius
Genius is an egosystem, scenius is an ecosystem.
egosystem  commonplace  neologism 
may 2017
Further notes on scenius
“Scenius” is a term coined by musician and producer Brian Eno to counter “The Lone Genius Myth,” or the idea that innovation in art and culture comes from a few Great Chosen Ones.
scenius  commonplace  FRD 
may 2017
[no title]
Each code unit can be used to represent a code point in the [U+0000, U+FFFF] range – also known as the “basic multilingual plane” (BMP).
BMP  commonplace  FRD 
may 2017
BroadSheet | Newsletters | -
Dove is one of the originators of femveritising—the practice of harnessing feminism or "girl power" in advertising.
femvertising  commonplace  FRD 
may 2017
The Troubling Contradictions of Dronestagrams | New Republic
By 2020, according to the Federal Aviation Administration, there will be as many as 7.5 million drones operating in the United States alone; on Instagram, the hashtag #dronestagram—the format’s nickname—has attracted more than 780,000 posts.
dronestagram  FRD  commonplace 
may 2017
Think there aren't qualified women in tech? Here are 1,000 names. No more excuses.
Majority-male panels are nearly ubiquitous in the tech industry — inspiring the blog Congrats, You Have an All-Male Panel!, a game of Female Conference Speaker Bingo and even a cute portmanteau, "manel." 
manel  FRD  commonplace 
may 2017
How artificial wombs will change our ideas of gender, family and equality | Aarathi Prasad | Opinion | The Guardian
In 1924 the evolutionary biologist JBS Haldane coined the term ectogenesis to describe pregnancy in humans provided through an artificial womb.
ectogenesis  FRD  commonplace 
may 2017
Inside The Online Community Of Men Who Preach Removing Condoms Without Consent | The Huffington Post
A new study explores the phenomenon of “stealthing” ― the purposefully nonconsensual removal of condoms during sex ― and how those who fall victim to the practice can move forward. 
stealthing  FRD  commonplace 
april 2017
With Archaeoacoustics, Researchers Listen for Clues to the Prehistoric Past - Atlas Obscura
He is also an early pioneer in a field that has become formally known as archaeoacoustics, or sound archaeology.
archaeoacoustics  FRD  commonplace 
april 2017
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