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Study: ‘Bad trips’ from magic mushrooms often result in an improved sense of personal well-being | PsyPost
New research suggests a bad trip isn’t always bad. About 84 percent of drug users who have experienced a “bad trip” from hallucinogenic mushrooms say they benefited from the psychologically difficult situation
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august 2016 by esm
Drugs and the Meaning of Life : Sam Harris
If LSD is like being strapped to a rocket, learning to meditate is like gently raising a sail. Yes, it is possible, even with guidance, to wind up someplace terrifying, and some people probably shouldn’t spend long periods in intensive practice. But the general effect of meditation training is of settling ever more fully into one’s own skin and suffering less there.
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august 2015 by esm
The Trip Treatment - The New Yorker
Bill Richards cited William James, who suggested that we judge the mystical experience not by its veracity, which is unknowable, but by its fruits: does it turn someone’s life in a positive direction?
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february 2015 by esm
Johns Hopkins study finds Psilocybin dosage 'sweet spot' for positive and lasting effects
only one of the volunteers receiving the second highest dose (20mg/70 kg, p.o.) reported having negative issues, and all benefited from positive experiences, although with less intensity than at the highest dose
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