You’re out of order, aide tells Dominic Cummings | News | The Times
Boris Johnson’s senior adviser had appalled some at last week’s gathering, held before the reshuffle, by remarking at the end: “I’ll see some of you next week.”
again, one of the reasons I find myself slipping into unironically liking big dom is that these people are all absolute pricks who are advisors to absolute pricks. no I don't give a fuck that he was a bit rude to a former Sun journalist who's an advisor to the minister for covering up historical war crimes or whatever. fuck off. granted he's doing it for boris, but still
8 days ago
n-gate.com. we can't both be right.
Hackernews recalls the isolated incidents when Microsoft engaged in unethical business practices hostile to community developed software.
10 days ago
James Butler | Cummings’s Bootprints · LRB 14 February 2020
The articles are sometimes provoked by his sheer – if somewhat cultivated – weirdness and inflated sense of his own intellectual acuity;
10 days ago
Rebecca Long-Bailey heckled at Jewish Labour hustings
“It’s the sort of racism that punches up not down,” she said, “that argues that Jewish people are privileged and powerful, and because there are people on the left who feel their job is to challenge power, they disgracefully argue that Jewish people are a legitimate target for racism. That is what has been allowed to enter our party and it is a poison.” Her response received the warmest response of the night.
ngl this is a slightly weird vibe, doesn't it implicity buy in...
11 days ago
The Chaos at Condé Nast - The New York Times
magazines in the 00s sound like they were just rammed full of insufferable tossers
12 days ago
BlueMaxima's Flashpoint
A webgame preservation project and archive.
17 days ago
Democracy now
“I’ve always believed that uncontested elections and musical-chairs rotation of posts were signs of a local party in decline – not of one that’s going from strength to strength, as ours apparently is. Perhaps the problem is precisely the apparent absence of factions, which (considered more closely) represents the dominance of a single faction; perhaps unchallenged factional dominance sows the seeds of decline. (I have known more than one left-wing group which devoted immense effort to shaking off various dissenters and hangers-on, got rid of them all and promptly collapsed due to lack of interest.) Depending how you define ‘faction’, of course.”
20 days ago
Stumbling and Mumbling: On socially influenced preferences
Some ideas are both radical and conservative at the same time. This is a thought triggered by reading Robert Frank’s latest book, Under the Influence. “Context shapes our choices to a far greater extent than many people realize” he writes....
22 days ago
Ross Douthat’s forlorn fight against decadence - Christian Lorentzen - Bookforum Magazine
Douthat knows that his prognosis retains plenty of vagueness. It relies, too often, on feelings. He cites Kurt Andersen’s argument that the 1950s felt more different from the 1980s than the 1990s felt compared to the 2010s.
26 days ago
Asimov’s Empire, Asimov’s Wall | JSTOR Daily
The science fiction author Isaac Asimov engaged in forms of unwanted touching with countless women. It set the tone for the entire genre.
4 weeks ago
How Margaret Mead became a hate figure for conservatives | Aeon Essays
Mead argued that non-Western cultures offered alternative (often better) ways to be human. Why was she so vilified for it?
4 weeks ago
Building for the Culture
Do founders want to run companies? Or do they just want to run brands?
4 weeks ago
'Shattered': Inside the secret battle to save America's undercover spies in the digital age
While Omar was just one target of the CIA’s aggressive post-9/11 antiterrorism campaign, several former intelligence officials described the Milan operation’s aftermath as a “come to Jesus” moment that revealed just how vulnerable the agency’s operators were to technology. At the time, some undercover officials naively believed that methods like using potato chip bags would mask cellphone signals, and operatives were generally “freewheeling,” according to one former senior intelligen...
5 weeks ago
♫ Piero Scaruffi's Music Database
Rock, Jazz, Classical, Avantgarde Music
5 weeks ago
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