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Command line tool to fetch summaries from mediawiki wikis, like Wikipedia
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october 2015 by emory
Organising your research (and the rest of your life) with Devonthink
I’ve been meaning to write a post on Devonthink for a while, and while I initially wanted to explore some more of its features first, two things prompted me to write this up now: First, a conversation I had with Cassady over at Macrumors about the relationship between Devonthink and Bookends (I’ve written about BE here), and,…
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december 2014 by emory
Replace your research log with Evernote
If you're using Evernote as a research tool, you're already capturing your research "hits". Add notes to document your "misses" and you'll have it all within easy reach whenever and wherever you ne...
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september 2014 by emory
Automate your Mac: 10 ways to make managing email easier
Dealing with your inbox is one of those numbingly repetitive chores that cries out for automation. Here are 10 smart tricks that'll save you time managing your mail.
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september 2014 by emory
Better OmniFocus Task Entry | Bachya Productions
OmniFocus has a quick entry mechanism that allows me to type ^ + Space and enter tasks at lightening speed. There’s one catch, however: OmniFocus has to be open for it to work. Believe it or not, I don’t always have OmniFocus open. Opening it, then entering my tasks introduces a slightly irksome level of friction, and that isn’t acceptable. I realized that this was true of OmniFocus’ AppleScript methods, as well: OmniFocus needs to be open in order for them to work. Given that I have some workflows that make use of these methods, this, too, introduced friction. I brainstormed a bit and came up with a flow to remove the friction and be more robust overall: If OmniFocus is open, use its AppleScript methods to add tasks. If OmniFocus isn’t open, use Mail Drop. Fortunately, with a little wizardry, this can be accomplished in a variety of workflows. Here’s how to do it. Postfix In order to do #2 above, it is necessary to install and configure a mail server on OS X. Postfix is a great option and, once installed, allows you to easily send email via the command line.
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august 2014 by emory
Using Tables With Ulysses and Marked | Ulysses III Blog
One important benefit of plain text editing is that you’re never locked in to some particular tool or file format. And so it happens that if you’re missing a particular feature from Ulysses, chances are good there is a great tool for just that feature out there. via Pocket
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july 2014 by emory
Devonian Times » Tuesday Tip: Use the plain text view
DEVONthink 2.0 uses QuickLook for displaying file formats that it cannot show directly, e.g. Pages, Numbers, or .eml email documents. While this allows DEVONthink to display all files for which a QuickLook plugin is available, many previews don’t allow you to select text, e.g. for copying it. via Pocket
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july 2014 by emory
Devonian Times » Tuesday Tip: Export your data transparently
When you add your documents and clippings to DEVONthink, you’re never locked in. DEVONthink provides you with a variety of export options based on standard file formats, not obscure XML constructs or even proprietary file formats. via Pocket
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july 2014 by emory
Devonian Times » How to use DEVONthink Pro (Office) in a team
Out of the box DEVONthink is a workplace solution for one person. You install it on your Mac and use it. There are, however, possibilities to use it in a team. The new sync feature will be part of DEVONthink 2.5, due this summer, and so will be the new web interface. via Pocket
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july 2014 by emory
My Dissertation Workflow & Tools
I’ve just started dissertating (barely 6% of the way through…) but I’ve already been asked a few times about my dissertation workflow and tools. I spent a while planning this before starting. Honestly, I was terrified of the thought of getting 35% finished and realizing that my workflow was slowing me down or that I …
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july 2014 by emory
Academic workflows: when to use what, and how
Dellu (who has blog very similar to mine, but addressing Windows, check it out here) left me a very good question on my post about Circus Ponies Notebooks: How do you develop your workflow between Scrivener, Papers , Sente and the iPad apps and Ponies Notebook? It seems that you are using a dozen tools…
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july 2014 by emory
e-Office series
In one place all the posts related to hardware, software and other considerations for setting up a productive scientific digital workflow. At the bottom of this page, you will also find "extra" resources to help you deal with your digital "world". I will add to it frequently (last update November 30th, 2013). e-Office /e-GTD /…
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july 2014 by emory
I'm danah boyd, Researcher at Microsoft, and This Is How I Work
For years danah boyd has been watching the internet through an academic lens, studying how society interacts with technology. Her recent book, It's Complicated, looks at how teenagers, born into an online world, are navigating social media and whether they're better off for it. via Pocket
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july 2014 by emory
My TextMate 2 Setup - The Hiltmon
I switched back to TextMate 2 from Sublime Text 2 full time a while back and I am really happy with the way I have it looking and working. My “My Sublime Text 2 Setup” post is quite popular, so I though I’d create the same for TextMate 2. via my Pocket
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march 2014 by emory
TextMate 2 Basics - The Hiltmon
I have been using TextMate for years as my primary programmer’s editor, but it turns out that I only use a subset of its amazing features. via my Pocket
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march 2014 by emory
Watch the Online Video Course Lightroom 5 Essentials: 02 Managing Images with the Library Module
Learn how to add important metadata to your images that will help you find and filter your library, process images and video, and export, email, and share photos—all from within the powerful Library module in Lightroom.
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february 2014 by emory
Add new reminder - Share your Workflows - Alfred App Community Forum
This creates a new reminder in reminders.app
To use, just type "r reminder_text" into Alfred. E.g. "r check out some of Alfred's other workflows"
To set a reminder for a specific date, use any of the following commands:
r today release the hamsters into the wild
r tomorrow bring about financial r
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march 2013 by emory

bundles : MacinHacShow Prep

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