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CubicSDR | Cross-Platform and Open-Source Software Defined Radio Application
CubicSDR is a cross-platform Software-Defined Radio application which allows you to navigate the radio spectrum and demodulate any signals you might discover. It currently includes several common analog demodulation schemes such as AM and FM and will support digital modes in the future. Many digital decoding applications are available now that can use the analog outputs to process digital signals by “piping” the data from CubicSDR to another program using software like Soundflower, Jack Audio or VBCable.

CubicSDR supports the readily-available RTL-SDR which is an inexpensive SDR device that can be purchased online for about $10 and up. Search for “RTL2832U” and “820T” or “820T2” on sites such as eBay or Amazon to see what’s available. Additionally CubicSDR now includes support for SDRPlay, HackRF, BladeRF, AirSpy, NetSDR+, Red Pitaya, Audio Devices (some platform specific at the moment) or any other device with an available SoapySDR support module.

For information about getting started right away with an RTL-SDR device there’s an excellent write-up at rtl-sdr.com with links to many resources and projects you can do yourself using the device. You can also visit the RTL-SDR subreddit for up-to-date resources and discussion on all things SDR related.
audio  radio  osx  macos  ham  sdr 
october 2016 by emory
Lockdown is an open-source tool for El Capitan that audits and remediates security configuration settings.
osx  mac  injection  dv  linkdump  infosec  ir  software  tools  macos  security  hardening 
october 2016 by emory
Staggeringly powerful OS X desktop automation with Lua. Making the runtime, funtime.
mac  scripting  automation  lua  osx  software  tools  macos  hellyeahshow 
july 2016 by emory
Secrets of the GPT
ESP Explained
The EFI system partition (ESP) is a special partition from which EFI can load EFI (boot-time) device drivers. The EFI firmware in Macintosh computers fully supports the ESP, although Apple does not currently use it for anything. We create the ESP on big disks to make things easier if we ever need to use ESP-based drivers. We strongly recommend that you do the same.

When you initialise the ESP, keep in mind that it must conform to the specification in the EFI documentation. While the ESP looks like a FAT32 volume, it is actually an EFI file system which "will be maintained by specification and will not evolve over time to deal with errata or variant interpretations in OS file system drivers". For more details, see Section 12.2 "File System Format" of the UEFI Specification, version 2.0.

Thus, you should not use the newfs_msdos utility to create the ESP because there is no way to guarantee that it will create an EFI file system. You might consider including a (compressed)
EFI  ESP  disk  mac  osx  filesystem  UEFI  firmware  hardware 
may 2016 by emory
Configuration Management
My ramblings on puppet as a configuration management tool on OS X.
puppet  osx  mac  management 
may 2016 by emory
Contribute to mac-pixel-clock-patch-V2 development by creating an account on GitHub.
gpu  hacintosh  repo  mac  osx  4k  nvidia  hdmi  displayport  hardware  hacks  linkdump 
may 2016 by emory
How to request a certificate from a Microsoft Certificate Authority using DCE/RPC and the Active Directory Certificate profile payload
With OS X Lion and later, you can acquire a certificate from a Microsoft Certificate Authority using the com.apple.adcertificate.managed profile payload. Mountain Lion transitions to the use of the DCE/RPC protocol. DCE/RPC bypasses the need for a web-enabled Certificate Authority (CA). It also offers more flexibility for choosing the certificate template to use for issuance.
Mountain Lion and later offer full support for Active Directory Certificate profiles in the web UI of Profile Manager. Active Directory Certificate profiles for computers or users can be deployed to client devices using either automatic push or manual download.
ad  osx  configuration  profile  management 
april 2016 by emory
Introduction (Keychain Services)
Keychain Services provides secure storage of passwords, keys, certificates, and notes for one or more users. A user can unlock a keychain with a single password, and any Keychain Services–aware application can then use that keychain to store and retrieve passwords. Keychain Services Programming Guide contains an overview of Keychain Services, discusses the functions and data structures that are most commonly used by developers, and provides examples of how to use Keychain Services in your own applications.

This document concentrates on the use of Keychain Services to store and retrieve passwords. You should read this document if your application needs to handle passwords for:

Multiple users—for example, an email or scheduling server that has to authenticate many users
Multiple servers—for example, a banking or insurance application, which might have to exchange information with more than one secure database server
A user who needs to enter passwords—for example, a web browser, which
keychain  cocoa  apple  ios  osx  developer  documentation  practices  security  infosec 
april 2016 by emory
Shows how to evaluate trust for a certificate and recover from a trust failure.
apple  developer  osx  ios  trust  identity  documentation  pki 
april 2016 by emory
Risk Assessment and Threat Modeling
An introduction to computer security concepts and the security APIs in OS X and iOS.
ios  osx  apple  developer  practices  security  infosec  documentation  risk 
april 2016 by emory
Cryptography Concepts In Depth
An introduction to computer security concepts and the security APIs in OS X and iOS.
ios  infosec  practices  osx  security  keychain  pki  email  certificates  crypto  developer  apple 
april 2016 by emory
- Scripts to automatically enroll clients in Munki, allowing for very flexible manifest structures.
mac  osx  management  github  deployment  household  it  software  tools  automation  mdm  package  admin 
april 2016 by emory
Removing Munki
How to remove the munki tools and associated files
mac  osx  management  github  deployment  household  it  software  tools  automation  mdm  package  admin 
april 2016 by emory
munki-pkg - Repo for the munkipkg tool and example projects
mac  osx  management  github  deployment  household  it  software  tools  automation  mdm  package  admin 
april 2016 by emory
- Automate building and integrating OS X installer packages to install Configuration Profiles.
deployment  mcx  mac  osx  management  github  household  it  software  tools  automation  mdm  package  admin 
april 2016 by emory
Convert OS X property lists and MCX into Configuration Profiles with Custom Settings payloads
osx  mcx  admin  mac  management  github  deployment  household  it  software  tools  automation  mdm  package 
april 2016 by emory
luggage - Project to automate OS X package creation without using the packagemaker GUI
mac  osx  management  github  deployment  household  it  software  tools  automation  mdm  package  admin 
april 2016 by emory
Client Customization
munki - Managed software installation for OS X —
mac  osx  management  github  deployment  household  it  software  tools  automation  mdm  package  admin 
april 2016 by emory
is an application to manage nearly all aspects of the preference system contained in every OS X installation. The program consists of three components which are tightly integrated with each other:

- An entry point to the preferences database of OS X, with access to all settings which are effective for your user account,

- a browser and editor for OS X property list files (plists),

- a browser for preference manifest files.
osx  software  mac  app  utilities  defaults  management  household  it  customization  tools  linkdump  hellyeahshow 
april 2016 by emory
Troubleshooting Managed Preferences
To verify that settings have been applied to the Managed Preference database:

Navigate to the following directory in the Finder:
/Library/Managed Preferences/
Verify that computer-level Managed Preferences are displayed at the root of the following directory:
/Library/Managed Preferences/
A new file should have been created for each domain that contains Managed Preferences.
mac  osx  management  deployment  household  it  software  tools  automation  mdm  package  admin 
april 2016 by emory
AutoPkgr 1.3.2
autopkgr - AutoPkgr is a free Mac app that makes it easy to install and configure AutoPkg.
management  tools  software  osx  autopkg  packages  household  it 
december 2015 by emory
Deleting Unenrolled Devices via the AirWatch API
Doing The Donkey Work To Make You Look Like A Smart Ass!!
it  osx  management  household  campus  enterprise  tools  software 
december 2015 by emory
"Subplot is the easy to use story planning program for novelists and screenwriters. With Subplot you can organise your cast, locations and props, as well as keep track of important events and story goals. Use Subplot to plan your scenes and organise chapters or acts, while automatically keeping track of where critical story elements have been used."
writing  software  osx  tools  workflow 
october 2015 by emory
Web Debugging Proxy - Official Site
mitm  proxy  web  tools  debug  software  development  workflow  osx  http  https 
july 2015 by emory
xhyve – Lightweight Virtualization on OS X Based on bhyve | pagetable.com
"The xhyve hypervisor is a port of bhyve to OS X. It is built on top of Hypervisor.framework in OS X 10.10 Yosemite and higher, runs entirely in userspace, and has no other dependencies. It can run vanilla Linux distributions and may gain support for other guest operating systems in the future."
osx  virtualization  hypervisor  xhyve  bhyve  linkdump 
june 2015 by emory
Density — Pixel Calculator for Mac
Density is a really simply app for Mac that lets designers and developers calculate dimensions for multiple screen sizes. It is by far one of the most simp
mac  android  osx  design  app  ios  display  hires  hidpi  retina 
june 2015 by emory
USB Network Gate
Download, install or update USB Network Gate (Mac) - Share remote USB devices over the Internet - from MacUpdate
usb  software  remote  ip  OSX 
march 2015 by emory
Mizage - Divvy
Divvy is a utility for Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows to quickly resize and position your windows
mac  utility  window  osx  software  tools  tiling  manager 
january 2015 by emory
Organising your research (and the rest of your life) with Devonthink
I’ve been meaning to write a post on Devonthink for a while, and while I initially wanted to explore some more of its features first, two things prompted me to write this up now: First, a conversation I had with Cassady over at Macrumors about the relationship between Devonthink and Bookends (I’ve written about BE here), and,…
data  devonthink  tech  tutorial  workflow  research  workflows  academic  osx  organization  tools  software  documents  gtd 
december 2014 by emory
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