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Griffith on Police: ‘Be Rottweilers of aggression not pot hounds of nothing’
“I’d rather be seen as the police service being rottweilers of aggression to ensure the law is enforced than to be pot hounds of nothing.”
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october 2018 by elrob
Remarks at the SASE Panel On The Moral Economy of Tech
First, programmers are trained to seek maximal and global solutions. Why solve a specific problem in one place when you can fix the general problem for everybody, and for all time? We don't think of this as hubris, but as a laudable economy of effort. And the startup funding culture of big risk, big reward encourages this grandiose mode of thinking. There is powerful social pressure to avoid incremental change, particularly any change that would require working with people outside tech and treating them as intellectual equals.

Machine learning is like money laundering for bias. It's a clean, mathematical apparatus that gives the status quo the aura of logical inevitability. The numbers don't lie.

The reality is, opting out of surveillance capitalism means opting out of much of modern life.

We tend to imagine dystopian scenarios as one where a repressive government uses technology against its people. But what scares me in these scenarios is that each one would have broad social support, possibly majority support. Democratic societies sometimes adopt terrible policies.

We should not listen to people who promise to make Mars safe for human habitation, until we have seen them make Oakland safe for human habitation.

Techies will complain that trivial problems of life in the Bay Area are hard because they involve politics. But they should involve politics. Politics is the thing we do to keep ourselves from murdering each other.
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april 2018 by elrob
'I Will Kill All the Drug Lords'
Unless you saw the madness with your own eyes, it was hard to believe. On one trip to Davao, I found a city terrorized by bands of vigilantes, roaming the streets with guns or long knives, hunting for communists. The radio blared anti-communist tirades, the most incendiary of them from Jun Pala, a broadcaster who compared himself to Goebbels. Pala walked around Davao armed with a Magnum revolver and a hand grenade. On air, he threatened to behead rebel sympathizers and egged on the vigilantes as they gunned down or knifed suspected communists. One day, news photographers chanced upon a vigilante band that had beheaded a suspected guerrilla­. The killers posed for pictures, and said they drank the blood from the sundered head.
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february 2017 by elrob
Watch Malware Steal Data From Air Gapped PC With Blinking Lights and a Drone | WIRED
"That data-stealing drone, shown in the video below, works as a Mr. Robot-style demonstration of a very real espionage technique. A group of researchers at Ben-Gurion’s cybersecurity lab has devised a method to defeat the security protection known as an “air gap,” the safeguard of separating highly sensitive computer systems from the internet to quarantine them from hackers. If an attacker can plant malware on one of those systems—say, by paying an insider to infect it via USB or SD card—this approach offers a new way to rapidly pull secrets out of that isolated machine. Every blink of its hard drive LED indicator can spill sensitive information to any spy with a line of sight to the target computer, whether from a drone outside the window or a telescopic lens from the next roof over."
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february 2017 by elrob
Daily chart: Excel errors and science papers | The Economist
"THREE years ago Thomas Herndon, a young graduate student from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, made a splash among economists. Given an assignment to replicate the analysis behind a published academic paper, he pored over the data used for an influential study on government debt written by Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff, both professors at Harvard. Much to the authors’ embarrassment, Mr Herndon found the most elementary of mistakes: they had accidentally omitted five rows of their spreadsheet when calculating an average. When included, the missing figures weakened the paper’s conclusion substantially.

Unsurprisingly, spreadsheet snafus are not unique to economics. A recent study in the journal Genome Biology looked at papers published between 2005 and 2015, and found spreadsheet-related errors in fully one-fifth of articles on genomics that provided supplementary data alongside their text. Although the papers themselves were not necessarily affected, such bugs can create complications for other scientists trying to replicate or build on previous work.

The syntax of genomics makes it particularly difficult for off-the-shelf software to digest. First, spreadsheets often confuse gene symbols for dates. The authors found that Microsoft Excel would often interpret “SEPT2”, which corresponds to the gene Septin 2, as “September 2nd”. The programme also tended to mistake identification codes like “2310009E13” for numbers in scientific notation—in this particular instance, the code would be read as 2.310009 times 1019. Such hiccups can be quickly resolved by diligent researchers. But they are easy to overlook, and analysts using more sophisticated software may not know to check for them."
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october 2016 by elrob
The Campus Left and the Alt-Right Are Natural Allies
The PC left and the alt-right exist symbiotically with one another: Working together to exacerbate tribal loyalties, to undermine the legitimacy of the state as a political unit, to question the idea that Western institutions can really treat groups of people with equal respect—in other words, to draw out and hijack the inherent weaknesses and contradictions in the Enlightenment liberal tradition. It’s unlikely that either movement has the cultural power or breadth of appeal to succeed on its own. But taken together, they make a fearsome foe.
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september 2016 by elrob
Donald Trump ditched free market ideology for nationalism — and it's working - Vox
"In the competition for internal power and prestige, economic development most certainly is a zero-sum game. And whether or not you think the United States has benefited from global economic integration over the past 25 years, it's unquestionable that China has benefited more.

"My whole life I’ve been greedy, greedy, greedy. I’ve grabbed all the money I could get," Trump says in one of the best lines to appear in his stump speech. "I’m so greedy. But now I want to be greedy for the United States.""
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march 2016 by elrob
Zika-carrying mosquitoes are a global scourge and must be stopped.
"So why haven’t scientists tried to use the same approach in the fight against mosquitoes? Actually, they have. The problem was that mosquitoes proved too fragile for the X-rays: Instead of turning sterile, the bugs just died. But in recent years, the sterile insect technique has been revived. One researcher, Luke Alphey, used genetic engineering to design a sterile strain of Aedes aegypti mosquito—the kind that carries Zika, dengue, and yellow fever. Alphey’s technique is very clever: The bugs hold a gene that kills them at the larval stage, unless they’re reared in the presence of tetracycline, a common antibiotic. That means it’s possible to breed large numbers of the flies in the lab, but when they’re released into the world, they cannot reproduce.

In 2002, Alphey founded Oxitec, which would become the first company to deploy genetically modified mosquitoes as a weapon. Since 2010, the firm has performed field evaluations in Brazil, the Cayman Islands, and Panama. The treatment works like this: Oxitec employees drive a van around mosquito-ridden areas at five or 10 miles per hour. A bladeless fan propels genetically modified males out through a plastic tube, and then the bugs seek and interbreed with wild females. (At a test site in Brazil, Oxitec released 800,000 flies per week, for half a year.) According to the company’s head of field operations, Andy McKemey, each of these field evaluations has resulted in at least a 90 percent decrease in the local population.

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february 2016 by elrob
Zika virus declared national emergency | Loop News Trinidad and Tobago
"1.  Dispose of all unwanted containers/items that may collect water.

2.  Cover water barrels, drums or buckets with a tight fitted lid.

3.  Keep your drains and guttering clean.

4.  Empty and scrub the sides of water vases.

5.  Wear clothing to cover your arms and legs.

6.  Apply insect repellent to exposed skin.

7.  Sleep under a mosquito bed-net."
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january 2016 by elrob
Zika virus, explained in 6 charts and maps - Vox
""The survival of the mosquito is driven a lot by temperature," she added. Mosquitoes thrive in warm and moist environments. "So people go to the idea of global warming — that climate change and changes in precipitation patterns and temperature are helping mosquitoes survive in different areas." In other words, warming is helping expand the range of places that are habitable to mosquitoes.

There are other factors that may be driving the trend, too: People are traveling more than ever, bringing diseases to new locales. More and more people live in crowded cities, where it's easy for viruses to jump from person to person and for mosquitoes to find large concentrations of humans to feast on."
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january 2016 by elrob
This paragraph on a black kindergartner's view of the world is absolutely crushing - Vox
"I tutored a kid. This little black kid. He looked up to me a lot. One day he asked me, "Mr. Ebbie, is jail a good place to be?" I said, "Why would you ever ask that?" He said: "My daddy's in jail and he said he gets three meals a day. And sometimes my mom can't make me food and I'm hungry." I went home and I cried that night. This is a kindergartner. Teachers told him he was going to jail. I looked at him as a 5-year-old. I didn't see a criminal. I didn't see a drug dealer. I didn't see a rapist. I didn't see a gangbanger. I saw myself, when I was a little kid 10 years ago. The candidates, a lot of them, are from very privileged backgrounds and benefit from a white, male, Christian power structure. And that's O.K. I don't think that white people should feel guilty about their privilege. But they should feel a responsibility to acknowledge it."
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january 2016 by elrob
Atlantic confident about LNG's future | Trinidad Guardian - Mobile
"In addition, Atlantic is of the view that many of the proposed new LNG supply projects will be delayed or cancelled in today’s price environment. 

T&T, in addition to having built its plants at a fraction of the cost of new LNG facilities coming on stream, is also viewed as having a world-class facility, strong experience in LNG. 

According to Hainsley, Atlantic boasts is an “excellent safety record having exceeded 30 million man hours without a lost time incident. 

“This country also boasts an exceptionally high reliability rates averaging over 98 per cent. 

Hainsley said this helps to promote Trinidad’s status in the energy business internationally.

Former energy minister Kevin Ramnarine told the GML Enterprise Desk that “T&T remains a competitive player in the industry.” 

Ramnarine added, “While there had been some erosion of our competitive position due to the abundance of shale gas in the USA, and the fact that we have been running short of natural gas by about 10 per cent in the last five years, generally, we remain competitive.” 

He agreed that T&T’s LNG industry would remain more competitive, given that liquefaction costs are among the lowest in the world and the four trains in Point Fortin are very efficient and reliable compared to what obtains elsewhere. 

Ramnarine is, however, concerned that once Cheniere Energy begins exporting from its Louisiana USA terminal, it would increase the global supply of LNG which may depress prices. 

But Hainsley said, “Current projections of forecasted market prices in the different regions do not indicate that prices will be significantly impacted by the introduction of the US LNG capacity.” Adding, “the commodity pricing is cyclical and will recover from current low levels.” 

Hainsley said while Atlantic must “respond appropriately to changing dynamics, it is also important not to overreact to a sudden sharp downturn.” He said LNG is a long-term business—40 years plus—and Atlantic continues to invest in the LNG business for the longer term. 
What is important, Hainsley said, is that “global reputation is maintained and that T&T does not become an unreliable LNG exporter like some other countries have.”"
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january 2016 by elrob
Shaken, not stirred | The Trinidad Guardian Newspaper
"After 27 years, me and my wife break up. Work hard, Sunday to Sunday, build my house everything, I had to leave it. The woman just feel she get young since she marry (off) the daughter and she pick up this young guy I didn’t know anything about, because I work my life out, just working to make them happy. And I just leave everything, get out of the place, and gone back by my parents. Build up a little place and I living there. Is hurt me to know but that’s life."
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november 2015 by elrob
India Fact of the Day
"In India, for example, the number of taxpayers in relation to voters in the economy has been about 4-4.5% for a long time.

That is from an in-depth discussion
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august 2015 by elrob
Economics still is not a science (could Mao improve today’s Chinese economy?)
"Assuming a continuation of current policies, the paper predicts the Chinese economy will expand by 7-8 per cent for the next 10 years or so, with growth slowing to 5.2 per cent on average between 2024 and 2036 and then a rate of just 3.6 per cent between 2036 and 2050.

That is actually slower than the growth rate of 3.9 per cent it predicts between 2036 and 2050 if China were to return to Maoist policies introduced in the aftermath of the disastrous Great Leap Forward, in which between 30m and 40m died in a famine that was largely the result of economic mismanagement.

The authors of the paper were focused only on economic factors and did not consider the impact of individual policies or the enormous social costs of Mao’s “brutal” political movements and purges, which left many millions dead, ostracised or imprisoned in gulags.

Putting Mao aside, the 7-8% prediction already is clearly wrong and this is a July 2015 working paper. By the way, the four economists who wrote the paper
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august 2015 by elrob
China's authoritarianism is dooming its economy - Vox
"In 2011, the Eurasia Group issued a lengthy report on China's current five-year plan, warning that this opposition could be enough to stop China from making the necessary changes to its economy.

The group's prediction was severe: "China's leadership will fail to introduce the bold reforms necessary to meaningfully redistribute wealth from corporations and government to households. For instance, big state-owned firms will fiercely resist contributing large chunks of their dividends to government social security funds."

But the same tendency to intervene in the economy, particularly in China's financial system, could well set up a battle over capital allocation and investment decisions, in which powerful stakeholders will resist any attempt to transfer wealth to new constituencies. And China's leaders are unlikely to deal with these powerful "losing" interest groups holistically. Nor is a strongman or tightly knit group of leaders likely to be able to overcome them. Ultimately, then, China's political environment will defeat many elements of the FYP [five-year plan]. Without significant changes to governance structures--and to the role the state plays in capital allocation--China's economic landscape will not change as fundamentally as the FYP's designers (and many foreigners) hope."
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july 2015 by elrob
How World War III became possible: A nuclear conflict with Russia is likelier than you think - Vox
""The thing that makes war most thinkable is when other people don’t think it’s thinkable.""
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june 2015 by elrob
Barbados Budget 2015
"- Barbados collections from 25% corporation tax falling every year since 2008 (BD$447 million in 2008 BD$372 million in 2009, BD$294 million in 2010, BD$298 million in 2011, BD$268 million in 2012, BD$174 million in 2013, to BD$206 million in 2014.

- "There is a serious structural decline in our revenue base": Sinckler

- Barbados to amend BRA Act to close tax loopholes to bring larger group of non-salaried professionals to pay tax: Sinckler. Effective immediately all licensed professionals (e.g. doctors, lawyers, accountants) shall be required to present certificate of clearance from BRA to have their licences renewed

- Barbados Revenue Authority (BRA) staff "stuffing envelopes right now" to pay out 24,000 tax returns: Sinckler

- State-owned entities "building up massive debts": Sinckler

- At BD$11.39 bln or 133% of GDP as at March 2015 "the debt level is extremely high": Sinckler 

- Barbados gov't to present central debt management policy with assistance of commonwealth secretariat

- "Barbados has an enviable record when it comes to repaying the monies we have borrowed. We have never defaulted on any debt and we are not about to start now": Sinckler"
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june 2015 by elrob
The Economist explains: Why the oil price is falling | The Economist
"The main effect of this is on the riskiest and most vulnerable bits of the oil industry. These include American frackers who have borrowed heavily on the expectation of continuing high prices. They also include Western oil companies with high-cost projects involving drilling in deep water or in the Arctic, or dealing with maturing and increasingly expensive fields such as the North Sea. But the greatest pain is in countries where the regimes are dependent on a high oil price to pay for costly foreign adventures and expensive social programmes. These include Russia (which is already hit by Western sanctions following its meddling in Ukraine) and Iran (which is paying to keep the Assad regime afloat in Syria). Optimists think economic pain may make these countries more amenable to international pressure. Pessimists fear that when cornered, they may lash out in desperation."
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january 2015 by elrob
A horrifying new report reveals the strategy behind ISIS's brutality - Vox
"Following the killings, the corpses are placed on public display, often on crosses, for up to three days, serving as a warning to local residents," the UN reports. "Witnesses saw scenes of still-bleeding bodies hanging from crosses and of heads placed on spikes along park railings."

And that's how the group treats male Sunni residents — to say nothing of minorities, women, and children. ISIS's genocidal campaign against Iraqi minorities, which include systematic rape and enslavement of female members of the groups, is well-known.

Also well known are the strict restrictions it places on even Sunni women in its territory. According to the UN, women are confined to their homes at almost all times. On the rare occasions they're permitted outside, "ISIS regulations dictate what women must wear, with whom they may socialize, and where they may work." Women who break the rules are regularly beaten and even killed.

Its abuse of children is less well known, but no less horrifying. According to the UN report, ISIS has turned Syria's schools into indoctrination camps. In Raqqa, ISIS's de facto capital, children are sat down for mass screenings of ISIS soldiers executing prisoners of war. Children are instructed to inform on their parents if they violate ISIS strictures.
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november 2014 by elrob
Chinese debt: The great hole of China | The Economist
China has been on a borrowing binge. Its total debt—the sum of government, corporate and household borrowings—has soared by 100% of GDP since 2008, and is now 250% of GDP; a little less than wealthy nations, but far higher than any other emerging market
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october 2014 by elrob
Ebola Roundup
 The spread beyond the epicentre of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone remains limited. Apart from the people in Dallas and Spain, only two other exported cases are known: one in Nigeria and one in Senegal. A man who travelled to Lagos from Liberia sparked a further 19 cases in Nigeria, but that outbreak was curtailed by the swift actions of the authorities in tracing and monitoring those who had contact with the infected man. Similar public-health measures stopped further cases in Senegal after an infected man travelled from Guinea to Dakar.
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october 2014 by elrob
Korean residents in Japan address U.N. panel for law to ban hate speech - AJW by The Asahi Shimbun
"A group that represents ethnic Koreans living in Japan called on the government Aug. 25 to enact legislation to outlaw hate speech and other forms of discrimination targeting Koreans and other foreign residents.

Lee Keun-chool, who heads a human rights panel at the Korean Residents Union in Japan, commonly known as Mindan, said at a news conference in Tokyo, “If we fail to speak up now, it would amount to accepting offenders’ xenophobic opinions.”"
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august 2014 by elrob
This face-tracking projection is the craziest thing you'll see today | The Verge
"We've seen a whole bunch of projection-mapping videos, but this demo raises the bar, training the projection to recognize a model's face and follow her as she moves it. The result is basically real-life CGI — a real-time layer of animated light that's inseparable from the object itself. People say this on the internet a lot, but this is actually the craziest thing I've ever seen. Here's a gif of the best part, courtesy of Prosthetic Knowledge:"
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august 2014 by elrob
Noahpinion: The real most important chart of 2013?
Of course, either of those conclusions might be a disastrous miscalculation. A U.S.-China war - or even a brief China-Japan shooting match - would at minimum be a huge shock to global commerce, and at worst would mean World War 3. The typical American's response to this possibility seems to be to ignore it, laugh it off, or just resolve not to think about it. But that doesn't make it any less real.
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july 2014 by elrob
Trinidad and Tobago's Newsday : newsday.co.tt :
"Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar says Chief of Defence Staff, Kenrick Maharaj, and acting Commissioner of Police, Stephen Williams, have met with the National Security Council to discuss allegations of abuse by soldiers for the murder of Lance Corporal Kayode Thomas, earlier this month.

“They both agree within the rule of law. They stated further, that they work in partnership with their teams and forces, and they work as an interagency force. They have stated clearly that there has been no authorisation for any soldier to operate independently of the police. They have recommitted to that partnership of joint patrols,” the PM said following a reception on the “Evolution of the Life and Work of Nelson Mandela” at the Diplomatic Centre, La Fantasie, St Ann’s, on Thursday evening. "
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july 2014 by elrob
Matthew Hammond Snorted Bath Salts, Ate Feces, Challenged Cop To Fight: Police
When cops responded to the Gwinnett County home, Hammond was already outside and aggressively approached the cruiser, the paper reported. He allegedly had feces in his mouth and carried a knife. He started knocking on the officer's door, and even challeng
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may 2014 by elrob
Summers, Lomborg, Tabarrok, and Cowen on climate change
Subsidies for technology could occur at a very basic level and we could make a gamble that nuclear fusion will finally pay off. We also need a version of green technology that will fit into existing energy infrastructures and into countries which do not h
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march 2014 by elrob
RAPE HORROR | Trinidad Express Newspaper | News
There are over 2,500 teen pregnancies each year, most of them for fathers in the 25 to 40 year age group, Education Minister Dr Tim Gopeesingh revealed yesterday. This suggests that many men are getting away with statutory rape. Furthermore the minister s
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february 2014 by elrob
China, Japan and America
America’s “pivot” towards Asia is not taken very seriously there: Mr Obama is seen as distracted by his domestic problems. Mr Biden could usefully make clear America’s commitment to guaranteeing freedom of navigation in the region. Japan and South Korea,
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december 2013 by elrob
Shin-Okubo, window on a sad regional rift | The Japan Times
In that way, the demonstrations have helped widen the divide between the United States’ two closest Asian allies, countries that have squabbled for decades but now increasingly see themselves as archrivals. As if to highlight the point, South Korean Presi
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december 2013 by elrob
Sober Look: 3 key facts about Japan's deteriorating demographics
In addition to reducing potential growth, the aging of the population in Japan is having a downward influence on interest rates [chart below]. According to the IMF, elderly households prefer to avoid risk and feel more comfortable with safe assets such as
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november 2013 by elrob
Prison Hit List | The Trinidad Guardian Newspaper
A source said the list contained personal information on both first and second division officers at the prison. Officers claimed Andy Rogers, the officer whose brutal murder on November 7 sparked protests from his colleagues, was among officers named on t
crime  scary  T&T 
november 2013 by elrob
The future of energy is the past of energy
China will be the world’s largest oil importer, and India will be the largest source of energy demand and the world’s largest coal importer by 2035. On the right, you’ve got the “carbon budget”—the amount of carbon that can be emitted before, in the IEA’s
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november 2013 by elrob
Venezuela to toughen price controls and set profits | The Trinidad Guardian Newspaper
While soldiers with assault rifles were deployed to keep bargain hunters in check, at least one Daka store, in the country’s third largest city of Valencia, was looted by unruly crowds, according to photos and videos posted online. Maduro Sunday night urg
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november 2013 by elrob
Japan and Korea slide down gender-index ranking
In both countries, the overall gender wage gap is massive. In Japan, women’s estimated income is only 57 percent that of men, while men’s wages are an eye-popping 38 percent higher than women’s for similar work. It’s worse in Korea, where women’s estimate
japan  korea  gender  inequality  scary 
november 2013 by elrob
The assumption of “free disposal,” as applied to children
This rather horrifying link has been making the rounds on Twitter, here is the bottom line: When a Liberian girl proves too much for her parents, they advertise her online and give her to a couple they’ve never met. Days later, she goes missing. The pract
scary  markets  rights  children 
september 2013 by elrob
State of emergency in San Francisco as huge wildfire moves into Yosemite
With more than 2,000 firefighters struggling to contain the blaze, Brown said the fire had caused damage to electrical infrastructure serving San Francisco's 2.6 million residents. The city receives 85% of its water from the Yosemite area. The blaze is l
SF  environment  scary  2013 
august 2013 by elrob
Bradley Manning sentenced to 35 years for WikiLeaks disclosures | The Verge
Manning will receive credit for time served, more than 1000 days, plus a 112-day credit ordered by Colonel Lind for pre-trial treatment she described as "more rigorous than necessary." Manning spent nine months in solitary confinement in a Marine Corps br
authoritarianism  scary  law  america  security  war 
august 2013 by elrob
Rodney said: “We are living with monsters. We have to be constantly running for our lives. On top of that we have to pay bills and the stress is just too much. We always have to be looking over our shoulders and we don’t know who to trust. Right now, I am
scary  crime  gangs  T&T 
august 2013 by elrob
Cameron Proves Greenwald Right
More to the point, although David was released, his entire digital library was confiscated – including his laptop and phone. So any journalist passing through London’s Heathrow has now been warned: do not take any documents with you. Britain is now a poli
nsa  crime  justice  terrorism  law  scary 
august 2013 by elrob
NSF cancels political-science grant cycle : Nature News & Comment
The NSF’s decision removes one of the main financial lifelines for political-science research. “This is somewhere between devastating and crippling,” says Henry Farrell, a political scientist at George Washington University in Washington DC and an author
scary  politics  america  science-policy 
august 2013 by elrob
In Secret, Court Vastly Broadens Powers of N.S.A.
The rulings, some nearly 100 pages long, reveal that the court has taken on a much more expansive role by regularly assessing broad constitutional questions and establishing important judicial precedents, with almost no public scrutiny, according to curre
security  scary  america  NSA 
july 2013 by elrob
Xerox Tests Workforce Science from Evolv in Its Call Centers
Xerox is screening tens of thousands of applicants for low-wage jobs in its call centers using software from a startup company called Evolv that automatically compares job seekers against a computer profile of the ideal candidate. According to these data
future  labour  scary  tech 
may 2013 by elrob
Google is run by adolescents, says Evgeny Morozov - Telegraph
“Look at Siri [the iPhone’s voice-controlled assistant software]. What Siri tries to do is answer your questions. “The way Google’s equivalent, Google Now, works is very different. It tries to pre-empt your desires before you have even recognised them as
scary  web  tech  morozov 
march 2013 by elrob
Raging Bulls: How Wall Street Got Addicted to Light-Speed Trading | Wired Business | Wired.com
Most transatlantic cables head straight for deep water, to get away from sharks. In what some might consider a case of karmic justice, sharks threaten the financial industry by biting its cables, attracted by the electromagnetic fields generated by the wi
innovation  finance  hft  scary  tech 
march 2013 by elrob
Immigration reform: Tough love | The Economist
The U.S. government spends more on federal immigration enforcement than on all other principal federal criminal law enforcement agencies combined, with the nearly $18 billion spent in fiscal 2012 approximately 24 percent higher than collective spending fo
immigration  policy  obama  america  scary 
january 2013 by elrob
Japan Lags on Obstetrics Despite Its Obsession With An Aging Population - NYTimes.com
Japan’s laggardly status is the result of both supply and demand. Hospitals, including at least one with a neonatal intensive-care unit, have been pulling out of the delivery business altogether. There’s also a shortage of obstetricians and anesthesiologi
scary  children  health  japan 
january 2013 by elrob
Born This Way: Sympathy and Science for Those Who Want to Have Sex with Children
There are among us men who live their whole lives wanting to have sex with children but never doing it. America might have more of these men if we eased our taboos on anyone even admitting an attraction to kids. Consider that in Germany there is Preventio
psychology  scary  sex  children 
september 2012 by elrob
T? economy in decline | The Trinidad Guardian Newspaper
Recessions are generally defined as pertaining to countries that experience “a significant decline in economic activity spread across the economy, lasting more than a few months, normally visible in real GDP, real income, employment, industrial production
scary  macro  T&T 
may 2012 by elrob
China fact of the day — Marginal Revolution
…construction accounts for about 13 per cent of the country’s GDP.
china  construction  scary 
december 2011 by elrob
TheMoneyIllusion » The Fed “succeeded” in flattening the yield curve
So what do you think, monetary stimulus or monetary tightening?  The only thing that’s “twisted” is the Fed’s logic.  They are so obsessed with the Keynesian low interest rate approach to stimulus that they’ve completely lost their bearings and ended up t
scary  monetary  policy  2011 
september 2011 by elrob
Obama’s Worst Idea | The Daily Caller
Worst Idea in the Speech? Charles Lane notes that, to ease employers’ fears of regulatory and legal uncertainty, Obama wants to create another dubious grounds for people to sue employers. The provisions of the law “[p]rohibiting employers from discriminat
obama  wrong  scary  unemployment 
september 2011 by elrob
James Surowiecki: Why We Don’t Need a Debt Ceiling : The New Yorker
As the economist Thomas Schelling showed many years ago, “It does not always help to be, or to be believed to be, fully rational, coolheaded, and in control of oneself” when it comes to brinksmanship. It doesn’t, in short, help to be President Obama. That
finance  America  politics  2011  scary 
july 2011 by elrob
Sentences to scare you the most important blog post in the world today — Marginal Revolution
The financial crisis had a lot to do with triple-A ratings being slapped on to subprime securities which didn’t warrant them, we know that. The report says between 1990 and 2006 ABS accounted for 64 per cent of the total growth in the amount of AAA-rated
macro  finance  scary  debt 
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The Great Stagnation and Evidence-Based Medicine « Mandel on Innovation and Growth
The conventional wisdom was that breakthroughs in understanding the human genome  would provide better treatments within the existing structure of medicine–like  putting better windows or a new floor or more comfortable furniture into an existing house.
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