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The Post-Rebellion South: Interview (II) :: Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi, Aug 2018
A: I chose to reconcile and remain in my country and land because most of the factions are run by the outside in order to implement specific agendas and the scenario of the south will be repeated in the north because the issue to end the war is an international issue by consensus and perhaps there will arise far fewer benefits in the north than in the south. Whoever calls us frogs, most of them are in the neighbouring states and are not in Syria. Among them are those still undertaking their work to gather the dollars so how can such a person characterize us in this way? We are not frogs.

Q: Yes. You have now joined the V Corps right? Can you clarify what are the promises regarding service in the V Corps? There is talk for example that it is not necessary to serve outside Deraa and Quneitra. Also for the one who joins V Corps and is wanted for compulsory service, joining the V Corps is tantamount to compulsory service.

A: V Corps service is compulsory service lasting one year and a half and is reckoned as part of compulsory service and is tantamount to compulsory service. But the advantages of this Corps is that the majority of it are people who were in Free Army and the service, according to the promises, is within Deraa province only.

Q: Yes. So members of the military council for the locality of Tasil joined the V Corps before the liberation of Tasil?

A: No, they joined after the liberation of Tasil. Not all members of the military council joined, for some of them decided to join the army directly.

Q: I see. But you yourself joined the Corps, right? Why do you prefer the Corps to the regular army?

A: Yes, I joined the Corps because its service is within my province only.

Q: Who told you that service is within Deraa province only? Did you meet the Russians?

A: Yes. Thus the Russians informed us.

Q: Yes. Do you know what the monthly salary is according to the promises? Also there is talk that the Russians said that the Corps' aim is to fight Da'esh in any place.

A: The salary is $200. They have not told us about fighting Da'esh only. They have told us that service is within the province: checkpoints, borders, internal security.

Q: Yes. In addition to V Corps, are there any other formations trying to recruit the youth of the region? Like the 4th Division? And Hezbollah and the IRGC?

A: 4th Division only. And its benefits are the same benefits of the V Corps.

Q: So there is no presence for Hezbollah and the IRGC in the Yarmouk Basin area?

A: No. There is no presence.
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Troublesome allies: How the Syrian regime is reintegrating loyalist militias | Middle East Eye. Sep 11, 2018
In some cases, the regime has asked loyalist militias to send eligible members for conscription, without asking the rest to disband. Similarly, some of the government employees who joined loyalist militias have been requested to return to their normal duties or face termination of employment.

As for civilian members, they are forced to either return to civilian life or join the regime’s auxiliary forces. To incorporate the tens of thousands of loyalist combatants into the state’s armed forces, the regime has created volunteer-based military structures, such as the 4th Assault Corps. Local sources say this experiment was not successful, as only a handful of loyalist militias joined - namely in the areas of Hama and Latakia - while the rest continued to operate autonomously.

To overcome that failure, Russia took the lead in creating the Fifth Assault Corps in November 2016. This has been partially successful in increasing the regime’s influence over these troops, which range between 10,000 and 15,000. Likewise, the regime brokered a deal with Iran to bring a substantial number of its militias operating under the umbrella of the Local Defence Forces into the regime’s emergency armed forces.
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Minister of the Syrian regime threatens to hold accountable refugees if return - Nedaa, Aug 24, 2018
The Minister of Local Administration, Hussein Makhlouf, said that every Syrian would return to the country and that he would be subject to trial and law. He will also appear before the courts, and those who have been out of compulsory service will be given six months before being attached to military barracks.
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Disbanding Iranian Militias on the Syrian Coast | SyriaUntold, Oct 21, 2018
Ali Ibrahim (pseudonym), Mohammed’s brother, said, “We are too old to volunteer with the government or Russia. They did not acknowledge our experience (he was a soldier before 2011 and was discharged because of his age). The Iranians treated us with respect. Although they are strict with us, and we have different traditions, they respected the brave fighters. If it weren’t for the Russians, we would still be doing our work.”Ali shared his memories of the military training in Teheran that lasted three months and earned him $300. He used this money to build a room above his parents’ house back home.

Ali admitted, “Yes, it is true that when we first joined, the Iranians tried teaching us how to pray, fast, and recite the Quran. Still, only a few people actually took this up which created mutual tensions between us.”

When asked about Russian pressure to disband the militias, Ali commented, “The war is not over yet, and there are many battles coming up for government to fight in. They are going to need more soldiers to support them, so why is Russia insisting on disbanding these militias? It is clear that Russia wants to corner Syria and even clearer that it is at the request of the US and Israel. They are all friends.”    

According to Nasser, Russians and Iranians have pursued different approaches to the Syrian war. He clarified, “I refused joining the army because I know how that goes from bribery to corruption and even food. I was not a government employee, and this helped me join the Hawks and lead one of their troops. I stayed with the fighters in the desert around two years, and the Iranian advisors supported us. Yet, politics is what it is. We do not have the power to interfere in any international or regional decision. The Hawks were disbanded because Russia has a vision for Syria that differs from that of Tehran. It tries to support the idea of ​​the state and its institutions rather than other entities.”

Yasser Al Hussein, a former food vendor, served at the headquarters of the NDF at the Latakia Sports City for more than three years where he witnessed so many stories. This was the case until the decision to surrender all the NDF’s forces and resources to the army and gradually distance the NDF from the battlefields.

"I know I’m not the only one who had their car stolen, because there is now a network of former NDF members who are armed and robbing people, cars, and shops.”

It is true that there are many discharged fighters from these militias, and this has negatively impacted the economy. Yet, Russian expansion at the social level mitigated negative repercussions as expected due to the high number of fighters. The creation of the 5th Corps helped abstain some of those fighters. Moreover, the fact that Iran did not publicly oppose the disbanding, given its shaky situation on the Syrian scene, also helped contain the negative impact of this decision. However, the current results do not contract the idea that what happened was only an element of a bigger crisis that has been simply postponed rather than averted.
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The Syrian regime posts notices to the factions of reconciliation in Daraa to join its forces - Nedaa, Nov 26, 2018
This comes only a few days after the forces of the time sent 32 thousand other notices to young people from Daraa governate to join the compulsory and reserve service. A large number of wanted men in eastern rural areas of Daraa ripped off the notification papers and decided not to join. This led the head of military security to threaten them with arrest in case of violation.
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Reintegrating Syrian Militias: Mechanisms, Actors, and Shortfalls - Carnegie, Dec 11, 2018
some of the sourcing is weak

The approach has been cautious, aiming to reduce the militias without leaving a vacuum of power on the ground. It has also been piecemeal: local militias that resist being deployed to another area, compete with influential groups or figures, or engage in criminal activities that are blamed on the regime are more likely to be disbanded or compelled to join the regular forces. Smaller militias seem liable to be disbanded or merged within Syrian army units (notably the Fourth Division, commanded by Assad’s brother Maher), while bigger groups are gradually stripped of their financial resources—mainly by removing them from lucrative checkpoints—before being pressured to disband.

The regime’s efforts to incorporate its allied militias have been largely focused on integrating them as individuals in the regular forces (namely the army). This is usually done by obliging males between the age of eighteen and forty-two who have not done their military service (which generally describes many of the loyalist militiamen) to join the army. Their military rank, salary, service period, and training are set according to the conscription laws and regulations (which determines their rank and training from their level of education). As for demobilized fighters who have already completed their military service, the regime has not encouraged them to join the regular forces, which would automatically put them on the government’s payroll. Its inability or reluctance to take on any extra financial burden might be a factor behind the regime’s decision to allow Iran and Russia to co-opt those individuals in other structures and thus cover their expenses.
Integrating the LDF into government forces has not dissolved its affiliation with Iran, which remains solely responsible for arming and funding it, including providing salaries and compensation to members or their families for injuries (or worse) suffered during battle. Nonetheless, the regime exceptionally allows LDF members to count their year of service with the force toward their compulsory military service, which is officially set at up to three years, although many conscripts (and reservists) have served more than five.
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Syria’s Assad Has Gassed His Own People Again - Bloomberg
The statement, which reflects the view of U.S. intelligence agencies and was shared with me before its release, says it was not a chlorine gas attack at all, but rather tear gas. What’s more, the U.S. now has “credible information that pro-regime forces” probably used it against Syrian civilians in northwestern Aleppo. It says they are “blaming the attack on opposition and extremist groups to undermine confidence in the ceasefire in Idlib.”
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Ambulances under siege in Syria | BMJ Global Health
terature review on attacks against ambulances in Syria from 2011 to 2018, as well as a descriptive secondary data analysis on individual attacks reported by the Syrian Network for Human Rights from January 2016 to December 2017. A peer-reviewed literature search included three databases (PubMed, ProQuest and Embase), and a grey literature search included reports from groups involved in the Syrian health response or human rights monitoring.
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i24NEWS - EXCLUSIVE: 10,000 Iran-trained Syrian soldiers posted on Israel border
Two new Syrian military divisions, trained and led by officers of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard special forces, the Al-Quds Forces, have been mobilized on Syria’s borders, i24NEWS could reveal on Monday night.

Each division numbers more than 10,000 men, said i24NEWS French service’s defense correspondent Mattias Inbar. One has been sent to the border with Iraq, the second is currently at the border between Syria and Israel.
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المدن - النظام يواصل اعتقال النازحين العائدين من لبنان - Nov 12, 2018
قبل يومين، اعتقلت قوات النظام نازحين سوريين بعد عودتهم الطوعية من لبنان، عن طريق معبر جديدة يابوس "المصنع". فواز 43 عاماً من ريف دمشق، من العائدين في الدفعة الأخيرة، قال لـ"المدن"، إنه بعد دخول النازحين إلى الأراضي السورية، وانتهاء التلفزيون السوري من التصوير، قامت دورية مشتركة من "الأمن العسكري" و"المخابرات الجوية" بإيقاف الحافلات الثلاث التي تقل النازحين، وطلبت أوراقهم الثبوتية. وبعد التفييش طلبت الدورية من 20 شاباً النزول الركوب في حافلة تابعة للدورية. بقية النازحين أكملوا طريقهم باتجاه دمشق.
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Life after reconciliation marred by arrests, broken promises as Syria’s southwest returns to government control - Syria Direct, Oct 16, 2018
But for many, reconciliation has been far from easy. “They told me I would need to visit more than one security branch,” Abu Mahmoud tells Syria Direct, referring to Syria’s network of security branches and detention black-sites that were notorious for forced disappearances and torture long before the conflict began.

“I’m terrified to go near them—I don’t know what they’ll do to me.”

According to the reported terms of closed-door negotiations between opposition factions and Russian representatives, al-Failaq al-Khamis would have little interaction with the government and not participate in battles against rebels elsewhere in the country. Moreover, al-Failaq al-Khamis volunteers would be exempt from military service, and allowed to remain in the southwest as local self-defense forces.

The breakdown of al-Failaq al-Khamis, according to two former rebel negotiators party to talks with the Syrian government and Russian mediators at the time, came down to the Russians’ refusal to uphold a crucial term of the reconciliation agreement: that the ex-rebel force would remain in Daraa and not partake in battles in the northwest.

The government requested that al-Failaq al-Khamis volunteers sign contracts to join and later ordered recently enlisted ex-rebel fighters to travel to Idlib and participate in fighting there, one of the two former rebel negotiators tells Syria Direct, speaking on condition of anonymity for security reasons.

When most fighters refused, the force was largely disbanded.

Both anonymous negotiators meanwhile say that only a small contingent of fighters from eastern Daraa’s FSA-linked faction Shabab a-Sunnah remains with the group.
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التجنيد الإجباري يُلاحق شباب "زاكية" في ريف دمشق. - صوت العاصمة - نبض دمشق
وأكدت مصادر أهلية لـ “صوت العاصمة” أن عدد المُعتقلين تجاوز 5 شبان تم سوقهم للتجنيد الإجباري، مع توارد أنباء تُفيد بوصول قوائم جديدة تحمل أسماء مطلوبين للخدمتين الإلزامية والاحتياطية.
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Reconciled Militants Included in Three Military Formations in Daraa  - Enab Baladi, Oct 20, 2018
One of the pro-regime military bodies into which locals are being drafted is the “4th Division”, which has promised recruits that service will be restricted to Syria’s southern region, unlike the Syrian Army’s regular service.

The “5th Corps” has experienced a substantial amount of enrollment among locals from the al-Badiya region. However, the refusal of militants from Daraa’s western region to join the regime’s ranks – and the militants’ consequent transferal to Idlib Governorate – has meant that some of the “5th Corps” western units have disbanded, with units remaining primarily in the east.
There is also the case of factions appearing over recent weeks in Daraa’s eastern region which are affiliated to the Lebanese “Hizbullah” organisation, according to Enab Baladi’s correspondent. These factions are reportedly offering recruitment incentives to local militants, including the possibility of remaining stationed in the governorate. The factions are also offering financial incentives, such as double the salary which the 4th Division and 5th Corps are providing.
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Regime Makes Proposal of Military Service to Young Men in Suweida - Sweidaa 24, Oct 15, 2018
A delegation of regime officers, headed by Brigadier General Bassam al-Arbeed, attended and during the meeting with the province’s notables presented a proposal to those who had not performed military service, which was that they perform their service solely within the First Corps.

The proposal requires those who perform the service to take a place in the Corps’ battles, without distinguishing between which area they are mobilized to. The First Corps is deployed in the provinces of Daraa, Quneitra, Suweida, Damascus and its countryside.
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Corruption Swallows Heavy Weapons Factory in Mesyaf - Zaman al-Wasl, Oct 17, 2018
The source attributed the successive losses to the factory’s failure to produce any kind of heavy or light weapons that reached the required safety standards to the accumulation of debt by the factory, and the borrowing from the public debt fund to pay the salaries of its employees.
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Assad's exhausted army in need of reinforcements as Idlib battle looms
A female student in Damascus said that 70% of her year group of 300 failed their exams this summer, many of them on purpose, in order to delay military service. The usual amnesty period to resit the year was scrapped without notice, however, and now her male friends are at risk of being drafted.
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Syrian army preparing phased Idlib assault - source | Reuters, Aug 29, 2018
The offensive would initially target southern and western parts of the insurgent territory, but not yet Idlib city, said the source, an official in the regional alliance backing Assad.
Idlib  SAA  Mar15 
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الرقة: شتات بين ضفتي الفرات... والحواجز بينهما «منشار» - al-Akhbar, July 16, 2018
حُرم أهالي الرقة من السفر والتنقل لسنوات، وحين ظنّوا أن في وسعهم التنقل بحرية بعد اندحار «داعش»، وجدوا أنفسهم أمام نوع جديد من الاستغلال، إذ يجب على الراغبين في الانتقال بين شطري محافظتهم، عبر الفرات، دفع «خوّة» للحواجز، تؤخذ منهم على شكل «رسوم جمركية» تارة، و«سلبطة» تارة أخرى
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Assad’s Army and Intelligence Services: Feudalization or Structurization? - Russian Council, March 13, 2018
Worthy of separate note is the Fifth Corps of Volunteers, an autonomous military structure that was created with the direct participation of Russian military advisers. According to some reports, the corps itself is also led by Russian generals. The corps can hardly be regarded as a regular military formation. It consists of various subdivisions made up of volunteers and is financed by a number of non-government sources. It also contains certain pro-government Syrian forces that existed before the corps was set up, including those financed by private individuals (the “Sea Commandos”) or set up with the participation of Iran and Lebanon’s Hezbollah (Liwa Dir’ al-Watan). At the same time, the inclusion of defectors and objectors from among the Sunni population in the Fifth Corps was apparently supposed to break the stereotype about the sectarian foundation of the pro-government forces and the auxiliary nature of the Sunnis’ participation in the war. However, the experiment has yet to bear fruit. The most combat-ready units of the Fifth Corps – the so-called ISIS Hunters – are again “sectarian militias” (as far as Syria’s Sunni majority is concerned). Such groups are made up primarily of Syrian Christians and Alawites (for example, the aforementioned “Sea Commandos”) or Shiites (Liwa Dir’ al-Watan, with the participation of Lebanese fighters). Work of this kind is likely to continue: according to some reports, work on the establishment of a 6th Corps is already under way.

At present, the Syrian intelligence services do not seem to have an analogue anywhere in the Middle East. Four independent security structures operate within the Syrian Arab Army. These structures are divided into “military,” which includes military intelligence and aerial reconnaissance (Air Force reconnaissance) and “political” (civilian units formally subordinate to the Interior Ministry), which includes the main security department and the department for managing political security. All of these structures answer directly to the president. However, the system of intelligence services in Syria reflects the complexity of relations and confrontations among various groups of influence in the country’s ruling elite. The system is constructed in such a way that the individual intelligence services effectively work against each other, which makes it impossible for any single “branch” to become significantly stronger than the others.
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Assad’s Forces Raid Lajat Despite “Reconciliation” - al-Souria, Aug 8, 2018
He said that regime forces attacked women, stole gold and looted the homes of many civilians, in a clear breach of the agreement which Russia oversaw.

On Saturday, regime forces arrested 80 people from the eastern Daraa countryside after entering the area, in accordance with the reconciliation agreement. The Syrian Network for Human Rights said that regime forces arrested civilians during the raids in the Lajat area. It added that those arrested were taken to an unknown location.
Mar15  arrest  Reconciliation  Daraa  Looting  SAA 
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النظام يغدر بالشباب في ريف حمص الشمالي.. ويخرق اتفاق "التهجير" | الدرر الشامية - July 15, 2018
وأفادت مصادر محلية، بأن شرطة النظام بدأت بتبليغات ميدانية للشبان الذين تتراوح أعمارهم بين 19 و26 سنة في مدينة الرستن وغيرها، تطلب منهم مراجعة "شعبة التجنيد" في مدينة حمص.
Homs  Reconciliation  recruitment  SAA  Mar15 
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Joining the Enemy: How the Syrian Regime Reintegrates Former Rebel Fighters: Syria From Within | Chatham House, July 2018
Despite the knowledge that the service within the auxiliary forces will likely be more dangerous than other options (such as joining local police services), the majority of former rebel militants who did not leave their areas after regime takeover have joined such pro-regime forces. The main driver behind that seems to be the higher salaries the auxiliary forces provide compared to official armed forces such as the army and local police. It was reported that the majority of armed opposition combatants remaining in the city of al-Tall in rural Damascus had decided to join an NDF group called Qalamoun Shield.

There is no strict formula or rules of procedure for the transition from rebel to the auxiliary forces, but new recruits are usually sent for a brief training after contracts and starting dates are finalized. On many occasions, such training involves a three to seven-day political reorientation program, medical checks and skills evaluation. The process then ends with the recruits assigned to a unit or a group.

Notably, the majority of formal opposition combatants have been co-opted on an individual basis after their groups were disbanded. Nonetheless, on rare occasions, former rebel groups continue to operate in the same area and under the same commander. The only changes they have had to accept were renaming the group and switching their allegiance.
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Russia's Favorite Syrian Warlord - The Atlantic, Mar 3, 2018
On several occasions, the Russian military has acknowledged training and equipping what it has called “detachments” operating under Hassan’s command. These groups, like the Tiger Forces and the 4th and 5th Volunteer Assault Corps, are effectively paramilitary groups attached to regime forces. There are also reports that Russia pays the salaries of these Syrian militia-like formations. Still, Russia has pointed to its support for Hassan and his forces to make two claims: That the Russian army and its local partners defeated the Islamic State in Syria, and that Russian forces, unlike the U.S. military and others, are working with Syria’s legitimate government troops rather than militias or mercenaries.

The Russian military and state media, meanwhile, seem to have an unlimited appetite for the Tiger’s exploits. Press releases and stories have described him as “one of Syria’s most renowned military commanders,” and have depicted his Tiger Forces as invincible. In the summer of 2017, for instance, Russian Ka-52 helicopters conducted a night-time air raid on an isis target in the province of Deir Ezzour, clearing the way for Hassan’s Tiger Force to follow with a ground assault. Russia’s defense ministry called this “a virtuosic tactical landing operation behind militants’ lines,” while also noting that Russian military advisers controlled the operation.

Moscow has openly embraced Hassan. Gerasimov awarded him with a sword during a ceremony at Hmeimim for his apparent “valor” in the operation. (A year earlier, he had been given one of the Russian army’s highest medals.) Aside from Assad, who holds the military rank of field marshal and is Syria’s commander-in-chief, Hassan was the only Syrian military commander to attend a meeting with Putin at Hmeimim base last December to mark the defeat of isis. “Your Russian colleagues told me that you and your men fight incisively, courageously and in a results-oriented way,” Putin told Hassan in Russian, according to footage broadcast by RT. “I hope this cooperation will allow us to achieve more success going forward.” Hassan, seated across from Putin, put his hand on his heart and nodded with gratitude.
Russia  WarCrimes  SAA  Intelligence_community  Mar15  aid 
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Testing the Limits of Syrian Loyalty | International Review, Dec 20, 2017
uring a 155-day period, 155 men from Jableh and the surrounding countryside were reported killed in action. Using Kyle Orton’s population estimates,11. the reported population of 53,989 for Jableh in 2004,12. and the age structure of the Syrian population,13. I estimate that in 2017 Jableh has lost nearly 1.5 percent of its pre-war male population aged 15-54. If this rate continues through the end of 2017, as much as 2 percent of Jableh’s 2010 fighting age males will have died. However, it should be noted that martyrdom posts are hardly inclusive, as poor and low-ranking fighters are often left out, with no family to share the news of their death. The mortality rate is only expected to be higher in reality.

Besides the demographic crisis, the growing economic and structural disaster plaguing the coast is only increasing resentment among these core loyalist communities. While the Minister of Finance has attempted to assure Syrians that there is a plan to boost the country’s flagging economy,19. residents of Jableh took to Facebook in a now-removed post to 20. ridicule Mr. Hamdan’s statements with comments such as “thousands of terrorists were killed and the government couldn’t eliminate one problem in the citizen’s life.” Local Jableh Facebook pages have recently complained about severe water and fuel shortages while another pro-government page claimed that water is deliberately being prevented from reaching coastal cities.
Alawite  Lattakia  economy  SAA  NDF  death  Mar15 
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Saraya al-Muqawama: Latakia Local Defence Forces Affiliate :: Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi, April 5, 2018
Like other auxiliary formations, Saraya al-Muqawama offers recruitment opportunities with the opportunity to connect via phone numbers. The particular focus is on those wanted for military service, whether they have evaded conscription/call for reserve service or have deserted the armed forces. The LDF affiliation of Saraya al-Muqawama is advantageous in this case because, thanks to administrative measures passed last year, the LDF can offer taswiyat al-wad' for such people and their service in the LDF will be considered as their military/reserve service. As Kamal Fayadh wrote in a warning against those who falsely claim they can undertake taswiyat al-wad' and other promises in exchange for money:

In short, Saraya al-Muqawama matches other LDF formations in being on the registers of the Syrian armed forces and working with the IRGC.
LDF  NDF  militia  Lattakia  Mar15  SAA  IranianProxy 
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Companies Smuggle People Internally Between Damascus and Idleb - Syrian Observer
With residents of eastern Ghouta and south of Damascus leaving and Assad’s forces taking control of these areas, demand for these trips has increased, raising the prices for residents to 250,000 pounds per person.
refugees  Damascus  Idlib  Turkey  SAA  recruitment  Mar15  smuggling 
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The Swaidaa Attacks - Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi, July 27,2018
Q: Did the Syrian Arab Army arrive to the fighting fronts to resist the Da'eshi attack?

A: The army did not intervene in the battle at all but contingents arrived after the battle ended, putting in place some observation points.
ISIS  NDF  Mar15  Sweida  militia  SAA  Druze 
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ميليشيا درع القلمون انتهت وقائدها مطلوب للخدمة الاحتياطية. - صوت العاصمة - نبض دمشق
انتهت الفرقة الثالثة في جيش النظام، والتي تُسيطر عليها قوات روسية بشكل مُباشر، من مهمة حل ميليشيا “درع القلمون” العاملة ضمن مدن وبلدات القلمون الشرقي والغربي، وضم كافة عناصرها وقاداتها الميدانيين إلى ملاك الفرقة، من المطلوبين منهم للتجنيد الإجباري، وإعطاء الحرية للمدنيين الغير مطلوبين للخدمة للعودة إلى حياتهم أو الذهاب للتطوع في الجيش النظامي بشكل رسمي.
SAA  NDF  Mar15  militia  Reconciliation 
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Leader of Iranian-backed Shia militia seen inside Syrian military ops room - Long War Journal, July 5,2018
According to Liwa Zulfiqar’s Facebook page, Jubouri is seen sitting with various Syrian military officers and other commanders who are coordinating with forces on the front lines. The operations room reportedly belongs to Syria’s 4th Division, as Ghaith Dalla, the commander of the division, can be seen at the head of the table.
Mar15  IranianProxy  Daraa  SAA 
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خاص: حل الميليشيات في برزة وعش الورور وضاحية الأسد وضمها للجيش النظامي. - صوت العاصمة - نبض دمشق June 9, 2018
وأكدت مصادر “صوت العاصمة” أن تلك الأوامر تشمل ميليشيات الدفاع الوطني واللجان المحلية وكتائب البعث، وكافة الميليشيات المتعاقدة مع قطع الجيش والأفرع الأمنية في منطقتي عش الورور وضاحية الأسد، بهدف حل الميليشيات الموالية وضمها بالكامل للجيش النظامي.

وقال مراسلنا في حي برزة، أن قرابة 700 شاب من أبناء الحي وأبناء الغوطة الشرقية ومناطق أخرى، تم إعطائهم مهلة وإجازة حتى انتهاء عيد الفطر ليلتحقوا في الجيش النظامي مُباشرة عبر شعب التجنيد، كلٌ منهم حسب نفوسه، وأن من يتخلف عن الالتحاق سيُعامل مُعاملة الفار من الجيش وسيتم ملاحقته أمنياً.

وتنتشر في حي برزة قرابة 7 ميليشيات، منها محلية، وأخرى ذات تمويل أجنبي إيراني، وهي الدفاع الوطني والحرس الثوري وميليشيات زينبيون وفاطميون، وميليشيات تابعة للحرس الجمهوري وأخرى للمخابرات الجوية.
Mar15  Damascus  NDF  militia  Reconciliation  SAA 
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A Syria Policy for Trump | Foreign Affairs, Nov 28, 2016
The rapid growth of JFS in the northwest has caused many, including Secretary of State John Kerry, to advocate for a deal involving synchronized U.S.–Russian air strikes against the group, which if carried out would seem to benefit Assad. But his regime is now estimated to have only about 20,000–25,000 deployable troops. That is enough to surround east Aleppo and some rebel-held suburbs of Damascus, but only with help from Hezbollah and other Shiite militiamen from Afghanistan and Iraq. To pursue its siege-and-starve strategy elsewhere in Syria, the regime will need to import more Shiite fighters from abroad. These militias, however, are often poorly trained and have trouble operating in the rural Sunni parts of Syria.
Mar15  Russia  SAA 
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Regime Soldiers Beaten by Russia Military Police Over Looting - Zaman al-Wasl, May 16, 2018
Regime soldiers were also beaten by the Russian military police who also urged people in the towns of Yalda, Babila and Beit Sahm to inform them directly about any acts of looting by regime soldiers.
Russia  Mar15  Damascus  Looting  SAA 
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Officers Describe Russian Forces as an Occupation After the Arrest of Looters - Al-Souria Net, May 29, 2018
The discontent has been reflected in messages left on the official Facebook page for the “Central Channel for the Hemeimeem Base” as well as comments and posts that have been circulated on local loyalist networks, through which regime officers and fighters have expressed their discontent at what they described as “an insult to military people and the prestige of the Syrian state.”

Messages that were sent to the page’s inbox were published, and included condemnation of the incident. Some went as far as to describe the Russian presence as an occupation. It was noted that the messages were sent by regime loyalists and officers.

In one of the messages, from a first lieutenant in the regime’s forces, he attacked Russian forces and blamed them for supporting terrorists in Syria, and described them as an occupation that aimed to take control of Syria’s riches.

The messages were not limited to insults. Some regime soldiers and local residents conveyed gratitude to the Russian forces, expressing their thanks and emphasising the need to fight the phenomenon of ta’afeesh.
Looting  SAA  Mar15  Russia  ForeignFighters 
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After eight years of military service, one Syrian soldier prepares for a long-awaited return to ‘normal life’ - Syria Direct
I really benefited from military life. Now, I can take on anything that I might face in life, no matter how difficult and hard, since I faced many difficult situations while serving and learned from them. I can shoulder any responsibility, no matter how large. The army taught me a lot, and I learned from the guys who were with me, who were from different cultures and provinces.

Don’t forget that I’m really proud of what I achieved. We served the country for a very long time, and we sacrificed a lot from our lives. This is something that my family and I—and my future children—can be proud of. This pride helps me to move past the difficulties and hard times, and to forget the years of my life that I lost.
SAA  Mar15  recruitment 
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Syrian Air Force bans Iranians from using airports hangars: source | SYRIA NEWS | ZAMAN ALWSL
Syrian Air Forces banned the Iranian forces and allied Shiite militias from using its facilities and hangars in most of its military airbases, such a move followed a series of Israeli strikes in the last few weeks amid rising tensions between Iran and Israel, well-informed source told Zaman al-Wasl.
Russia  Mar15  Iran  SAA  leak  unnamed_official 
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Government forces in Douma city arrest dozens of young men wanted for military service, residents say - Syria Direct
Nonetheless, a handful of Douma residents—all requesting to be identified by pseudonyms—told Syria Direct on Thursday that Syrian government forces at military checkpoints across the city began to detain young men wanted for military service on Tuesday.

Three buses carrying “dozens” of young men later departed Douma for an unknown destination, pro-opposition media reported. Two residents estimated that 150 men were taken on Tuesday. Syria Direct could not independently verify the claims.
Mar15  SAA  arrest  recruitment 
may 2018 by elizrael
SyrianObserver.com: Regime Forms Militia East of Raqqa - What Are Its Aims and What About the SDF?
The "Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently" page said that the new militia is part of the Syrian regime's Fifth Corps and is funded by Iran, and that its base will be in the town of Rawz Shamar in the eastern Raqqa countryside.

It said that the regime had appointed Walid al-Shamari to head this militia, which works to “encourage residents to join the militia by offering funds, taking advantage of the severe need prevailing in the area.”

He said that the regime’s opportunities for success in Raqqa are large because the majority of Raqqa’s residents stand against the SDF and its policies in Raqqa, pointing to the presence of popular frustration in the city.
Raqqa  Mar15  tribes  PYD  militia  SAA  NDF 
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Regime Orders 700 Teachers in Hassakeh to Join Army - Zaman al-Wasl, Mar 1, 2018
One of the teachers, who refused to mention his name, said about 700 teachers will be sacked from the Education Ministry unless they join the army as reservists in Hassakeh and Qamishli cities.
Mar15  SAA  Hassakeh  recruitment  PublicSector  education 
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Assad Loyalists Accuse Govt Ministries of Treason Over Loss of Vehicles Administration - Enab Baladi, Jan 4, 2018
This pushed regime loyalists to accuse members of the peace settlements of “treachery and falsehood,” saying that the decisions of their commanders were wrong and their disastrous results had led the fighters in the Vehicles Administration to pay the price of this error.

They blamed the National Reconciliation Ministry, which was behind many of the fighters from the formerly opposition areas joining Assad’s forces.

The war on social media took place in comments published on Facebook between accusations of treachery and opposition members taking pleasure in the regime’s loss of the area, which was forfeited for the first time since the outbreak of the revolution in early 2011.
Mar15  SAA  Reconciliation  militia  Damascus  social_media 
january 2018 by elizrael
Умеренная оппозиция предприняла рейд на Дамаск | Независимая газета, Mar 21, 2017
После подрыва фугасов, а также начиненных взрывчаткой и управляемых смертниками двух автомобилей, исламисты начали атаку. Фактор внезапности на этот раз им не помог -солдаты национальной гвардии не дрогнули, хотя и понесли большие потери.

Приведенные факты трудно ставить в вину российским военным советникам. По их свидетельству, нежелание сирийцев действовать оперативно, сопровождающееся словом «букра» (араб. – завтра), преодолеть практически невозможно. Заставить провести тщательную разведку местности на предмет обнаружения тоннелей – это из разряда фантастики.

О чем можно говорить, если даже в ходе боевых действий бойцы зачастую самовольно покидают позиции. Командиры также весьма вольно понимают, что такое воинская дисциплина и необходимость выполнения боевой задачи. Такое же отношение у сирийцев к регламентному обслуживанию техники и вооружения, отчего все быстро изнашивается. Работа служб тыла в Сирийской арабской армии (САА) - вообще отдельная тема.

И мало того, что советнику надо учить подопечных всему, делать это приходится весьма осторожно, тактично указывая на недостатки. При этом надо учесть, что группа военных советников в Сирии работает на всех уровнях структуры вооруженных сил - и в штабах, и в службах обеспечения, и в войсках.
SAA  Russia  Mar15  Damascus  ForeignFighters 
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Military Reserve Business Thrives in Syrian Coast | SyriaUntold, Oct 25, 2017
He became wanted, with his name circulated across all checkpoints, patrols and police stations. “Because I am only eligible for a non-combat military duty, as I have a chronic skin condition, I’d been able to get exempted from the reserves after paying nearly $10,000 through relevant [corruption] networks.”

Real and Forged Health Exemptions
Mar15  SAA  recruitment  corruption  Lattakia 
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The Displaced People's Return to Deir ez-Zor is a Dream so Far Away - Enab Baladi, Dec 25, 2017
Different local sources confirmed to Enab Baladi that “no reconstruction process has been implemented. The work which has been so far done by the municipality, in November, is limited to cleaning some of the streets in the neighborhoods of al – Qosoor and al-Joura.”

According to the testimonies of some of the people who have been interviewed by Enab Baladi in al-Joura neighborhood, every day, the regime’s soldiers transport objects from the neighborhoods which they are controlling; “some of the objects are taken to the governorates of al-Hasakah and Damascus.”

The city’s people confirm that they are still banned from entering the neighborhoods which were out of the regime’s control unless they get a security license which allows them to pass through the checkpoints distributed throughout the city, amidst a total absence of basic services, especially water and electricity.
DeirEzZor  Mar15  reconstruction  IDPs  Looting  SAA 
december 2017 by elizrael
All the President’s Militias: Assad’s Militiafication of Syria | Middle East Institute, Dec 14, 2017
No new info

Take, for example, the National Defense Forces (N.D.F.), a pro-Assad umbrella force formed by the regime with Iranian training and funding. Despite being arms of regime power and manned almost entirely by local Syrians, N.D.F. formations have clashed with the S.A.A. and other government forces on numerous occasions. Allegations of corruption and malpractice have often been at the center of such inter-factional incidents. In April 2015, for example, the S.A.A. clashed with the N.D.F. in al-Zahraa in Homs after reports emerged that the N.D.F. affiliate there had been engaged in kidnapping, extortion, and other criminal behavior against the local population. The clashes left forces dead on both sides. Again in early-2016, there were reports of government clashes with the N.D.F. after government forces entered northern Homs to check N.D.F. influence in the region. In December 2016 in Deir Ezzor, infighting erupted between the group and military guards over a dispute regarding access to a government-controlled military hospital. The N.D.F. has even sparred with other militias loyal to the regime, such as the Lebanese Hezbollah in the Qalamoun.
Mar15  NDF  IranianProxy  Iran  Russia  militia  SAA  internal_struggle 
december 2017 by elizrael
‘No such thing as finished’: Residents of north Damascus suburb stay close to home after reconciliation amid fears of arrest, conscription - Syria Direct, Nov 9, 2017
In Quneitra, a-Shami struck a deal with his commander, to whom he pays a flat fee of SP50,000, or roughly $100, per month to avoid military service altogether. Now, he is able to live once more with his family in a-Tal.

But still, a-Shami says he does not feel safe in public and rarely leaves his home, he told Syria Direct.

“I can’t leave,” he said. “I can’t pass through any checkpoints or be seen by police patrols—they could take me back.”

Today, regime checkpoints still surround the northern Damascus suburb, regulating movement in and out. The rebel fighters—some aligned with the FSA, others with former Al-Qaeda affiliate Jabhat Fatah a-Sham—that once patrolled the streets have been replaced by regime soldiers and members of the pro-government Qalamoun Shield militia.

When the reconciliation deal was reached last year, one sticking point for local negotiators and residents was the clause that stipulated “no person would be arrested for conscription, the army reserves or by the security branches,” Ahmad Bayanouni, a member of a-Tal’s Local Coordination Committee, told Syria Direct from the suburb. “Everyone had a period of six months to resolve any outstanding legal issues.”

But almost a year since the deal, Bayanouni and two local residents of a-Tal told Syria Direct that they are still not able to move freely in the north Damascus suburb amidst near daily reports of arrest and conscription by regime forces in the area.

“The regime promised that those evading military service had six months to enlist,” local council member Bayanouni told Syria Direct, “and they would not be sent to the fronts.”

But the three residents that Syria Direct spoke to for this report all said that regime security forces began to arbitrarily arrest and conscript civilians immediately after rebel forces evacuated the suburb.

“As soon as they got the chance, they began to send them to the frontlines in Deir e-Zor and northern Hama,” Bayanouni told Syria Direct.

The regime also reneged on their promise that security forces would not call up members of the army reserves or draft men who had completed their service, said Bayanouni.

Even for residents who fulfilled the obligatory two years in the armed forces or those exempted from service, he said, “there’s no such thing as being finished.”
Reconciliation  hidden  Mar15  corruption  recruitment  SAA  Damascus 
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Endless Military Service Pushes Desperate Couples to Claim Fake Births - Enab Baladi, Dec 22, 2017
As the engagement period grew longer, Reem’s parents began to complain and asked that the marriage be completed quickly “to quiet people’s tongues.” Along with her husband, she began to obtain the necessary marriage documents in the court. One of the papers required was the marriage license from the conscription directorate. When her fiance went to obtain it, the authorities refused to grant his license. A lawyer advised him to submit a claim establishing the marriage instead, as it does not require a statement from the conscription directorate.

But to validate the marriage the couple had to prove the marriage had occurred and that there was a pregnancy, which needed to be established by a medical report indicating that Reem was pregnant or had given birth. When they could not obtain a medical report, the lawyer recommended claiming there was a newborn and giving him a name, and this is what happened. And so a ruling was issued from the judge to validate the marriage.
Mar15  marriage  SAA  recruitment 
december 2017 by elizrael
Sexual Harassment in Idelb – Under Regme Control and After Liberation - Ain Al-Madina, Sep 26, 2017
Umm Abdullah, 38, an employee in an aid organization in Idleb city, told Ain al-Medina: “Harassment was widespread in the days of the regime, and I was forced to walk in empty alleys and avoid main roads because of the Popular Committees and the soldiers at the checkpoint who would not leave someone walking alone with having to listen to a few words, and sometimes the situation would develop into more than words. But all this disappeared with the liberation and entry of the revolutionaries into the city.”
Mar15  sexual_harassment  SAA  Idlib  female  rape 
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مجدداً: النظام يرسل تعزيزات عسكرية إلى ريف درعا الشمالي - hal, Dec 8, 2017
وقال أنور جباوي (أحد شهود العيان من المنطقة)، لموقع الحل، إنه “بعد منتصف ليلة أمس شوهد على الأوتوستراد الدولي رتل عسكري لقوات النظام مؤلف من سيارات عسكرية وعدد من الآليات الثقيلة، حيث دخل قسم من هذا الرتل لداخل اللواء 34 في بلدة مسمة، في حين تابع قسم من الرتل طريقه باتجاه بلدة جباب (الخاضعة لسيطرة النظام) بريف درعا الشمالي”.

وكانت تعزيزات مماثلة لقوات النظام السوري مدعومة بقوات #حزب_الله اللبناني، قد وصلت قبل أيام لبلدة جدية (الخاضعة لسيطرة النظام) بريف درعا الشمالي، بعد تصاعد الحديث عن نية قوات النظام شن هجوم عسكري من عدة محاور في محافظة درعا.
Mar15  SAA  Hizbollah  Daraa 
december 2017 by elizrael
المدن - تعزيزات عسكرية لـ"حزب الله" إلى درعا Nov 29, 2017
وشملت التعزيزات دبابات وعربات مدرعة، وسيارات دفع رباعي، وعناصر من مليشيا "حزب الله" اللبنانية. واتخذ العناصر من الكتيبة مقراً لهم، وبدأوا بتشييد سواتر هجومية ستستخدم على اﻷرجح، كنقاط انطلاق باتجاه بلدتي أم العوسج وزمرين المجاورتين، والتابعتين للمعارضة.

مصدر عسكري قال لـ"المدن" إن التعزيزات وصلت منذ أسبوع إلى المنطقة، وبدأت تجهيز مرابض مدفعية بالقرب من تل غرين، وإزالة السواتر بين تلة خسفين وبلدة كفرشمس. وأضاف المصدر أن التحركات تشير إلى بدء معركة، من المرجح أن يكون تل الحارة، أعلى التلال في المنطقة، هدفاً لها. وتوقع المصدر أن تبدأ المليشيات المعركة قبل نهاية العام 2016.
Daraa  Mar15  Hizbollah  SAA 
december 2017 by elizrael
"جيش عشائر" جديد رديف للنظام السوري في درعا - عنب بلدي Dec 4, 2017
ونوه قائد “جيش العشائر” الجديد إلى أنه يمكن لأي شخص متخلف عن أداء الخدمة العسكرية، أو كل من يريد تسليم نفسه الانتساب  إلى التشكيل، مضيفًا أن خدمته العسكرية ستكون في المحافظة أو قراها.

وأكد مراسل عنب بلدي أن أعداد من سلموا أنفسهم قليلة جدًا، وليس كما تتكلم الوسائل التابعة للنظام كما أن معظمهم من المدنيين وليسوا مقاتلين أو قادة ميلشيات.
Mar15  FSA  defectors  militia  NDF  SAA  Daraa 
december 2017 by elizrael
Decay of Regime Education System Pushes Families Toward Expensive Private Schools - Souratna, Nov 8, 2017
“Schools have become security branches and students are on the way to becoming thugs,” said Damascus resident Mohamad al-Abboud (not his real name), who expressed his discontent over the emergence of a video clip showing a student falling from the third floor of his school while trying to raise the Assad flag. In the video, the child can be heard crying to his classmates: “God protect the army.”

“Regime schools are now in a state of chaos and a moral breakdown, the staff does not comply with its work, and a room of instruction has become a place of amusement,” he said, adding: “When we ask as parents about the reason for the shortcoming and the decline in the educational level for children, the answer is, ‘the country is full of private schools.’”

Abboud said: “I registered my son in a regime school in the Al-Zahara district but at the school he learned many foul words and aggressive behaviors.” The father claimed that teachers are turning their classes into forums to praise their love of the army, the nation and the leader, President Bashar al-Assad.
education  indoctrination  Mar15  SAA 
november 2017 by elizrael
‘We’re staying out of it’: Syrian Arab Army soldiers in Suwayda defy military command - Syria Direct, Oct 3, 2017
Abu Sari and the other soldiers from Suwayda turned to the Sheikhs of Reason—an influential group of Druze spiritual leaders with close connections to the Syrian regime—for help. The order has since been cancelled, he tells Syria Direct this week.
Sweida  SAA  Mar15  clergy  Druze  defectors 
october 2017 by elizrael
Assad Regime Executing Civilians in Deir-ez-Zor: Activists, Oct 18, 2017
Media activists said that government forces have carried out summary executions of a number of civilians in the province, including Ibrahim Khalaf al-Hadrous and Ali Suleiman Dabbal, who were killed in the town of Boqras on Tuesday. Regime forces also rounded up dozens of civilians inside a nearby house on charges of belonging to ISIS, the DeirEzzor24 website added.

DeirEzzor24, an independent media campaign which documents violations against civilians in Deir-ez-Zor, previously said that government forces and allied Iranian-backed militias had carried out summary executions against civilians in the town of Mayadeen after recapturing the area from ISIS last week. It warned of a repeat of these crimes in the areas that may fall to government forces in the future.
rumors  extrajudicial_killing  SAA  Mar15  warCrimes  DeirEzZor 
october 2017 by elizrael
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