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Team workgroup tool
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october 2011 by ejmc
Tech·Ed 2011 Online: Advance Your Expertise
Video of Microsoft Tech Ed 2011 presentations
work  computer 
july 2011 by ejmc
Scam Trail Services Page
free search of scam artist
may 2011 by ejmc
Slide Share
Upload & Share PowerPoint presentations and documents
work  photo.site 
may 2011 by ejmc
Test your system
Gartner webinar test site
2011  work  gartner 
april 2011 by ejmc
OHR - State of Louisiana forms
Mobile phone policy, work at home agreement, telecommuting guidelines
february 2011 by ejmc
Telerik - Download Free Products
developer tools for Microsoft, IE, SharePoint including RadEditor Lite, TeamPulse
work  development 
january 2011 by ejmc
IT Asset Management: Stay Compliant to Avoid Oracle Audit Surprises
Summary of Oracle licensing issues and links to various Oracle licensing policies
Gartner  work 
november 2010 by ejmc
Securing and Managing Private and Public Cloud Computing
Lots of links to other useful articles about evaluating cloud vendors
Gartner  work  security 
september 2010 by ejmc
Gartner's Vendor Management Framework
Designed to Improve Control, Reduce Risk and Drive More Value From Your Vendors
work  Gartner 
april 2010 by ejmc
ATV: Get Ready for Hosted Virtual Desktops
Overview of various Gartner articles on HVD
work  Gartner 
march 2010 by ejmc
Service-now.com - Demo
Service Management SaaS, open demo site refreshed every night with latest beta code
ITIL  software.web  work 
february 2010 by ejmc
Project Management template forms
The Fast Forward MBA in Project Management by Eric Verzuh
work  project.management 
may 2009 by ejmc
IT Modernization
Page of links - Dec 2008
gartner  work 
december 2008 by ejmc
project management PERT used by Navy for Polaris sub project
october 2008 by ejmc
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