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Binded: Copyright made simple
Free copyright registration for photos
photography  copyright 
august 2017 by ejmc
Pixsy - Find and fight image theft
Catalog all your photos and monitor for unauthorized use and their attorneys will go after offenders.
search  photography 
february 2016 by ejmc
Dividers and clips to arrange pack or case partitions to fit your gear.
photography  travel  organize 
may 2014 by ejmc
Hasselblad Masters 2014
Photo competition every 2 years.
photography  photos 
january 2014 by ejmc
NEWTON Camera Brackets
Really good quality rotating flash brackets.
cameras  flash  photography 
january 2014 by ejmc
Display and sell client photos
december 2013 by ejmc
Host your photography website & sell photos
december 2013 by ejmc
Lodima Press
Lodima Press is a small publisher dedicated to publishing photography books of exceptional quality.
photography  books 
october 2013 by ejmc
Documentary photography.
october 2013 by ejmc
PhotoRec - Digital Picture and File Recovery
Recover files on thumb drive, flash card, camera raw file recovery
opensource  photography  software  tools 
october 2013 by ejmc
Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet
Image sizes used by Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest
graphics  photography 
july 2013 by ejmc
LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph
Charlottesville, VA LOOK3 is a 501(c)3 non-profit based in Charlottesville, VA founded in 2006. Through exhibitions, lectures, workshops, and projection events, LOOK3 brings the highest quality photography into the public realm and creates a vital gathering for photographers and the public to connect, be inspired, and receive training.
photography  festival 
february 2013 by ejmc
CrashPlan - Data Backup Software
Free Onsite & Offsite Computer Backup. Deleted copies saved forever. JAVA based application.
backup  software  photography 
january 2013 by ejmc
LensAlign - WhiBal
Gray cards, focus adjustment too;s and software.
photography  software 
december 2012 by ejmc
Stage 32
Social media site for film, TV and theater
social  photography 
february 2012 by ejmc
LED lights, studio lighting, backdrops, light modifiers, eye cups, angle finders, hoods, accessories
photography  shop 
may 2011 by ejmc
South by SouthWest home page
music  social  movies  photography  Austin  SXSW 
march 2011 by ejmc
juju foto factory
East Austin studio for rent
photography  Austin 
december 2010 by ejmc
Bay Photo Lab
Professional Photo Printing | Digital Prints, Photo Canvas, MetalPrints, ThinWraps, Albums, Books, ROES
photography  prints  shop 
september 2010 by ejmc
professional photofinishing prints
photography  prints  shop 
august 2010 by ejmc
Digital Photo Pro
The Guide To Advanced Photography Technology And Creativity |
photography  magazine  cameras 
july 2010 by ejmc
hot shoes, cords, slaves
photography  shop 
january 2010 by ejmc
Free image editing software for windows - has history, layers,
software.win  freeware  photography  graphics 
december 2009 by ejmc
Library of Congress digital photography best practices
photography  reference 
november 2009 by ejmc
Jeffrey Friedl’s Blog » Jeffrey’s Autofocus Test Chart
downloadable auto focus test chart used to calibrate camera AF
june 2009 by ejmc
Vimeo, Video Sharing For You
Share videos, Canon 5Dmk2 group
photography  watch 
june 2009 by ejmc
Topaz Labs
PhotoShop add-ins: adjust, denoise, simplify, clean, vivacity
photoshop  photography  graphics  art  software.win  my.pc 
may 2009 by ejmc
Hahnemühle FineArt - The Art of Expression since 1584
high qualitp photo printing paper from Germany since 1584
may 2009 by ejmc
SUMO Paint
Web based pic editor like Photoshop
software.web  photography  photoshop 
march 2009 by ejmc
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