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Occasional Papers
Philip Lee Phillips Map Society of the Library of Congress
reference  maps  library 
december 2015 by ejmc
WeatherSpark | Beautiful Weather Graphs and Maps
nice Google map overlay and historical weather graphs
weather  maps 
october 2011 by ejmc
Austin CrimeReportSearch
This mapping application uses Microsoft Silverlight to provide an enhanced experience.
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austin  maps  government 
june 2010 by ejmc
OpenCycleMap.org - the OpenStreetMap Cycle Map
user maintained topo maps of the world with bike routes and trails marked.
maps  travel  reference 
may 2010 by ejmc
User maintained map of the world
maps  travel  reference 
may 2010 by ejmc
follow friends location on Google Maps
may 2010 by ejmc
The National Map Seamless Server
maps and orthoimagery for US and other areas, USGS
maps  reference  government 
may 2010 by ejmc
County Grid Map Search Results
Texas TXDOT count maps online
maps  texas 
april 2010 by ejmc
Minimap Sidebar
FireFox add-in for Google Maps - Geo Info
maps  software.web  my.pc 
april 2010 by ejmc
USGS: Maps, Imagery and Publications - Maps
topo maps and aerial photos - free downloads
maps  reference 
april 2010 by ejmc
City of Austin Maps
Various themed maps of Austin
austin  maps 
september 2009 by ejmc
360 Cities - virtual reality photos
The world in virtual reality, VR city maps. 360 Cities. Prague, Moscow, Vancouver, Venice, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Vienna, Taipei, Seoul, L.A., Egypt, and many more....
photos  travel  maps 
september 2008 by ejmc
Excel Geocoding Tool v2: Juice Analytics
excel spreadsheet for converting address data to geo KLM file
september 2008 by ejmc
Skymaps.com - Publication Quality Sky Maps & Star Charts
download monthly free skymap for binocular viewing
astronomy  maps 
august 2008 by ejmc

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