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Service for collecting money and downloading to buyer.
web  shop  development 
april 2013 by ejmc
Telerik - Download Free Products
developer tools for Microsoft, IE, SharePoint including RadEditor Lite, TeamPulse
work  development 
january 2011 by ejmc
Gentleware - poseidon for uml
nice user interface for UML diagram creation.
rental license model
design  development  enterprise.architecture  software.win 
january 2011 by ejmc
test for browser rendering time - user enters URL to be timed
web  software.web  development 
january 2011 by ejmc
yWorks - The Diagramming Company
yEd = free diagramming tool. Limited UML capabilities but nice auto arrange capabilities. Can also do BPM, flow charts and other diagrams.
graphics  software.win  design  development 
december 2010 by ejmc
Sparx Enterprise Architect
UML Design Tools and UML CASE tools for software development built on Eclipse
development  enterprise.architecture  software.win  design 
october 2007 by ejmc
SIMILE | Timeline
java script timeline representation
may 2007 by ejmc
free programmer's editor
development  utility  my.pc  freeware 
march 2006 by ejmc
Bravenet.com - free website development tools
websites, guestbook, forum, counter, classifieds, calendar, journal and more!
internet  development  software.win 
june 2005 by ejmc

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