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Hiroshige's One Hundred Famous Views of Edo: View Prints
High resolution images of japanese woodblock prints from Hiroshige.
art  woodblock 
september 2014 by ejmc
Art Supplies and Materials at Jerry's Artarama
Austin store, cheap frames but must buy in bulk
art  supplies  shop 
august 2012 by ejmc
Go Uncropped - magazine
Art, photography magazine
magazine  art  photos 
may 2012 by ejmc
Burning Man :: Welcome Home
Labor Day festival in the desert
february 2012 by ejmc
crane.tv - Nancy Osbaldeston
Online magazine for contemporary culture.
art  dance  graphics  video 
january 2012 by ejmc
eBoy Blog
posters with a Lego look
art  design  graphics 
july 2011 by ejmc
Opus Collection
limited edition art books and prints
art  books.rare 
april 2011 by ejmc
anonymous image board by Chris Poole
art  social 
march 2011 by ejmc
Art & Design Compost
nice, colorful abstract pen & ink drawings
art  austin 
november 2010 by ejmc
An independent survey of contemporary Texas art
Austin  art 
november 2010 by ejmc
The Kubrick Site
Documents including screenplays for 2001
movies  art  people 
august 2009 by ejmc
art  shop 
august 2009 by ejmc
build a kaleidoscope online
art  toys  software.web 
august 2009 by ejmc
Topaz Labs
PhotoShop add-ins: adjust, denoise, simplify, clean, vivacity
photoshop  photography  graphics  art  software.win  my.pc 
may 2009 by ejmc
Fuji Arts Japanese Prints - Japanese Woodblock Prints and Decorative Arts
old & modern editions of Japanese woodblock prints
good prices
woodblock  art  asia  prints  shop 
november 2008 by ejmc
Japanese woodblock prints
woodblock  prints  art  asia  shop 
october 2008 by ejmc
hanga gallery . . . torii gallery
good reference site - artist and printer bios and gallery of artist's prints
small gallery, more expensive but good service and included appraisal
woodblock  prints  art  asia  shop 
october 2008 by ejmc
A Guide to the Ukiyo-e Sites of the Internet
Links to photos of japanses woodblock prints online
woodblock  prints  art  asia  portal 
august 2008 by ejmc
Ando Hiroshige woodblock prints
images of Hiroshige woodblcok prints
art  asia 
december 2005 by ejmc
Frame Destination Quality Frames and Mats
high quality Metal frame kit (Nielsen Profile 117 matte black, Alphamat 1/8" photo white, Artcare 3/16" mount board, std acrylic) 13x19/20x26 and 16x24/
in Dallas
art  photos  shop 
june 2005 by ejmc

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