Good Company on Steam
In Good Company you pursue your dream of being a hands-on tycoon. Start small in your garage, design unique high-tech goods and develop a management system that optimizes production, logistics, and research for you – all while you lead your enterprise to global success.
3 days ago
Running Hashcat on Google Cloud's new GPU-based VMs
In February, Google announced the availability GPU-based VMs. Recently, I spun up a few of these instances, and ran some benchmarks. Along the way, I wrote down the steps taken to provision these VM instances, and install relevant drivers.

My only use case for GPU-based VMs is cracking (password) hashes, hence the test run with Hashcat.
7 days ago
recon-ng – Good tool for Information Gathering
Recon-ng is a tool written in python mostly used in information gathering with its independent modules, keys list and other modules. This tool is preloaded with lots of modules which use online search engines, plugins and API which can help in gathering the information of the target.
7 days ago
davidshimjs/qrcodejs: Cross-browser QRCode generator for javascript
QRCode.js is javascript library for making QRCode. QRCode.js supports Cross-browser with HTML5 Canvas and table tag in DOM. QRCode.js has no dependencies.
13 days ago
mafintosh/hypercore: Hypercore is a secure, distributed append-only log.
Hypercore is a secure, distributed append-only log.

Built for sharing large datasets and streams of real time data as part of the Dat project.
13 days ago
Internet Radio Server Prices
All our radio packages come with a full control panel, prioritised directory listing, any bitrate up to 320 Kbps, code snippets for your website, a mobile friendly start page and more. Get a free trial today!
17 days ago
Opinion | Let Children Get Bored Again - The New York Times
“People used to accept that much of life was boring. Memoirs of pre-21st-century life are rife with tedium. When not idling in drawing rooms, members of the leisured class took long walks and stared at trees. They went motoring and stared at more trees. Those who had to work had it a lot harder.”
Once you’ve truly settled into the anesthetizing effects of boredom, you find yourself en route to discovery. With monotony, small differences begin to emerge, between those trees, those sweaters. This is why so many useful ideas occur in the shower, when you’re held captive to a mundane activity. You let your mind wander and follow it where it goes.
18 days ago
Sending sound over the internet using photon
Broadcast audio, record voice commands, build internet walkie-talkies with this simple tutorial!
hacking  audio  iot 
20 days ago
iPhones can now automate tasks using NFC with Launch Center Pro
iPhone users are finally getting a convenient and powerful feature that’s long been available on Android phones: the ability to tap an NFC tag and have their phone automatically perform certain actions, like opening an app or playing music.
automation  ios 
20 days ago
we play programmed
We prioritize certain behaviors curated by social programming, whether by poetry or by survival. Through dissecting Fluct’s latest work ‘everythingmakesmehappy.’, we will discuss the processes used to create performance aimed at exposing and ultimately interrupting the psychology of social programming. With fluid interruption, responsive support and acute presence, we are aiming to disable oppressive structures in order to become the authors of our existence.
21 days ago
How sex censorship killed the internet we love
The ignorance behind the war on sex raged by the Facebooks, the Apples, the Googles, the advertisers, the algorithms, is not only dated, but dangerous. As women fight for control of our reproductive organs, as trans people fight for the right to use a bathroom, the trolls have convinced the gatekeepers that sex must be silent, and 4chan — acting on the urges of right-wing populists — deserves a voice.
22 days ago
The Power of Not Retweeting – Douglas Rushkoff – Medium
Tweeting one’s outrage is not real activism, anyway. It’s really just a form of social signaling. Doing so without even knowing anything about the scene we’re commenting on is just adding noise. Worse, it becomes good evidence that whatever side you’re on is just as guilty of disinformation and rushing to judgment as the trolls.
22 days ago
WPA wifi cracking on a MacBook Pro with deauth
There are 3 steps:
+ Identify the target access point: name (= BSSID), MAC address (= SSID) and channel (~ radio frequency)
+ Sniff the channel in monitor mode to retrieve:
- a beacon (easy)
- a handshake (= four-way handshake), or some frames of it (hard)
+ Crack the password using the dump
22 days ago
In Praise of the AK-47 – Dear Design Student
Possibly. If Kalashnikov hadn’t designed the AK-47 wouldn’t someone else just have designed another rifle? Most assuredly. And they did. There are as many types of rifles out there shooting up our villages, our churches, and our Marine recruiting stations as there is cereal in the cereal aisle. And they all have a designer’s name attached to them. The shit we design carries our name.

Your role as a designer is to leave the world in a better state than you found it. You have a responsibility to design work that helps move humanity forward and helps us, as a species, to not only enjoy our time on Earth, but to evolve.
23 days ago
JanusVR re-imagines webpages as collaborative 3D webspaces interconnected by portals.
4 weeks ago
The 30-Year Mortgage is an Intrinsically Toxic Product
My wife and I rent right now, and like everyone in New York I face an annual exercise in sticker shock. In the event that markets crater and banks go under, my current rent will be completely unreasonable. But the rent I negotiate the year after that will be very reasonable indeed.
4 weeks ago
Unity 3D Data Visualization Library
This software is a Visualization Platform for Augmented Reality to visualize data. The core of this software lies in the modular capability with the use of plugins. The base code allows for the user to select a plugin for a Dynamic Vis Tool, either a 2D or 3D Platform, which can be moved around the room and resized. The objective of this library is to provide a set of tools to ease the creation of data visualization models for Augmented and Virtual Reality.
vr  dataviz 
4 weeks ago
the bergen mall on Vimeo
A short documentary I made about a very interesting mall in New Jersey that has kind of a cult following, which I found out after I made the video! This vid was also featured at a film festival in Fort Lee NJ, "The Birthplace of Film!"
5 weeks ago
philipperemy/tensorflow-1.4-billion-password-analysis: Deep Learning model to analyze a large corpus of clear text passwords.
Using deep learning and NLP to analyze a large corpus of clear text passwords.

Understand how people change their passwords over time: hello123 -> h@llo123 -> h@llo!23.
5 weeks ago
dhwajraj/deep-siamese-text-similarity: Tensorflow based implementation of deep siamese LSTM network to capture phrase/sentence similarity using character/word embeddings
Tensorflow based implementation of deep siamese LSTM network to capture phrase/sentence similarity using character/word embeddings
5 weeks ago
Voyages in sentence space
My project sentence-space, now public on GitHub, provides an API that serves up two things:

Sentence gradients: smooth interpolations between two input sentences.
Sentence neighborhoods: clouds of alternative sentences closely related to an input sentence.
machinelearning  art  writing 
5 weeks ago
gamaral – Software Engineer - PICOPi
PICO-8 console and stand-alone cartridge firmware distributed in an SD card image for the Raspberry Pi.
pico8  raspberrypi 
5 weeks ago
Man Taunts NYPD on Midtown South Radio Frequency - YouTube
New York, NY
Circa May 1991

The New York City Police Department had a problem with an individual who kept interfering with radio transmissions. Presented is just a sample of many days and nights this took place.
audio  hacking 
5 weeks ago
Get OS X System Info from the Command Line – teczd
The sw_vers command will give you the current Mac operating system version and build number.

>system_profiler -detailLevel mini > systeminfo.log
This will generate a text report of information from System Profiler without any personal or identifying information.
osx  reference  cli 
5 weeks ago
lra/mackup: Keep your application settings in sync (OS X/Linux)
I change my workstation every X months. Each time I either lose my apps' configurations, or I just waste a bunch of hours getting setup like I was on my old box. I also spend a lot of time reconfiguring the same stuff again on all my workstations (home, work).

For years, I've used a personal shell script that was copying known config files into Subversion, Git or Dropbox, and linked them into my home. But I felt a lot of us had the same problem: Making a more generic tool could help others and I could get help from others to support more apps in the tool.
6 weeks ago
Sal Cenicola - Wikipedia
Salvatore Cenicola III was born July 13, 1959, at Holy Name Hospital in Teaneck, New Jersey. His parents Salvatore U. Cenicola II and Maria Boccanfuso are both of Italian descent. Cenicola grew up in River Vale, New Jersey and attended Pascack Valley High School, where he competed in interscholastic wrestling.

Cenicola started boxing in 1975 and was trained by amateur trainer Eddie Helbig.
6 weeks ago
Fantasy Console Wars: A Guide to The Biggest Players in Retrogaming’s Newest Trend
From an outsider’s point of view, code is very similar to magic. It’s an arcane formulae rendering the most amazing interactions and stories. It’s necessarily encrypted, protected and out of reach. It’s the sacred language of an illuminated cast, the developers.
Pico-8 has broken that feeling. For the first time, I have had this amazing ability to “follow the trail” of code, directly and instantaneously.
pico8  games  programming 
6 weeks ago
PICO-8 Audio: Music Editor
How to use the music editor in the PICO-8 fantasy console
pico8  music  howto 
7 weeks ago
Blockchain Can Wrest the Internet From Corporations' Grasp | WIRED
The idea that an internet service could have an associated coin or token may be a novel concept, but the blockchain and cryptocurrencies can do for cloud-based services what open source did for software. It took twenty years for open source software to supplant proprietary software, and it could take just as long for open services to supplant proprietary services. But the benefits of such a shift will be immense. Instead of placing our trust in corporations, we can place our trust in community-owned and -operated software, transforming the internet’s governing principle from “don’t be evil” back to “can’t be evil.”
cryptocurrency  opensource 
7 weeks ago
How I Got My Attention Back | WIRED
In 1992 Bill McKibben “spent many months of forty hour weeks” attempting to watch twenty-four hours of television as recorded on ninety-one cable stations in Virginia (at the time, the most in the world). He wrote up his findings in the book, “The Age of Missing Information.”

“We believe that we live in the ‘age of information.’” he writes. “That there has been an information ‘explosion,’ an information ‘revolution.’ While in a certain narrow sense this is the case, in many important ways just the opposite is true. We also live at a moment of deep ignorance, when vital knowledge that humans have always possessed about who we are and where we live seems beyond our reach. An Unenlightenment. An age of missing information.”


But … I want my attention back.

Did I really have it before Facebook? Thinking back, the early versions of Facebook were adorable. Benign. No tagging. No timelines. Just The Wall. A way to say — Hey, what’s shaking dorm buddy? Poke. No algorithms. A human scale.


Returning to those (mythical?) halcyon minimalist information days: You could read all of the news in a single day. Grab the two or three papers and read. The information had edges; it could be understood by a single human over one cup of first-wave coffee. Were you insatiable, the library was available to dig deep on the topics of the day.

Is this being too reductive? Too rose-tinted?


Attention is a muscle. It must be exercised. Though, attention is duplicitous — it doesn’t feel like a muscle. And exercising it doesn’t result in an appreciably healthier looking body. But it does result in a sense of grounding, feeling rational, control of your emotions — a healthy mind. Our measuring sticks for life tend to be optimized for material things, things easy to count. Houses, cars, husbands, babies, dollar bills. Attention is immaterial, difficult to track.

We deserve our attention.
7 weeks ago
dualshock-controller - npm
Eventing API layer over HID for the Sony DualShock 3 and DualShock 4 controllers
javascript  games 
7 weeks ago
What Is to Be Done? - Motherboard
Ten years later, many now regard the Bush Administration with actual nostalgia.

And 10 years from today, will we look back to 2017 with the same longing?
7 weeks ago
78 Environmental Rules on the Way Out Under Trump - The New York Times
A New York Times analysis, based on research from Harvard Law School, Columbia Law School and other sources, counts nearly 80 environmental rules on the way out under Mr. Trump. Our list represents two types of policy changes: rules that were officially reversed and rollbacks still in progress. Nearly a dozen more rules – summarized at the bottom of this page – were rolled back and then later reinstated, often following legal challenges.
dataviz  trump  inspiration 
7 weeks ago
javascript - How to use UMD in browser without any additional dependencies - Stack Overflow
Ok, so you are running in an environment without RequireJS, CommonJS, SystemJS, etc.
7 weeks ago
Yes, Big Platforms Could Change Their Business Models | WIRED
Sure, raking in all this personal user data is convenient. Lead is also a great ingredient in paint: It’s anticorrosive, it helps coats dry faster, and it increases moisture resistance. But we outlawed lead in paint anyway, for reasons that now seem chillingly obvious. We can do the same for data surveillance.
8 weeks ago
The Loss Levels by danhett
The Loss Levels is a series of fifteen narrative microgames, exploring aspects of my experience during the 2017 terrorist attack, in which I lost my brother Martyn. The games are designed to explore some of the elements of the experience, without naming any specifics of place or time or name.
games  pico8 
8 weeks ago
ClockworkPi GameShell
Game-boy style raspberry pi kit. Can run PICO-8 games.

ClockworkPI is a development board with powerful CPU, WI-FI, PMU chip, Multimedia functions , Ultra-small size and running on embedded GNU/Linux.
games  hardware  raspberrypi  pico8 
8 weeks ago
Build a Retro-game with the PICO-8: The Basics - The New Stack
As you have guessed, the .P8 format is the cartridge format. The cartridge can also be exported as a .PNG file (yes an image) which contains the image of the cartridge with the game code and all the sprites as part of the image file itself. Pretty neat! So now if you use the SPLORE command and search for Rainmaker, you can directly load the game and run it in your console.

So now that you have played some games to your heart’s content, its time to build one! We will be using some PICO-8 specific APIs along with Lua syntax to familiarize ourselves.
games  howto  pico8 
8 weeks ago
PICO-8 Fantasy Console
PICO-8 is a fantasy console for making, sharing and playing tiny games and other computer programs. When you turn it on, the machine greets you with a commandline and simple built-in tools for creating your own cartridges and exploring the PICO-8 cartverse.
games  tool  pico8 
8 weeks ago
Hacker Noon 2.0 Partners Contact
This is an overview of our sponsorship options available for Hacker Noon 2.0.
8 weeks ago
Here’s How Climate Change Could Affect the Hudson Valley
Warmer temperatures are expected to lead to die-offs of conifers at high elevations, such as those found in the Catskills. Freshwater life such as salamanders, invertebrates, mussels, trout, and other cold-water fish are expected to be drastically diminished. The habitats of dragonflies and damselflies, “species that are a good indicator of ecosystem health along rivers” are expected to decline 45-99 percent by 2080 in the Northeast, according to the assessment.
8 weeks ago
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