Bootiful Google Cloud Platform
"We'll introduce a number of projects we've been working on, including: Spring Cloud Sleuth integration to send trace data to Stackdriver Trace, Spring Data for Cloud Spanner to quickly access globally distributed Spanner database with Object Relational Mapping, Spring Integration channel adapters for Cloud Pub/Sub to use with Spring Messaging, Spring Boot Starters for Google Cloud SQL to quickly connect to managed MySQL or PostgreSQL databases, and Spring Resource abstraction for Cloud Storage to inject shared file resources. In this session, we'll show how to build cloud native applications with Spring on Google Cloud Platform."
cloud  tech  google  programming  techtalk  video 
15 days ago
Showing Kindness while Programming
"Being kind and forgiving is a conscious choice that we need to encourage in our development teams. It allows for developers to learn more quickly, prevent mistakes and enjoy work."
programming  workplace  work 
20 days ago
Build a Microservices Architecture for Microbrews with Spring Boot
A good companion for Josh Long's "Cloud Native Java" presentation. It explains how to connect two Microservices with just a few bits of code and some configuration on Spring Boot.
programming  java  spring  tech  architecture  scalability 
22 days ago
The 1995 Anime “Ghost in the Shell” is more relevant than ever in today’s technologically complex society
"Through the ensuing story, Ghost touches on a number of deeply philosophical questions that lie at the heart of society’s relationship increasingly powerful technologies. These include what it means to be human, the value of diversity, and even the nature of death. As Emily Yoshida so aptly put it in their Beginner’s Guide to the Ghost in the Shell Universe, Ghost is a “meditation on consciousness and the philosophy of the self”."
social  tech  life 
28 days ago
Camel microservices with Spring Boot and Kubernetes
"Building and designing cloud-native microservices impacts how we develop. We'll discuss practices how to build distributed and fault-tolerant microservices with technologies such as Kubernetes Services, Netflix Hystrix, Camel EIP patterns, and Istio. You will see live demos of us killing containers to test fault tolerance, and more."
programming  architecture  design  distributed  tech  opensource 
5 weeks ago
Capitalismo con tracción a sangre
"Los nuevos modos de explotación parecen evolucionar de una manera bastante singular. El Siglo XXI a mano de las empresas, los trabajadores anclados en el Siglo XIX. El capital viaja en el tiempo. Podría ser la última película de Volver al Futuro. La más siniestra. El capitalismo moderno se desplaza con tracción a sangre. [...] Rappi se alimenta, por un lado, de dos debilidades muy concretas y complementarias: la necesidad del inmigrante y la desesperación del desempleado. Por el otro, de la fetichización de la inmediatez. No importa cuan lejos se encuentre el restaurante. Toco la pantalla y lo obtengo."
6 weeks ago
My Four Rules
"(1) Don’t speak ill of others; (2) Avoid passive aggressive behavior; (3) Listen broadly, but don’t waffle on decisions; (4) When in error — admit, apologize, move forward."
life  leadership  social  work  workplace  self-improvement 
6 weeks ago
Handling complex MVC applications - How to scale and avoid Controller chaos
Quick overview of the different layers that are part of a standard MVC application.
programming  web  architecture 
7 weeks ago
Procedural level design in Brogue and beyond
Brian Walker (creator of Brogue) explains how the levels are randomly generated in Brogue.
games  gamedev  programming  video 
7 weeks ago
7 Ways Continuous Delivery Helps Build a Culture of Learning
"In continuous delivery, everyone owns the quality of their work. Every developer adopts test-driven development, learns how to use logging, and builds monitoring metrics for the components they own. Code review is standard practice in every pull request. When collaboration is second nature, knowledge gets organically transferred between coworkers. As a result, everyone deploys to production, and there's no distant authority that locks knowledge and processes."
programming  tech  agile  devops  team 
10 weeks ago
Why We’re Afraid Of Being Alone
"The analogy here is that when we choose overstimulation, a burnout becomes inevitable. We all land in the occasional, long stretch of inner silence sooner or later. We can find it at the end of a burned down candle or face it in the comfort of our own choice. But we must all deal with it in time. Because for all the decision power we have, it does not grant us freedom from truth."
life  meditation  self-improvement 
10 weeks ago
Structure and Interpretation of Test Cases
"This talk takes a deep dive into testing, with a strong focus on unit testing, looking at examples and counterexamples in Java and JUnit 5, as well as other languages and frameworks, from naming to nesting, exploring the benefits of data-driven testing, the trade-offs between example-based and property-based testing, how to get the most out of the common given–when–then refrain and knowing how far to follow it."
tdd  tests  design  programming  architecture  video  talk 
september 2018
Livable code, embrace the practical mess
"The same thing goes for code, in between these two extremes is the livable code. There is some duplicate code in there, some classes are a little big, but their names tell you just what they do and it's pretty easy to find your way in the code. There may be some places where it's still a mess, but slowly but surely we are changing that mess to make it better. This is the code base we should embrace. This is the code base that feels like home."
architecture  programming  code  design 
september 2018
A system is not a tree
"Software development should not be a trade of constructing difficulty from simplicity. Quite the contrary. So where there are trees to be shown you should show them, and refrain from turning the relationships they describe into a puzzle."
video  talk  software  design  architecture 
september 2018
The Error of Our Ways
"We shape our algorithms and afterwards our algorithms shape us."
video  talk  software  design  tdd  tests  social  politics 
august 2018
Architecture As Journey
"The path we are most interested is the cleanest one. It recognises the softness of software and aims to preserve it as a first class property of the system. It recognises that we operate with incomplete knowledge, but it also understands that, as humans, operating with incomplete knowledge is something we do, something we’re good at. It plays more to our strengths than our weaknesses. We create things and we discover things. We ask questions and we run experiments. A good architecture comes from understanding it more as a journey than a destination, more an ongoing process of enquiry than a frozen artefact."
architecture  design  software  tech  programming 
august 2018
The Development Metrics You Should Use (but Don’t)
"Navigating the uncertainty of knowledge work is often difficult and uncomfortable. During this session, learn new ways to visualize your team’s reliability and variability of delivery using the data you already collect. Instead of relying entirely on your gut or laboring over estimates, learn to articulate trade offs, predict outcomes and describe their likelihood. While this session doesn’t teach you to eliminate uncertainty or allow you to see the future, it does provide you with tools to explore and chart a reasonable course through the inherent ambiguity of knowledge work."
video  agile  talk  software 
june 2018
The Case for the “Self-Driven Child”
"You can nurture habits and a lifestyle that support healthy minds: Above all, promote rest. Encourage sleep, meditation if they’re interested, and downtime. Many of the students I see complain that the moment they have a free hour, their parent rushes in to fill it. Rest is not laziness. It is the basis of all activity. Foster what we call Radical Digital Downtime. No phones. No screens. Those times of mind-wandering (some call it boredom) activate neural circuits in the Default Mode Network, a system that involves reflecting on the past and projecting into the future, processing life."
life  meaning  performance  minimalism  purpose  work  happiness 
february 2018
There's more to life than being happy
"Belonging, purpose, transcendence, storytelling: those are the four pillars of meaning."
ted  video  happiness  purpose  life 
december 2017
The Notecard System: The Key For Remembering, Organizing And Using Everything You Read
"Now to be clear, this is not “my” notecard system. If anything, I use a perverted version of a system taught to me by the genius Robert Greene, when I was his research assistant. What he taught me was neat, clean and orderly. Mine is more of a mess. But it’s still be hugely helpful to me and I think I’m in a unique position to explain this method to people."
life  writing  reading  research  self-improvement 
november 2017
How And Why To Keep A “Commonplace Book”
“We should hunt out the helpful pieces of teaching and the spirited and noble-minded sayings which are capable of immediate practical application–not far far-fetched or archaic expressions or extravagant metaphors and figures of speech–and learn them so well that words become works.” - Seneca
life  writing  reading  research  self-improvement 
november 2017
How Do You Focus?
"Priority. There’s a single thing that’s most important in the things you do. Sure you can do more than one thing. But those other things aren’t as important as your priority."
workplace  life  career 
november 2017
Jeff Bezos: What matters more than your talents
"We are our choices. Build yourself a great story." - Jeff Bezos
life  video  talk  happiness  meaning 
october 2017
The tech world is rallying around a young developer who made a huge, embarrassing mistake
"The point is, any system in which humans are involved will at some point be disrupted by human error. Organizations distinguish themselves not by stamping out the possibility of error, but by handling the inevitable mistake well."
career  workplace  work 
june 2017
Dear PMs, It's Time to Rethink Agile at Enterprise Startups
"The problem: Too many product leaders attempt to develop enterprise software using a consumer app playbook.

1. Falling in love with agile at the expense of a clear product vision.
2. Focusing on user research at the expense of better understanding market dynamics."

"In the B2B world, though, users may not have much of a voice when it comes to a buying decision."

"Plans are useless, but planning is indispensable." - Dwight Eisenhower

"The key is to take a two-pronged approach: 1) articulate a long-term product vision, but 2) establish a culture of flexibility when it comes to the details."
agile  enterprise  b2b  software  planning 
june 2017
Fast solutions for a brighter future - rapid prototyping entrepreneurship: Tom Chi at TEDxKyoto 2013
"Purpose of Prototyping Process:

Maximize the Rate of Learning by minimizing the time to try ideas"
entrepreneurship  prototyping  business  video 
june 2017
On code review
"1. Code review should probably always be your top priority, and you should figure out the best way to work it into your event loop.
2. Make your review requests a pleasure to read.

I believe that the single most important thing a team can do collectively to improve its throughput is to make code review a (or better yet, the) top priority for all team members."
programming  team 
may 2017
The Well Rounded Architect
"The elements of the well-rounded architect:

* Acting as a Leader
* Being a developer
* Having a systems focus
* Thinking like an entrepreneur
* Balancing strategic with tactical thinking
* Communicating well"
architecture  career  programming  tech 
may 2017
GraphQL and Coursera & their API evolution
"To radically improve our engineering velocity, we are migrating nearly 100% of our client data access to GraphQL. But we’re doing it WITHOUT throwing away our existing backend APIs, architecture, and tools. This talk will describe our approach to making every Coursera API available via GraphQL, with zero developer overhead."
architecture  devops  java  javascript  performance  programming  tech  video  graphql 
may 2017
"My ideal of a programmer is someone who is not just skilled in the craft of programming, but is also energized by learning about the domain by communicating with domain experts so that she can participate in finding the best ways to get software to help make customers rock at what they do. Paraphrasing Dan, the software shouldn't be at the center of a programmer's world, instead a programmer should focus on the benefit that the software is supposed to deliver."
agile  career  programming  quality  tech 
may 2017
The demoralized mind
"The more lost, disoriented and spiritually defeated people become, the more susceptible they become to persuasion, and the more they end up buying into the oversold expectations of consumption. But in unreality culture, hyper-inflated expectations continually collide with the reality of experience. Since nothing lives up to the hype, the world of the consumer is actually an ongoing exercise in disappointment. While most disappointments are minor and easy to dissociate, they accumulate into an emotional background of frustration as deeper human needs get neglected. Continued starvation of these needs fuels disillusion about one’s whole approach to life. Over time, people’s core assumptions can become unstable."
economy  happiness  health  life  money  politics  purpose  social 
may 2017
Make Large Scale Changes Incrementally with Branch By Abstraction
"By definition, if you have code sitting on a branch, it isn't integrated.


Branch by abstraction involves making large-scale changes to your system incrementally as follows:

1. Create an abstraction over the part of the system that you need to change.
2. Refactor the rest of the system to use the abstraction layer.
3. Create new classes in your new implementation, and have your abstraction layer delegate to the old or the new classes as required.
4. Remove the old implementation.
5. Rinse and repeat the previous two steps, shipping your system in the meantime if desired.
6. Once the old implementation has been completely replaced, you can remove the abstraction layer if you like."
agile  architecture  programming  quality 
may 2017
So, How Do You Make Agile Successful?
"Key takeaways

* Get to the essence of Agile
* Look out for Scrum’s traps
* Agile calls for different skills and mindsets on both product and delivery levels
* Use CICD to counteract Scrum’s traps
* Develop systems thinking skills"
agile  programming  quality 
may 2017
Life of a Twitter JVM Engineer
"Tony Printezis presents an overview of how services are deployed and monitored at Twitter; the benefits of using a custom-built JVM with in-house features and the challenges of the use of the JVM in an environment like Twitter."
architecture  java  performance 
may 2017
No, you can't have it all
"But what if the answer isn’t to do more? What if the answer is to want less? What if the solution is simply accepting our bounded potential, our unfortunate tendency as humans to inhabit only one place in space and time. What if we recognize our life’s inevitable limitations and then prioritize what we care about based on those limitations?

What if it’s as simple as stating, “This is what I choose to value more than everything else,” and then living with it?"
happiness  life  money  productivity  purpose 
may 2017
From hour estimates gradually to #NoEstimates
"In this post I described how we gradually moved from hour estimates to story points, to S/M/L sizes, and finally to #NoEstimates"
agile  productivity  programming 
may 2017
Being A Developer After 40
"If you’re still awake and alert mentally when you’re over 80, you’ve got the advantage that you’ve lived a long time and you’ve seen many things, and you get perspective. I’m 86 now, and it’s in the last few years that I’ve had these ideas. New ideas come along and you pick up bits here and there, and the time is ripe now, whereas it might not have been ripe five or 10 years ago." - Michael Atiyah, Fields Medal and Abel Prize winner Mathematician.
career  happiness  life  programming  purpose  tech  workplace 
may 2017
El círculo
"Así como promueve Christina Baldwin en su libro "Convocando al Círculo, La Primera y Última Cultura": el círculo es un grupo en donde todos son líderes, lo cual implica lo siguiente:

* El liderazgo se rota entre todos los participantes.
* La responsabilidad por la calidad de la experiencia se comparte.
* El resultado final del círculo depende de la inspiración más que de cualquier agenda personal."
agile  scrum  kanban  team  workplace  communication 
may 2017
Color Hunt
"Curated collection of beautiful colors, updated daily."
web  design  ui  html  css 
april 2017
Productivity Coach in a Notebook
"Cognitive psychology suggests bullet journaling is effective for 3 reasons:

1. Our minds recognize it as a trustworthy system because we’re able to write anything down in a single notebook and use a simple, but effective page numbering and index system so we can find information again quickly.
2. Handwriting allows for mental clarity and a deeper understanding of our thoughts, ideas, to-do’s and goals.
3. It assists us to easily create structure in our lives by allowing for planning, scheduling, goal-setting in a single notebook."
life  journal  notebook  productivity  work 
april 2017
How to Lead an Intentional Life by Ryder Carroll
"Being busy doesn't always mean being productive. Ryder Carroll shares the story of how a system he developed to manage his childhood attention deficit disorder now helps people worldwide achieve their goals with greater efficiency and satisfaction."
life  happiness  meaning  journal  notebook 
april 2017
Three Quotes from Early GitHubbers
"We can make good tests run fast but we can’t make fast tests be good." - Ryan Tomayko

"I really like the draft that you wrote. Now remove half of the words." - Kyle Neath

"Yeah, I mean we’re behind you here, so if this isn’t working out anymore, let’s try you somewhere else." - PJ Hyett
github  programming  workplace  qa  tests  career  tech 
april 2017
Why I Stopped Using Multiple Monitors
Thoughts about multiple monitors and multitasking.

"In a world of endless distractions, being able to focus on a single task for an extended period is a seriously valuable skill."
tech  workplace  hardware 
april 2017
Sandboxing Code in the Era of Containers – AWS Startup Collection
Summary of the technical challenges Auth0 faced when deciding how to implement sandboxing for their Auth0 Webtasks.
aws  lambda  containers  docker  amazon  sandbox  architecture  design  scalability 
april 2017
Welcome, Freshmen. You Do Not Deserve to Be Here.
"Deserve is a heavy word, freighted with a shared sense of obligation. It can be understood only in a context of ethics. It denotes merit earned from service—that's where the "serve" part comes from.

That means service to others. And no, the nonprofit you founded in high school to shelter abandoned ferrets does not count. We live in a society increasingly defined by winner-takes-all competition. You're the winners. And you won by serving yourself."
stanford  university  life 
october 2013
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