Windows 10 Virtual Desktop Hotkeys, System Tray Icon, and Wallpapers
windows10  desktop  windows 
17 hours ago
Looking for familiar Unix tools? Tired of Powershell’s Verb-Noun verbosity? Scoop helps you get the programs you need, with a minimal amount of point-and-clicking.
windows  powershell 
17 hours ago
WDR Hörspielspeicher
Hört doch, was ihr wollt: packende, innovative und aktuelle Hörspiele zum kostenlosen Download!

Wenn mal wieder die Podcasts ausgehen...
audio  book 
15 days ago
Puppet Development Kit
Puppet Development Kit (PDK) is a package of development and testing tools to help you create great Puppet modules.

Quite useful. Removes the hassle of bootstrapping a whole Puppet module dev environment via installing every single tool on its o
puppet  development 
17 days ago
SPDX License List
The SPDX License List is a list of commonly found licenses and exceptions used for open source and other collaborative software. The purpose of the SPDX License List is to enable easy and efficient identification of such licenses and exceptions in
opensource  license 
17 days ago
The Best Time to Travel Anywhere
Enter the place you'd like to visit. We'll give you the date ranges where the weather is most pleasant.
Seems I choose the right destinations for my next holiday. :)
29 days ago
Abenteuer vor der Haustür: Ein Bike, ein Schlafsack, 24 Stunden Zeit
Minimale Vorbereitung, maximale Entspannung - das ist die erste Regel für sogenannte Overnighter.
travel  bike  biketours  from instapaper
4 weeks ago
ICO Alert
ICO Alert is the trusted ICO Discovery Platform of active and upcoming Initial Coin Offerings.
crypto  currency  ethereum  ico 
6 weeks ago
BlockCAT – Smart Contracts for Everyone
BlockCAT lets anyone create, manage, and deploy smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain with just a few clicks. No programming required.
ethereum  crypto  currency  ico 
6 weeks ago
Free, open-source, client-side interface for generating Ethereum wallets & more. Interact with the Ethereum blockchain easily & securely.
ethereum  crypto  currency 
6 weeks ago
Talisman is a tool is to validate code changes that are to be pushed out of a local Git repository on a developer's workstation. By hooking into the pre-push hook provided by Git, it validates the outgoing changeset for things that look suspicious.
git  security  privacy  development 
6 weeks ago
Bitcoin Ethereum Monero Ripple Litecoin Dash cryptocurrency exchange. Exchange cryptocurrency at the best rate.
crypto  currency  bitcoin  ethereum 
6 weeks ago
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