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Sallee Design
Hello, my name is Jeremy and I am a web and graphic designer. I am into clean, modern and usable design. My experience consists of both Photoshop design and coding. I generally code all my designs using component management systems such as drupal or wordpress, static html/css, and flash action script coding. I enjoy spending a lot of time creating original designs in Photoshop and exploring new programming techniques. The result is numerous icons, wallpapers, and wordpress themes, among other products. I'm also addicted to photography and I spend most of my free time taking pictures and exploring this form of art.
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march 2012 by effulgence
History of Graphic Design
An outline of Graphic Design History Lectures covering the Development of Symbols, Typography, Advertising, Books, Posters, The Bauhaus and the 20th Century Avant Garde, Digital/Computer Design. The course is taught in the Spring of 2008 entitled History of Communications (in the Western Cultures).
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march 2009 by effulgence

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