Slack Planning Poker
Planning Poker in a web app with Slack integration
scrum  tools  slack 
march 2017
JS/HTML/CSS Terminal
december 2016
Quiz with a group.
group  game  quiz 
december 2016
HTML Application or Network Application?
Essay about traditional websitebezoek vs. "headless". Both have their place.
web  headless  nath 
june 2016
Paragraphs are Drupal's answer for structured conten
Nice overview of some work to make Paragraphs even more awesome.
module  drupal  paragraphs 
march 2016
Run Docker containers on your Mac.
development  mac  osx  docker 
january 2016
The Sad State of Web Development
2015 is when web development went to shit. Web development used to be nice. You could fire up a text editor and start creating JS and CSS files. You can absolutely still do this. That has not changed. So yes, everything I’m about to say can be invalidated by saying that.
web  development  opinion 
january 2016
The Magpie Developer
I've often thought that software developers were akin to Magpies, birds notorious for stealing shiny items to decorate their complex nests. Like Magpies, software developers are unusually smart and curious creatures, almost by definition. But we are too easily distracted by shiny new toys and playthings.
development  programming  software 
january 2016
Acquia Certified Developer and Forcontu Drupal Certification
Quick overview of the Acquia certification test (experience, not actual questions).
drupal  acquia-certification 
january 2016
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