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Rob Newman’s History of Oil
RT @djwesto: MUST WATCH: an absolute classic Rob Newman standup night on the History of Oil via Youtube #ttmvt
oil  history  youtube  rob  newman  video  comedy  ttmvt 
may 2010 by edmittance
Four science fellows in "Science fellow against Science fellow". Silly comic fuinny.
funny  silly  comic  design  scifi  comedy  cartoon 
august 2006 by edmittance
Duke of Prunes writes silly comments on amazon
Henry Root style silly comments on Amazon product. Funny.
silly  funny  satire  comedy  amazon  writing  prune 
may 2006 by edmittance
mininova : TV Shows > Other > 2006 White House Correspondents Dinner Steven Colbert DSR XviD-FQM [eztv]
Steven Colbert's full speech at the Whitehouse Correspondants dinner where he laid into George Bush while standing right next to him
colbert  bush  america  comedy  satire 
may 2006 by edmittance
The Comedy Box - Shows
Richard Herring plays the Comedy Box Bristol
herring  richard  comedy  gig  show  chicken  hen  bristol 
april 2006 by edmittance
defective yeti: Xyzzy
Funny textual adventure style story about Bush and the decisions that lead to the Iraq attack.
funny  silly  comedy  bush  politics  iraq 
february 2006 by edmittance
The IT Crowd
New channel 4 Sit com with Chris Morris about an IT department in a 'thrusting' company. Chris Morris is the IT director. Hopefully better than previous attempts at sit-com-ing IT/web.
comedy  tv  chris  morris  IT 
january 2006 by edmittance

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