MaRS - Mobile Apps resources
"The resources below will help mobile app developers and entrepreneurs find data, strategies and insights on these issues in the complex, competitive world of mobile apps."
mobile  apps  resources  statistics  reports 
january 2017
Unscii is a set of bitmapped Unicode fonts based on classic system fonts
december 2016
Helping Students in Difficulty
from McGill Dean of Students
november 2016
Centre for Investigative Journalism - Resources
In this section you will find guidance on statistics for journalists, database research and online research as well as audio and video from the Summer School and other talks so you can catch up on any you missed.
research  journalism 
october 2016
Associated Press Stylebook on internet of things
"Q. Hi. Now that "internet" is lowercase, does "Internet of Things" become "internet of things"? Thanks. – from Flagstaff, Ariz. on Thu, Jul 07, 2016

A. Yes, it's now lowercase."
iot  writing  style 
july 2016
Companies House service
consider adding to subject guides
UK  public  companies  financial  reports 
june 2016
Shell Style Guide
example of using collapsing areas to hide details
example  guide 
june 2016
(3) How big an issue is the nausea problem for Virtual Reality products? - Quora
Sure, we can probably find some genres of “experiences” for which we can stand still and watch the action from a distance - but that’s absolutely NOT why people will want to buy these gadgets.
may 2016
Home Computing | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
""By using tiny integrated circuits. engineers will be able to build small portable computers, which may be used to control various machines in the home.""
iot  embedded  predictions  images 
may 2016
Statistical Abstracts series
"The U.S. Census Bureau terminated the collection of data for the Statistical Compendia program effective October 1, 2011. The Statistical Compendia program is comprised of the Statistical Abstract of the United States and its supplemental products—the State and Metropolitan Area Data Book and the County and City Data Book."
USA  statistics 
may 2016
The Facebook Papers, Part 1: The great unbundling
"Mobile visitors don’t recirculate: They don't go from one story on to another within the same site. Instead, they trust the stream more than they trust the site to guide them to what's next. Landing pages and recirculation are the two principal tools of curation for media companies and on mobile they are now vestigial appendages. "
Mobile  facebook  from instapaper
may 2016
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