at the end he predicts the cloud. in ‘89.
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5 days ago
Why I Just Asked My Students To Put Their Laptops Away
Bizarre from him.
I can't imagine any situation where I wasn't allowed to take notes. Pointless.
Though having Jo's stupid clicky laptop next to me would drive me nuts. But an ipad would be fine.
computing  culture  education  people 
16 days ago
Beyond Agile: the Studio Model
i dont disagree with the studio model, but i disagree with most of his arguments for it.
he iwlfully misinterprets fail fast.
the empahsis regardless of methodology shpuld be on doing the work— understanding the problem, and designig. a solution for it, not on stuffing sround with methodology. methodlology applied blindly rather thsn as reminder to think is always a problrm.
17 days ago
nomad software | Developers who hate on OOP don't know how to use it
But when looking at modern project, with legacy, and imported libraries and, and-= it's hard to stay pure.
18 days ago
Why OO Sucks by Joe Armstrong
If a language technology is so bad that it creates a new industry to solve problems of its own making then it must be a good idea for the guys who want to make money.
erlang  programming  rant 
18 days ago
Object-Oriented Programming — The Trillion Dollar Disaster
amusing; but really just shows that bad programmers make bad programs. Problem with oop is you're in the middle of lots of other peoples' abstractions.
18 days ago
Rebecca Solnit: The Loneliness of Donald Trump | Literary Hub
particularly good on importance of self awareness, staying real
culture  spirit 
29 days ago
Why it’s as hard to escape an echo chamber as it is to flee a cult | Aeon Essays
some good stuff herr, but notion of independent rational thinker is silky— people are socially constructed and maintained, ties to othere are foundational and constituative. reliance and trust isnt only intellectual. clear thinking is rare. and i still think telos is more importsnt thsn foundstion— where are you trying to go, are we headed in the same direction?
thinking  culture  philosophy 
5 weeks ago
more audio spatialisation
free  software  synth 
7 weeks ago
AHA Programming 💡
Sensible. and pretty much what I do.
8 weeks ago
The Joy of ClojureScript - Noteworthy - The Journal Blog
Lisp like language for jvm, google compiler can turn it into js as well.
lisp  javascript  languages 
8 weeks ago
About – nicolecarrollmusic.com
orrery arcana
embedding occult correspondence systems into synths woek wih both structures at once. amazing.
synth  spirit  people 
8 weeks ago
Remembering David Wessel: The Breakfast Club - EMusician
fascinating, given what happened with ios, and linnstrument
people  music  interfaces  history 
10 weeks ago
card money 25 of 1 2 5 20 50 100
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may 2019
Modular synthesis intro, part 2: Don't do it! - North Coast Synthesis Ltd.
But that's part of the attraction for me. My modular synth arguably isn't really a musical instrument, even if I call it one. It's really a toy that makes a noise. I have fun playing with the knobs and the wires and hanging around with other people who do the same, and the noise that it happens to make isn't really the point. I think that many modular hobbyists feel the same way. It's not really about making music in the first place, so the fact that the modular isn't the most efficient way to make music, doesn't matter.
april 2019
Texts by Philip Tagg and others
He's critical of euroclassical theory in the face of all the worlds musics.
music  theory  people 
march 2019
Reflections on Neverland – Emma Lindsay – Medium
where emma discovers that gender is a constructed power relation
good pice, though duh!
polecon  culture 
march 2019
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