Cancel vs Close: Design to Distinguish the Difference
Well summarized article that provides examples of how X icons are used inconsistently across desktop and mobile apps.

“The main issue lies with the common lack of a text label for the X icon. When an icon represents multiple meanings in similar contexts across different interfaces, icon usability suffers because users cannot rely on any single interpretation.”
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17 hours ago
With the iPhone 11 Pro, what does it even mean for a phone to be ‘pro’? - The Verge
"Mythical professional users" is the best line from this. In order to justify adding the pro moniker to a phone, you have to re-define pro to "photographers only." The extra hardware features are more enthusiast than pro. I wrote about this on Tech-Bytes...
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6 days ago
Apple's New iPhone Lineup: iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11, iPhone XR and iPhone 8 - MacRumors
From what I can tell, this makes the branding more consistent with the iPad line...
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8 days ago
Seaman creator Yoot Saito on the Dreamcast AI that was ahead of its time - The Verge
Great article/edited interview with game developer Yoot Saito. Lots of insight into voice-based games and AI, including some history about his work on the cult classic Seaman for the Sega Dreamcast.
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12 days ago
Common Responsive Layouts with CSS Grid (and some without!)
The article talks about the advancements in a two-dimensional web layout. It also provides some example templates to demonstrate how such layouts can be achieved. The author provides code for all the templates as well.
14 days ago
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