RESTful Patterns for the HEAD Verb
nice explanation from Jason about HEAD, particularly caching.
apis  design  head  caching 
7 days ago
Surviving the Existential Crisis of life as a product manager
"... over the years I’ve come to believe that dumb questions drive great product decisions.

If you think an engineering design sounds too complicated, ask some dumb questions and you’ll either learn something (awesome) or you might get the team to consider a simpler approach.

If you think a decision seems too opinionated, ask some dumb questions and you’ll find the underlying assumptions behind it.

If you don’t understand why a user is doing something weird, ask some dumb questions and you might see a problem, opportunity or pain-point that you’d never thought of before."
productmanagement  essays  dumbest  Questions 
8 days ago
Open Banking Monitor
"Everybody claims to be opening up!... right?...  What is actually happening in the Open Banking landscape? Which banks have exposed APIs and what do they offer exactly? At Innopay we follow the development of the Open Banking landscape with great interest and through our Open Banking Monitor we share our insights and analysis with the community, stay tuned!"
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14 days ago
"The SmartAPI project aims to maximize the FAIRness (Findability, Accessibility, Interoperability, and Reusability) of web-based Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Rich metadata is essential to properly describe your API so that it becomes discoverable, connected, and reusable. We have developed a openAPI-based specification for defining the key API metadata elements and value sets. SmartAPI's leverage the Open API specification v3 and JSON-LD for providing semantically annotated JSON content that can be treated as Linked Data."
editor  apis  openapi 
20 days ago
Glad you enjoyed it! Here is a slide from my deck on ways to get involved, including:
• Visit the pr…
from twitter
22 days ago
Works, including his Letters to his Son, &c: To which is prefixed an ... - Philip Dormer Stanhope Chesterfield (Earl of) - Google Books
"regard to learning I am very glad Mr Maittaire puts you upon making themes for that will use you to think and your writing them in English as well as in Latin and Greek will improve you in your own language and teach you both to write and speak it with purity and elegance which it is most absolutely necessary to do for though indeed the justness and strength of the thoughts are the most material points and that words are but the dress of thoughts yet as a very handsome man or woman may be disfigured and rendered even disagreeable by an awkward slovenly and ragged dress so good thoughts may lose great part of their beauty if expressed in low improper and inelegant words People mistake very much who imagine that they must of course speak their own language well and that therefore they need not study it or attend to it but you will soon find how false this way of reasoning is if you observe the English spoken by almost all English people who have no learning Most women and all the ordinary people in general speak in open defiance of all grammar use words that are not English and murder those that are and though indeed they make themselves understood they do it so disagreeably that what they say seldom makes amends for their manner of saying it I have this day received a letter from Mr Maittaire in which he gives me a better account of you than usual which pleases me so much that you shall be well rewarded for it when I see you that will be before it is very long so you need not write to me any more Adieu" via Erin
words  books  citations  meaning  linguistics  dress 
22 days ago
RT : Join TSC rep at and get the latest on 'Better API Design with OpenAPI'…
GoogleNext2018  from twitter
27 days ago
RT : Urz Holtze, SVP infra at Google just gave a shout-out to, and is introducing Istio using Cloud Services Platform. W…
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28 days ago
Google Cloud Platform - The Good, Bad, and Ugly (It's Mostly Good) - Deps
Google Cloud has created a compelling offering, with a mix of rock-solid infrastructure, plus unique value-added products like Spanner, Pub/Sub, and Global Load Balancing. They’ve been able to learn from what AWS got right and wrong. Their products integrate well together and are simple to understand. The downside to Google’s more deliberate approach is that it can sometimes feel like AWS is not just ahead of GCP, but accelerating away. I’m hopeful that the upcoming Google Cloud Next will bring more parity with AWS’ offerings.

For companies that don’t want to spend a lot of time learning and dealing with the complexities of AWS, I recommend looking at Google Cloud. If I had to start all over again, I would still happily choose Google Cloud."
gcp  google  cloud  customer  experiences 
5 weeks ago
The Psychology of Money · Collaborative Fund
"That’s because investing is not the study of finance. It’s the study of how people behave with money. And behavior is hard to teach, even to really smart people. You can’t sum up behavior with formulas to memorize or spreadsheet models to follow. Behavior is inborn, varies by person, is hard to measure, changes over time, and people are prone to deny its existence, especially when describing themselves."
investing  money  psychology  risk  finance 
5 weeks ago
Steve Jobs’ Secret for Eliciting Questions, Overheard at a San Francisco Cafe
"Tell me what’s working at Pixar.
According to Famous CEO, Jobs would alternate between the two questions until he felt like he had a handle on what was going on.

Famous CEO said he ran sessions like these with his own teams every few months. He advised Young CEO to “never invite VPs” (i.e., team leaders) to the sessions, since subordinates might feel intimidated and share less freely. Instead, Famous CEO would commit, after collecting issues, to discussing them with the VP in charge, who would be responsible for following up."
questions  feedback  leadership  management  steve_jobs 
5 weeks ago
Why Mastercard Doesn't Use OAuth 2.0 | Mastercard Developers
excellent, succinct writeup
"There are fundamental differences between OAuth 2.0 and OAuth 1.0a that Mastercard considers crucial for security
OAuth 2.0 is designed for authorization only and could leave us vulnerable to account takeover / impersonation attacks
OAuth 1.0a includes authentication and authorization, which our Mastercard Developers APIs need to process critically sensitive data"
oauth  oauth2  apis  authentication  authorization 
5 weeks ago
Great PMs are obsessed with better. They share their discoveries with others because they're looking fo…
from twitter
5 weeks ago
Another impeccable tweetstorm on PM from
It's ok to have a product crush, right? 😍(asking for a friend)
from twitter
5 weeks ago
Great PMs are curious creatures. They ask, "Why?" a lot. They care about the, "true nature of things,"…
from twitter
5 weeks ago
Great PMs are mediums who can channel different personas and how they would approach a given design or…
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5 weeks ago
Rethinking NPS for API Quality
Since moving away from NPS, we’ve gone to a much more straightforward average of reviewer scores. While each of these have a high degree of nuance, at a high level APIs are scored on:

Standards Adherence
Completeness of the Documentation
Consistency and Cohesion with Previously Published Work
Viability to Exist as an API Product
The average score remains useful for leadership to know where they are in their API design maturity. But what is much more actionable for teams is directed feedback. A team that learns that their design averaged a score of “6” could cast about for changes to make on their next version. Or they could address a detailed list of concerns.
nps  quality  measurement  apis  products  assessment  governance 
6 weeks ago
Origin Of The Abbreviation I18n For Internationalization
"I18n" is an abbreviation for the word "internationalization". The term "i18n" is derived from its spelling as the letter "i" plus 18 letters plus the letter "n".
language  internationalization  i18n  history  words  nerd  nerdlore  abbreviation 
6 weeks ago
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