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march 2015
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For  aeroplanes  having  a  seating 
capacity  of  more  than  44  passengers,  it  must 
be  shown  that  the  maximum  seating  capacity, 
including  the  number  of  crew  members 
required  by  the  operating  rules  for  which 
certification  is  requested,  can  be  evacuated 
from  the  aeroplane  to  the  ground  under 
simulated  emergency  conditions  within  90 
seconds.  Compliance  with  this  requirement 
must  be  shown  by  actual  demonstration  using 
the  test  criteria  outlined  in  Appendix  J  of  this 
CS–25  unless  the  Agency  find  that  a 
combination of analysis and testing will provide 
data  equivalent  to  that  which  would  be 
obtained by actual demonstration. 
november 2013
[no title]
In order for manufacturers to pass the full-scale demonstrations, all passengers and crew
must evacuate the aircraft and be on the ground in 90 seconds or less.
october 2013
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d data means data appear questionable.
october 2013
Technology as Advertising | Chris Kief
Domino’s is not a pizza company, it’s a technology company.
october 2013
PolitiFact | Ham & cheese, hold the bureaucracy
She cited this example: "A ham and cheese sandwich on one slice of bread is the responsibility of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which inspects manufacturers daily. But a ham and cheese sandwich on two slices of bread is the responsibility of the Food and Drug Administration, which inspects manufacturers about once every five years."
october 2013
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