China’s Zhongan sees scope for offbeat insurance
Coverage for alcohol poisoning while watching football among insurer’s policies
article  financialtimes  china  insurance  business  technology 
15 hours ago
What Persecuted Syrians Can Teach Us About American Politics
As I reflected on this strange and disorienting American election, I recalled a conversation I had with a Syrian bishop in 2008.
article  tgc  Syria  politics  theology  unity  community  editorial  dkl 
16 hours ago
Neural networks breakthrough sees computer start to think like a human for the first time
Finnish computer scientists have found a way to train neural networks to think more like the human brain.
article  ibtimes  neural-networks  technology  research  unsupervised-learning  computervision 
17 hours ago
Privacy and pleasures ensure we first spend on ourselves.
Original Title: All You Need is Love
John Lennon said he wrote songs like “All You Need is Love” because he was a revolutionary, a radical. “My art is dedicated to change.” Changing how we view generosity works the same way. We have to become radical.
article  doggieheadtilt  *  dkl  marriage  theology  culture  generosity 
18 hours ago
James Bond's Gadget Designer Raises $58 Million on Future Vision of AR Glasses
Can Osterhout Design Group really design cool mobile augmented reality and virtual reality smartglasses that actually sell?
article  ar  business  technology  editorial  incmag 
4 days ago
‘People Who Eat Darkness,’ by Richard Lloyd Parry
An account of the murder of a young British woman in Japan.
article  bookreview  nytimes 
5 days ago
Treadmills to endless hallways, tech has some sick solutions for VR nausea
Startups and researchers aim to blur the lines of reality for your subconscious.
article  vr  technology  arstechnica  hardware  software 
6 days ago
Rooting for Navy and the College Football chaos they could create
Original Title: Source: Navy win could 'paralyze' bowl system
The College Football Playoff selection committee could "paralyze" the bowl system with a delayed Cotton Bowl bid, a source told ESPN.
article  dkl  football  ncaa  navy  espn 
6 days ago
Cybersecurity User Training that Sticks: 3 Steps
People are eager for common-sense advice that gives them control over their environment and helps them stay safe online.
article  security  technology  communication 
7 days ago
What it Really Means to Hold Space for Someone
How to be there for the people who need you most.
article  blog  death  community  healthcare  * 
7 days ago
Neural Network Learns to Identify Criminals by Their Faces
The effort aimed at identifying criminals from their mugshots raises serious ethical issues about how we should use artificial intelligence.
article  adventuresinmissingthepoint  ai  machinelearning  neural-networks  china  mittechnologyreview 
7 days ago
What if jobs are not the solution but the problem?
Economists believe in full employment. Americans think that work builds character. But what if jobs aren’t working anymore?
article  editorial  economics  politics  aeonmag 
7 days ago
Dear Will Self, think-pieces are stories.
Original Title: Will Self: Are humans evolving beyond the need to tell stories?
Neuroscientists who insist technology is changing our brains may have it wrong. What if we are switching from books to digital entertainment because of a change in our need to communicate?
article  editorial  thinkpiece  neuroscience  literature  history  culture  technology  dkl 
8 days ago
Biggest Spike in Traffic Deaths in 50 Years? Blame Apps
Highway deaths have surged in the last two years, and experts put much of the blame on in-car use of smartphones and dashboard apps.
article  nytimes  death  technology  automobile  culture  safety  editorial 
9 days ago
Your Advent Playlist
A blog devoted to sharing initial thoughts on topics, and daily ramblings, First Thoughts speaks to the latest topics in religion and today’s society.
article  firstthings  music  churchyear  time  advent 
9 days ago
‘The Big Bang Theory’ continues its pro-life message in new episode
If the most scientifically-gifted characters on television know preborn babies are living human beings, then how much longer can the rest deny it?
article  abortion  politics  editorial  video  culture 
11 days ago
Beyond anger
"Generosity and friendliness were not justified by past deeds; but they were necessary for future progress."
payback  *  retribution  southafrica  history  article  dkl  stoicism  anger  aeonmag  politics 
12 days ago
The rise of the capitalist left
"Being of the left today is a consumerist lifestyle choice"
article  editorial  us  politics  spikedmag  economics  uk 
12 days ago
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