On Zika and Abortion
>Abortion for happiness of the mother should be allowed.
article  n+1  editorial  abortion  happiness  culture  politics  sexuality  gender  adventuresinmissingthepoint 
Companies plan to make you pay for sleep
'…how to market to consumers who are not currently "leaning into the pleasure of sleep."'
article  technology  arstechnica  editorial  sleep  culture  marketing 
Read This Story Without Distraction (Can You?)
Monotasking is a term for what your high school teacher called “paying attention.” via @gracyolmstead
article  nytimes  attention  culture  technology  dkl 
Apple Stole My Music. No, Seriously.
"Apple Stole My Music. No, Seriously." via @fmapE (I'm glad I didn't take the 3 month trial)
article  apple  music  copyright  technology  internet  data  dkl  blog 
The thumbnails are always changing on Netflix because you're being tested
Recently I started re-watching Parks and Recreation on Netflix, and about halfway through the series I noticed something strange. The thumbnail for the show had changed from a confident, glowing...
article  theverge  abtesting  ux  netflix  technology 
3 days ago
The Personified User Interface Trap
The Personified User Interface Trap by @eagereyes
article  ui  chatbot  ux  blog  design  dkl 
3 days ago
Why is simpler better?
"there is in the end no unconditional and presuppositionless justification for Ockham’s Razor."
article  aeonmag  philosophy  epistemology  empericism  simplicity  complexity  dkl  * 
3 days ago
Death by GPS
"Why do we follow digital maps into dodgy places?"
article  gps  arstechnica  technology  neuroscience  maps  culture  dkl 
3 days ago
Compromising Baseball’s Deep Patterns
I forget that I wouldn't be a supporter of instant-replay even if it were a pure revelation of the truth.
article  firstthings  editorial  technology  baseball  instantreplay  cameras  *  epistemology  camera  dkl 
4 days ago
This is how it feels to learn your memories are fiction
So much of our knowledge about how the brain works is from pathology. Memory is fragile.
article  neuroscience  memory  thought  bbc  dkl 
4 days ago
Teaching machines to avoid our mistakes
Avoid cognitive bias through intelligence amplification
article  recode  editorial  ai  ia  cognitivebias  tools  dkl 
4 days ago
Elon Musk, Crony Capitalist
The billionaire should spend his own money, not the taxpayers'.
article  reasonmag  editorial  elonmusk  cronyism 
7 days ago
A DNA Sequencer in Every Pocket
A DNA Sequencer in Every Pocket via @emmaogreen
article  theatlantic  dna  technology  genetics  healthcare 
8 days ago
Anticipating artificial intelligence
Anticipating artificial intelligence via @mpshanahan
article  ai  naturemag  dkl  technology  futurism 
8 days ago
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