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Kate Heddleston
Focus your feedback on the person’s work as much as possible.
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june 2018 by dvanlunter
There Is No Spotify Model
this again shows that you should not start with a model or a book and try to implement that, but instead look at what you want to reach and use whatever helps you to get there.
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october 2016 by dvanlunter
Impostor Syndrome: Why Some ScrumMasters Feel Like They’re Faking It
ScrumMasters are perhaps more prone to feelings of Impostor syndrome than anyone else in an agile team or organisation. This is partly because of the lack of authority inherent in the role. They have no power, and so often find themselves doubting themselves and their position.
agile  scrum 
april 2016 by dvanlunter
Bedrijven spelen 2 dagen voor opvangcentrum
Yours truly doet een voormiddag sessie rond scrum voor een groep 2de jaars studenten van PXL. pxl
pxl  elision  scrum  agile 
april 2016 by dvanlunter
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