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automating-linux-unix-system-admin -- Source code for Automating Linux and Unix System Administration book
automating-linux-unix-system-admin -- Source code for 'Automating Linux and Unix System Administration' by Nathan Campi and Kirk Bauer.
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23 days ago by dusko
parsing - An efficient way to transpose a file in Bash - Stack Overflow

Have a look at GNU datamash (http://www.gnu.org/software/datamash/), which can be used like datamash transpose. A future version will also support cross tabulation (pivot tables)
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28 days ago by dusko
script-declutter -- clean up control characters and other non-text detritus when you run the "script" command
Clean up control characters and other non-text detritus that shows up when you run the "script" command.
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4 weeks ago by dusko
glasstree - The poor man's daily snapshots
The poor man's daily snapshot, glastree builds live backup trees, with branches for each day. Users directly browse the past to recover older documents or retrieve lost files. Hard links serve to compress out unchanged files, while modified ones are copied verbatim. A prune utility effects a constant, sliding window.

Satoru Takabayashi has writen a similar program, in Ruby, pdumpfs (http://namazu.org/~satoru/pdumpfs).

Inspired by Plan9.

Inspired by Plan9, of course.
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4 weeks ago by dusko
Regex Tutorial - Non-Printable Characters
Non-Printable Characters
You can use special character sequences to put non-printable characters in your regular expression. Use \t to match a tab character (ASCII 0x09), \r for carriage return (0x0D) and \n for line feed (0x0A). More exotic non-printables are \a (bell, 0x07), \e (escape, 0x1B), and \f (form feed, 0x0C). Remember that Windows text files use \r\n to terminate lines, while UNIX text files use \n.

In some flavors, \v matches the vertical tab (ASCII 0x0B). In other flavors, \v is a shorthand that matches any vertical whitespace character. That includes the vertical tab, form feed, and all line break characters. Perl 5.10, PCRE 7.2, PHP 5.2.4, R, Delphi XE, and later versions treat it as a shorthand. Earlier versions treated it as a needlessly escaped literal v. The JGsoft flavor originally matched only the vertical tab with \v. JGsoft V2 matches any vertical whitespace with \v.


\t = tab
\r = newline
\n = line feed (what is the difference between this and \r ?)

Remember that Windows text files use \r\n to terminate lines, while UNIX text files use \n.
regex  perl  programming  unix  unicode  reference  howto  tutorial 
4 weeks ago by dusko
bms - generates statistics from your sendmail logs of rejected mail
BMS (Bad Mail Stats) generates statistics from your sendmail logs of rejected mail. This could be due to:

Specified relay hosts being denied either through access database or RBL's.
Spammers trying to relay spam through your server.
Unresolvable domain names of the sender or IP address of relay server.
SMTP AUTH or STARTTLS sessions being rejected.

There are plenty of other scripts that will summarize sendmail traffic, but I couldn't find any that su
sendmail  script  mailserver  log  perl  cli 
5 weeks ago by dusko
apache2dot.pl parses an apache log file to a format suitable for use with neato or dot, both of which are part of graphviz. This will display links as they are being followed within your web site. Every file is a node, and an arrow is drawn from each referrer within the website to the file someone linked to from it. Darkness of lines is now proportional to how many times the link was used.
visualization  perl  apache 
6 weeks ago by dusko
listadmin - Mailman listadmin
Mailman CLI tool

Mailman has a friendly but rather awkward web interface for manipulating the queue of messages held for moderator approval. Since I maintain a couple of dozen lists, some of which receive 50+ spams per day, I needed a way to reduce the time taken to process all the junk e-mail.

The result was listadmin. It is designed to keep user interaction to a minimum, in theory you could run it from cron to prune the queue. It can use the score from a header added by SpamAssassin to filter, or it can match specific senders, subjects, or reasons.
mailserver  perl  script  tool  cli  spam 
6 weeks ago by dusko
Rexx - Wikipedia
REXX language page at IBM:

REXX Language Association:
"The Rexx Language Association (RexxLA) is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the use and understanding of the Rexx programming language. RexxLA manages several open source implementations of the Rexx language, two of those are successors of previous commercial offerings from IBM. These are professionally crafted language implementations that come with abundant documentation."

Rexx programming language at Open Hub:
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7 weeks ago by dusko
Flexbackup using SSH

This paper describes a method for using the 'flexbackup [1]' perl script to remotely backup whole systems or directories securely using ssh specifically tailored for FreeBSD operating systems. The method utilises 'afio' to bundle compressed files into a labelled archive. These archives (backups), build on the backup host and do not require temporary storage on the prime_host storing the original data.

[1] Flexbackup is a perl script written by Edwin Huffstutler and is available in its original form (v. 1.2.1 2003) at: http://sourceforge.net/projects/flexbackup

Patch files are available at: http://www.freebsd.org/cgi/cvsweb.cgi/ports/sysutils/flexbackup/
backup  ssh  freebsd  script  perl 
9 weeks ago by dusko
Flexbackup - a flexible backup tool
flexbackup is for you if you have a single or small number of machines, amanda is "too much", and tarring things up by hand isn't nearly enough...

o Easy to configure
o Uses dump, afio, GNU tar, cpio, pax, or zip archivers
o Full and numbered levels of incremental backup (acts like "dump")
o Compression and buffering options for all backup types
o Does remote filesystems (over rsh/ssh; no special service)
o Can backup only files not owned by rpm, or changed from rpm version
o Writes to tapes, on-disk archive files, or on-disk directory trees
o Keeps a table of contents so you know archives are on each tape
o Nice log files

You can get additional information about remote backup strategies using SSH
at http://www.sysfault.org/flexbackup.html

Stable version: 1.2.1 (Oct 10 2003)
backup  opensource  freebsd  script  perl  tar 
9 weeks ago by dusko
MHonArc is a highly customizable web-based mail archiver with MIME support. MHonArc is written in Perl, allowing it to run on practically any platform that Perl has been ported to.
email  archive  perl 
december 2019 by dusko
MHonArc Home Page
MHonArc is a Perl mail-to-HTML converter. MHonArc provides HTML mail archiving with index, mail thread linking, etc; plus other capabilities including support for MIME and powerful user customization features.
email  web  backup  archive  html  perl 
december 2019 by dusko
When - an extremely simple personal calendar CLI program
When is an extremely simple personal calendar program, aimed at the Unix geek who wants something minimalistic. It can keep track of things you need to do on particular dates. There are a lot of calendar and "personal information manager" programs out there, so what reasons are there to use When?

It's a very short and simple program, so you can easily tinker with it yourself.
It doesn't depend on any libraries, so it's easy to install. You should be able to install it on any system where Perl is available, even if you don't have privileges for installing libraries.
Its file format is a simple text file, which you can edit in your favorite editor.
calendar  cli  gtd  shell  perl  productivity  tool 
november 2019 by dusko
smtp-cli -- Command line SMTP client
smtp-cli is a powerful SMTP command line client with a support for advanced features, such as STARTTLS, SMTP-AUTH, or IPv6 and with a scriptable message composition capabilities supporting anything from simple plain-text messages right up to building complex HTML emails with alternative plain-text part, attachments and inline images. The MIME-Type of the attachments can either be guessed automatically or alternatively set on the command line, separately for each attachment if required.

It's also a convenient tool for testing and debugging SMTP servers' setups. Even the hardcore mail admins used to typing the SMTP protocol over telnet need a specialised tool when it comes to verifying encryption settings of their TLS enabled server with a subsequent user authentication. Such things are pretty hard to type into a telnet session by hand :-)
smtp  email  perl  mailserver  cli  terminal  shell 
september 2019 by dusko
Essential Perl
Stanford CS Education Library: a 23 page introduction to the main features of the Perl language. Perl has a large number of features, but you can get pretty far just knowing a few core things, and that's what this article is about. The coverage is pretty quick -- it's intended for people who know some programming but need an introduction to Perl's way of doing things. Topics include: scalar variables, strings, arrays, hash tables, file input and output, regular expressions, and subroutines.
perl  reference 
september 2019 by dusko
Mail Toaster
What is the Mail::Toaster?

The mail toaster is a collection of open-source software which provides a full-featured mail server running on FreeBSD and MacOS X. The system is built around the qmail mail transport agent, with many additions and modifications. Matt Simerson is the primary author and maintainer of the toaster. There is an active and friendly community of toaster owners which supports the toaster on a mailing list and web forum.
mailserver  free  freebsd  opensource  software  perl  smtp  mta 
august 2019 by dusko
Converting Mbox mailboxes to Maildir format
mb2md and mb2md-2 - Converting Mbox mailbox files to Maildir format

mb2md is a Perl script which can take one or more Mbox format mailbox files in a directory and convert them to Maildir format mailboxes.

It can also convert the /var/spool/mail/uuuu mailspool file into a Maildir. This is for Unix/Linux and is public domain.

This is the OLD page for this script.

Please refer to: http://batleth.sapienti-sat.org/projects/mb2md/ for the latest operational version.

Maintainance of mb2md and its descendents has very kindly been taken over by Juri Haberland. This is the sort of program you probably only want once in your life, unless you are a consultant, so I salute Juri for making his additions and offering to maintain it on an onging basis!
mailserver  smtp  imap  dovecot  sendmail  perl  script 
august 2019 by dusko
Tartarus - Hetzner DokuWiki
Tartarus is a backup system based on classic and widespread Unix Tools which is specifically geared to dedicated server requirements.
backup  script  server  sysadmin  tar  cli  unix  lvm  snapshot  shell  perl 
june 2019 by dusko
Tartarus Backup system - Wertarbyte EDV-Dienstleistungen
Tartarus provides a nice wrapper around basic Unix tools such as tar, find and curl (well, that's not that basic) to provide a seamless backup solution, aimed at automatic gathering and backup. It has the ability to do full as well as incremental backups and is published by Stefan Tomanek under the rules of the GPL.

Instead of relying on single usage backup scripts or complicated command lines, "tartarus" reads its configuration from easily managable configuration files. It can store gathered data in regular files, or upload the backup directly (on the fly) to an FTP server. For more specific usage scenarios, custom methods can also be defined within the config file.

The program itself is a simple shell script, so any basic unix shell should be sufficient to run it (development has been done with "bash", so this would be obviously the best choice). The creation of the archives is left to "tar" (in its GNU incarnation), while the set of files to be saved is gathered with the help of "find". If you want to use the snapshot feature, LVM utilities are of course required as well.
backup  script  server  sysadmin  tar  cli  unix  lvm  snapshot  shell  perl 
june 2019 by dusko
xen-tools.org - Xen Software: xen-tools
xen-tools is a collection of simple perl scripts which allow you to easily create new guest Xen domains upon your Debian GNU/Linux host.

Once installed and configured you can create a new Xen instance in a matter of minutes. Each new Xen domain will be complete with:

All networking details setup, with either multiple static IP addresses or DHCP.
An installation of OpenSSH.
An arbitary set of partitions.
virtualization  xen  automation  perl 
june 2019 by dusko
Sisimai - Mail Analyzing Interface - GitHub
Mail Analyzing Interface: A library to parse RFC5322 bounce emails and generating structured data as JSON from parsed results.
mailserver  sendmail  postmaster  sysadmin  unix  mta  perl  ruby  bsd  linux 
may 2019 by dusko
Sisimai - Library to parse bounce mails - Mail Analyzing Interface
Sisimai is the successor of bounceHammer, is a Mail Analyzing Interface: a Perl module and a Ruby Gem for parsing RFC5322 bounce emails and for generating structured data such as JSON.
mailserver  sendmail  postmaster  sysadmin  unix  mta  perl  ruby  bsd  linux 
may 2019 by dusko
Perl Power Tools
Get the same BSD tools no matter where you go, no matter which platform you use. Your shell scripts act the same when they use the same tools instead of different tools with the same name.

The tools

addbib apply ar arch arithmetic asa awk banner basename bc cal cat
chgrp ching chmod chown clear cmp col colrm comm cp cut date dc deroff
diff dirname du echo ed env expand expr factor false file find fish
fold fortune from glob grep hangman head id install join kill ln lock
look ls mail make man maze mimedecode mkdir mkfifo moo morse od par
paste patch pig ping pom ppt pr primes printenv printf pwd rain random
rev rm rmdir robots shar sleep sort spell split strings sum tac tail
tar tee test time touch tr true tsort tty uname unexpand uniq units
unpar unshar uudecode uuencode wc what which whois words wump xargs
perl  unix  bsd  shell  terminal  tool  sysadmin 
april 2019 by dusko
kl3 scripts -Small collection of useful scripts
Small collection of Python, Perl and shell scripts.
script  python  perl  shell 
march 2019 by dusko
assp - Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy Server

The Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy (ASSP) server project is an Open Source, Perl based, platform-independent transparent SMTP proxy server that leverages numerous methodologies and technologies to both rigidly and adaptively identify e-mail spam. ASSP is easy to set up because it requires only minor changes to the configuration of your your Mail Transfer Agent.
mailserver  email  sendmail  spam  spf  mta  smtp  perl 
february 2019 by dusko
Using Rex To Automate Your Datacentre
As a system or hosting engineer or whatever normally does is first type in "datacentre automation" in Google and what you get is a lot of commercial companies trying to sell you automation frameworks. Things like Puppet, Chef etc. come along and when you look at their documentation, well, it's huge and takes a lot of time to install and configure properly. Not to mention that you need to install a daemon on every server to get the framework working (imagine trying to do that on 40-50 servers, and imagine if you have like 100-200 servers. So that wasn't actually an option for me at the time of my quest to find an easy framework to automate my tasks.
automation  sysadmin  perl  devops  configurationmanagement  ssh  shell 
february 2019 by dusko
Rex in practice - infrastructure as code
At adjust we use (R)?ex extensively to automate tasks related to our infrastructure, and we also started to use it for application deployment.

We would like to share our use case with this tool, highlighting some of its features through a series of introductory posts and examples.
automation  sysadmin  perl  devops  configurationmanagement  ssh  shell 
february 2019 by dusko
Automation with Perl Rex
Today I've started to play with perl Rex which is one of the great tool for automating server management tasks. I have never used Chef or Puppet or Ansible, so I did not know what to expect and what are the options available in Chef, Puppet and Ansible, but so far I love it.

Since Rex is using SSH as its transport layer, so we only have to install Rex on one machine (it can be your laptop). We don't need to install anything on client machines exept SSH server (openssh). Rex configuration is also simple (only if you know perl :D).

Rex runtime configration file name is "Rexfile" and its perl syntax with some Rex own methods.
sysadmin  automation  script  devops  perl  ssh 
february 2019 by dusko
dv_backup.pl - GitHub
This script is designed to allow users of the (dv) Dedicated-Virtual Server an alternative option when making backups. Once completed, it should set up an rsync run by a cron which will back up site files and/or databases locally or remotely. It can be run to generate a single backup for all domains at once, or single domains.

This script will not delete backups either locally or on remote servers. You will need to monitor your disk space to ensure you do not exceed any limitations on your server.
backup  script  perl 
january 2019 by dusko
FreeBSD UFS2 Snapshot Management Tool
You can use the snap utility to periodically create new snapshots while rotating the olds.

It can also be used to manually create snapshots.
backup  snapshot  freebsd  shell  script  cli  perl 
january 2019 by dusko
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