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tty.js - A terminal for your browser
A terminal for your browser, using node/express/socket.io
terminal  cli  webbrowser  javascript  tmux  images 
4 weeks ago by dusko
Mesh - A free, portable spreadsheet programming environment
What is Mesh?
Mesh is a JavaScript code editor that feels like a spreadsheet.

It runs in a browser (but doesn't require internet) and can be carried with you on a USB. It:

uses JavaScript as its formula language, and stores sheet files as JavaScript source code
is lightweight: ~2000 lines of source code (excluding libraries)
has no install or privacy headaches
strives for maximum compatibility: runs in Internet Explorer 11+ and is based on ECMAScript 5
is free (as in beer), open-source and permissively licensed (Apache 2.0).
Mesh is really a 'user experience' layer on top of the JavaScript that's built into browsers.
javascript  productivity 
december 2019 by dusko
KaTeX – The fastest math typesetting library for the web
KaTeX is a cross-browser JavaScript library that displays mathematical notation in web browsers. It puts special emphasis on being fast and easy to use.

It was initially developed by Khan Academy, and became one of the top five trending projects on GitHub in September 2014.
tex  latex  math  markdown  javascript  writing  documentation  utf8  unicode  typography 
october 2019 by dusko
Scribble - Buttersquid.ink
I'm a fan of ASCII art in source code but have always been bothered by the inconvenience of modifying the diagram. I recently decided to learn Javascript, so I wrote a tool which lets you draw line diagrams. The tool converts the diagram into ASCII, and appends a string representing the serialized, compressed version of the diagram. This lets you get recreate and modify the original line diagram–round-trip editing.

Software is a collection of complicated ideas embodied as machine code. Pictures are an excellent way of conveying complicated ideas. Obviously we should be documenting software source code with pictures...right? Yet despite decades' worth of attempts at developing visual programming languages, typing plain old text into plain old text files continues to be the most effective way of implementing and documenting software.

As a compromise, you can embed ASCII art into source code comments or README files. This isn't a bad solution, and there are several desktop and web-based tools (e.g. Emacs artist-mode) which let you draw simple vector objects--boxes and lines--then render the drawing as ASCII. But when you try to update the ASCII art, you quickly run into the limitations of these tools. Rendering vector objects into ASCII effaces the information associated with the vector objects: you can no longer move or reshape the vector objects because it's just a collection of ASCII characters.

Scribble is an ASCII art editor which lets you draw vector diagrams and render them into ASCII art. The original vector objects are converted into a short (well, short-ish) URL and string, appended to the bottom of the diagram. Paste both the ASCII art and URL into your source code or README file. If you need to modify the ASCII art later, you can regenerate the original vector shapes in Scribble by using the URL.
diagram  ascii  documentation  writing  tool  javascript  cli  shell  terminal  plaintext 
june 2019 by dusko
gulp.js - Automate and enhance your workflow
gulp is a toolkit for automating painful or time-consuming tasks in your development workflow, so you can stop messing around and build something.

"Builds can be the most awful sinkhole for teams to waste their time with - gulp is a serious win for any project."
- Eric, Co-founder @ stae
build  javascript  tool  automation  webdevelopment 
october 2018 by dusko
Ever wanted to simplify documentation and avoid heavy tools like Visio when explaining your code?

This is why mermaid was born, a simple markdown-like script language for generating charts from text via javascript. Try it using our editor (https://mermaidjs.github.io/mermaid-live-editor/).
diagram  javascript  markdown 
september 2018 by dusko
Vega - A Visualization Grammar
Vega - A Visualization Grammar. Vega is a visualization grammar, a declarative format for creating, saving, and sharing interactive visualization designs. With Vega, you can describe the visual appearance and interactive behavior of a visualization in a JSON format, and generate web-based views using Canvas or SVG.
visualization  javascript  graph 
august 2017 by dusko
FullCalendar - JavaScript Event Calendar - jQuery plugin
A JavaScript event calendar. Customizable and open source. -- FullCalendar is a jQuery plugin that provides a full-sized, drag & drop event calendar. It uses AJAX to fetch events on-the-fly and is easily configured to use your own feed format. It is visually customizable with a rich API.
javascript  calendar  sysadmin  programming 
march 2015 by dusko
Eloquent JavaScript
This file is part of the first edition of Eloquent JavaScript. Consider reading the second edition (http://eloquentjavascript.net/) instead.
programming  javascript 
february 2015 by dusko
JavaScript The Right Way
JS: The Right Way -- This is a guide intended to introduce new developers to JavaScript and help experienced developers learn more about its best practices. -- Despite the name, this guide doesn't necessarily mean "the only way" to do JavaScript. -- We just gather all the articles, tips, and tricks from top developers and put it here. Since it comes from exceptional folks, we could say that it is "the right way", or the best way to do so.
programming  javascript 
february 2015 by dusko

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