Sourcegraph architecture overview
Sourcegraph architecture overview

This is a high level overview of our architecture at Sourcegraph so you can understand how our services fit together.

To view this diagram in its rendered form on GitHub, install the Sourcegraph extension and enable Mermaid.js rendering in the experimental options menu.
3 hours ago
Mental Health Resources - Mindfulness and Relaxation
We have created a range of mental health resources, including mindfulness and relaxation exercises that you can use to improve your stress levels and wellbeing. Some are designed to be a short pause during your busy day while others will provide you with a deeper level of practice. We add new exercises regularly so be sure to revisit this page to stay updated or sign up to our list below.
mindfulness  meditation  mentalhealth 
3 hours ago
Free Blacklist Monitoring - Blacklist Check - HetrixTools
The simple way to blacklist check and monitor your IPs or Domains and notice if any of them get blacklisted, so you can immediately take action to find the cause and start the delisting procedures, before it gets to affect you or your clients.
mailserver  spam  monitoring  dns  email 
3 hours ago
log - daily journal log script

I work in a place with very flexible hours, which means I have to keep track of when I get to work. I made a script which combines that with having a log file: https://gist.github.com/mortie/f4aba996d45d6535941e013f3e29ca8c

That script sits in a ~/job dir on my machine. The first thing I do when I arrive in the morning is to run job/log, which appends a new line to job/log.txt which looks like this: # 2017-07-25 (Tuesday): 08:47-16:47. Subsequent runs of job/log just opens log.txt with $EDITOR (in my case vim), which is what I do to note down progress or problems I want to remember the next day. Then, lastly, job/log time gives me the time I have been there; if I ran job/log first time at 08:47, and it’s currently 16:50, job/log time will then print 08h 03m 00s.

The next day, job/log will notice that the last line starting with a # refers to yesterday and not today, and so will append a new line with a new date and time.

The log file will then look something like this:

# 2017-07-25 (Tuesday): 08:47-16:47

* Did something
* http://example.com/very-useful-link-I-found
* Why is <thing> broken?

# 2017-07-25 (Wednesday): 09:33-17:33
productivity  log  cli  shell  terminal  journal  script 
4 hours ago
GameShell - ClockworkPi GameShell
Introducing new Clockwork OS, based on Debian 9 ARMhf and Linux mainline Kernel 4.1x.

You can run PICO 8, LOVE2D, PyGame, Phaser.io, Libretro, and many other game engines smoothly.
diy  hardware  raspberrypi  gameconsoles  games 
4 hours ago
LaTeX-PDF HOW-TO by Udo Schuermann
LaTeX-PDF HOW-TO by Udo Schuermann.
tex  latex  howto  reference  pdf 
8 hours ago
Underscores in words (text) - TeX - LaTeX Stack Exchange
The solution I've settled on was to \usepackage[Q=yes,pverb-linebreak=no]{examplep} and then \Q{identifier_typeset_in_monospace}. This suits me, because all my underscores occur in code: variables, function names, filenames, etc., all of which could be typeset in a verbatim-like environment.
tex  latex  reference 
12 hours ago
How to write URLs in Latex? - Stack Overflow
You just need to escape characters that have special meaning:
# $ % & ~ _ ^ \ { }


would be

The \verb command is much less work than that.

The only problem with \verb is that it uses a typewriter font. I would have suggested \verbatim if that's what he asked for.
... the hyperref package is very good at wrapping URLs that would otherwise cause unsightly overfull hboxes.
tex  latex  reference 
12 hours ago
Arbitrary LaTeX reference
Many problems in LaTeX requires some research, so I started to record my findings.
Some of this is overly simplified, never investigated past my own needs, some things are unverified, some of quite possible wrong.
Please wait until the page is loaded; expansion will not work before it is. You can expand all sections when you want to search or print.
tex  latex  howto  reference  documentation 
13 hours ago
World’s best handwriting recognition for text, math, graphics and music.
14 hours ago
A really simple Firefox and Chrome extension that just triggers the Pinboard popup.
web  webbrowser  archive 
14 hours ago
Scsh - The Scheme Shell
Scsh is an open-source Unix shell embedded within Scheme, running on all major Unix platforms including AIX, Cygwin, Linux, FreeBSD, GNU Hurd, HP-UX, Irix, Mac OS X, Solaris, and some others.

Scsh is a variant of Scheme 48 (an R5RS compliant new-tech Scheme system) Scsh is designed for writing real-life standalone Unix programs and shell scripts. Scsh spans a wide range of application, from “script” applications usually handled with perl or sh, to more standard systems applications usually written in C.

The latest version of scsh is 0.6.7, released May 16, 2006. You may download this or previous versions of scsh.
shell  unix 
MSYS2 is a software distro and building platform for Windows

At its core is an independent rewrite of MSYS, based on modern Cygwin (POSIX compatibility layer) and MinGW-w64 with the aim of better interoperability with native Windows software. It provides a bash shell, Autotools, revision control systems and the like for building native Windows applications using MinGW-w64 toolchains.

It features a package management system to provide easy installation of packages, Pacman. It brings many powerful features such as dependency resolution and simple complete system upgrades, as well as straight-forward package building.
windows  shell  cli 
MSYS - MinGW - Minimalist GNU for Windows
MSYS is a collection of GNU utilities such as bash, make, gawk and grep to allow building of applications and programs which depend on traditionally UNIX tools to be present. It is intended to supplement MinGW and the deficiencies of the cmd shell.

An example would be building a library that uses the autotools build system. Users will typically run "./configure" then "make" to build it. The configure shell script requires a shell script interpreter which is not present on Windows systems, but provided by MSYS.

A common misunderstanding is MSYS is "UNIX on Windows", MSYS by itself does not contain a compiler or a C library, therefore does not give the ability to magically port UNIX programs over to Windows nor does it provide any UNIX specific functionality like case-sensitive filenames. Users looking for such functionality should look to Cygwin or Microsoft's Interix instead.
windows  shell  cli 
oberdiek – A bundle of packages submitted by Heiko Oberdiek - CTAN
oberdiek – A bundle of packages submitted by Heiko Oberdiek.
tex  latex  documentation  writing 
2 days ago
networking - Use second network interface as private network - Super User
You can use the second NIC for a private network, as long as both are in different subnets.

Your current NIC is in the subnet.
2 days ago
NetBehave is are a set of open source tools for performing Network Behavioral Analysis released under the GPLv3 license. These tools leverage Docker and Fluentd. The slides to the presentation at the BSides Ottawa 2018 conference are here (http://netbehave.org/files/netbehave-bsidesottawa2018-slides.pdf).

You can find the source code for NetBehave at GitHub:
networking  security 
2 days ago
Partition Saving: point d'entrée | entry point
The goal of this program is to achieve saving, restoring and copying of elements of storage device. An element can be a whole hard disk, a floppy disk, the Master Boot Record (first sector of hard disk containing boot code), the partitions table or a partitions. This permits saving hard disk contents to restore it later in case of a problem, without losing time reinstalling and reconfiguring software.
3 days ago
ISPmail guide for Debian Jessie
What this tutorial is about

This tutorial teaches you all the basics about running a mail server that is completely controlled by you, as secure as you like and fully powered by open-source software. And while you are setting up your mail server you will learn a lot about communication protocols like IMAP or SMTP.

Posted: May 15, 2015.
mailserver  server  spam  imap  smtp  postmaster  howto 
3 days ago
Postmaster.free.fr - Is my IP blocked?
Welcome on postmaster.free.fr

You certainly have found this web page because you had problems to send email to our Free.fr customers. On this web page, you will get explainations and solutions to provide to your email solution in order to fight spam with us.
mailserver  spam  mta 
3 days ago
Do-It-Yourself Backup System Using Rsync and BTRFS
What about ZFS?
While I do not plan to cover ZFS it is worth mentioning that ZFS also has these features and can do backups the same way. The commands of course will be different and different operating systems have different degrees of support for ZFS (I only recommend using it on Solaris or OpenSolaris).
backup  rsync  shell  cli  script  snapshot 
4 days ago
Rsync Based Backups
Rsync is essentially a directory syncing program.

This presentation is about using it as the basis of
a disk based backup system that can store
multiple incremental backups using a minimal
overhead of disk space.
backup  rsync  shell  cli  script  snapshot 
4 days ago
Link-Backup is a backup utility that creates hard links between a series of backed-up trees, and intelligently handles renames, moves, and duplicate files without additional storage or transfer.

Transfer occurs over standard i/o locally or remotely between a client and server instance of this script. Remote backups rely on the secure remote shell program ssh.

Link-Backup comes with a web based viewer of the backups it makes.
backup  rsync  script  sysadmin 
4 days ago
Can I prevent spammers from spoofing legitimate users in my domain on the Email Security Gateway? | Barracuda Campus
There is no way to stop a spammer from using any one email address for the spam they send out. There are however things that you can do to help prevent this from becoming a huge problem. These would be setting up SPF, DKIM and/or DMARC services for your domain. This will let people who receive email from your domain block sending IP addresses or senders who are not authorized to send mail for your domain. Although these can be used in conjunction with the SPF settings on the appliance to provide sender spoof protection, there are additional settings on the device, designed to address this specifically.
mailserver  sendmail  spam  spf  dkim  dmarc 
4 days ago
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