What is a Smart City? And Why Don’t Our Cities Feel Smart? - OrganiCityOrganiCity
In this post, I will explore common preconceptions and views of what a smart city is, consider why they might be smarter for some people than others, and discuss our role as citizens within the smart city¹.
smartcities  FCC  organicity 
4 weeks ago
Data for London - A City Data Strategy - 2016
Welcome to the City Data Strategy for London. This document is built around the following vision:
We want London to have the most dynamic and productive City Data Market in the world. In our City
Data Market, the capabilities, talents and capacity of all our city data partners will impact on our huge
social, economic and service-based challenges. To make this happen, friction in the sharing and
value-driven exploitation of city data will be reduced to a minimum. City data will be recognised as
part of the capital’s infrastructure. We will use it to save money, incubate innovation and drive
economic growth. And London will achieve global renown for data impact.
SLB  london  data  strategy  smartcities 
4 weeks ago
Smart Nation Sensor Platform
What is SNSP? An integrated nation-wide sensor platform to improve municipal services, city-level operations, planning and security. More systematic use of sensors and data to improve urban planning, build more responsive and reliable public transport, and better public security. Trials for various aspects of the Smart Nation Sensor Platform are ongoing.
singapore  smartcities  sensor  iot  platform 
4 weeks ago
IoT Guidelines
These guidelines provide a framework to help government and our partners responsibly deploy connected devices and IoT technologies in a coordinated and consistent manner. More than 35 leading cities, spanning 11 countries, have now joined New York City in this effort.
iot  smartcities  NYC  guidelines  frameworks 
4 weeks ago
2018 Digital Strategies for London Boroughs
Most city digital strategies currently state the priority of developing urban IoT / Data use-cases and establishing urban data ecosystems and city data marketplaces that serve to benefit citizens and support enterprise. Taking the example of London’s Data Strategy (2016), it premises that, 'data offers new insights and ways of delivering better services to citizens - from public health...to retail in the private sector'... whereby 'the city needs to be planned and built with data, and future data exploitation, in mind'.
smartcities  london  SLB  strategy 
4 weeks ago
ninetopminds-copy | UCLRobotics
Over the past few weeks I have been exploring the topic of robotics with top minds at University College London. Through informal interview and discussion I have begun to understand how the different areas of expertise across UCL are being brought together to create fascinating and innovative demonstrations of next generation robotics for real-world applications. Each interview was recorded either in person or via the web, edited, transcribed and is now available from this part of the NineTopMinds website
UCL  robotics 
5 weeks ago
The Ledger of Every Thing: a report on blockchain & IoT | EVRYTHNG IoT Smart Products Platform
We started experimenting with the blockchain about two years ago when we were invited to join the Blockchain Research Institute (BRI) to lead the Blockchain and IoT research. A big part of our work for the institute was to research the impact the blockchain, and more generally Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT), will have on IoT, producing an objective research report looking at opportunities, strengths and challenges of the blockchain for IoT.
iot  blockchain  evrythng 
10 weeks ago
MobileRead Forums - View Single Post - Kindle 4th gen non-touch not responding to SSH
You do have to set the IP up in OS X's network manager, there's no DHCP. useful settings that you need to change for kindle clock
amazon  kindle  clock  maker 
october 2018
(2) Literary Clock - Repurpose Your Old Kindle! - YouTube
kindle literary clock additional info on how to get the usbnetwork up and running
amazon  maker  clock 
october 2018
Literary Clock Made From E-reader: 6 Steps (with Pictures)
It updates every minute, so for instance at 9.23 in the evening, the Kindle will read

My father met me at the station, the dog jumped up to meet me, missed, and nearly fell in front of the 9.23pm Birmingham express.
The way I made this, the Kindle can still be used as a normal e-reader. If the clock is turned on though, as an added bonus, it doubles as a literary quiz. The clock shows the quotation without the title and author of the book, so you can guess. If you want to know the answers, pressing the buttons on the side (normally used to advance pages of e-books) will reveal them.
amazon  clock  diy  projects  maker  kindle 
october 2018
Why the Future of Machine Learning is Tiny « Pete Warden's blog
I’m convinced that machine learning can run on tiny, low-power chips, and that this combination will solve a massive number of problems we have no solutions for right now. That’s what I’ll be talking about at CogX, and in this post I’ll explain more about why I’m so sure.
hardware  iot  machinelearning 
october 2018
Eyeo 2018 - Nathaniel Raymond on Vimeo
| Nathaniel Raymond at Eyeo 2018 |

Nathaniel is the founding Director of the Signal Program on Human Security and Technology at the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative (HHI) of the Harvard Chan School of Public Health. He has over fifteen years of experience as a humanitarian aid worker and human rights investigator, including as director of the campaign against torture at Physicians for Human Rights. Raymond was formerly director of operations for the George Clooney-founded Satellite Sentinel Project (SSP) at HHI.

In this talk Nathaniel covers the myriad ways that attempts to use big data to help people can actually make natural disasters and armed conflicts worse. Drawing on his real world experience deploying data and tech for humanitarian and human rights purposes, he explains what can go wrong and how we might prevent these big data disasters in the future. 

What are ”disaster apps" and are they a good thing? What is data deluge and digital invisibility? What is the difference between DII and PII and ABI, and why should we care? How can satellite imagery help us see things better in an emergency and how can it make us blind? 
bigdata  humanitarian  signalcode  eyeo  Vimeo  principles 
september 2018
DustSensor - RevSpace
To get an idea of the levels of atmospheric particulate matter around my house, I ordered some dust sensor modules to play around with. In particular, I ordered these ones:

The Plantower PMS 7003 (AliExpress link);
The SDS011 (AliExpress link).
The PMS7003 is being advertised as an advanced generation of dust sensor (7th generation), while still reasonably priced (E15,-). It uses a laser to perform the measurement and contains a small fan to move the air around.
AQ  dust  sensor  particulates 
september 2018
AudioMoth | UK | Open Acoustic Devices | AudioMoth
AudioMoth is a low-cost, full-spectrum acoustic logger, based on the Silicon Labs Gecko processor range. Just like its namesake, AudioMoth can listen for sound from audible frequencies, well into ultrasonic frequencies. It is capable of recording uncompressed audio to micro SD card from 8,000 samples per seconds to 384,000 samples per second.
bats  audiomoth 
july 2018
Meet Pisound - Sound Card & MIDI Interface for Raspberry Pi
Pisound is an ultra-low latency high-quality sound card and MIDI interface specially designed for Raspberry Pi pocket computers. Equipped with 192kHz 24-bit Stereo Input and Output driven by the legendary Burr-Brown chips, DIN-5 MIDI Input and Output ports, user-customizable button and bundled software tools, this little board will bring your audio projects to a whole new level!
rip  bats 
july 2018
A Quick Introduction to Version Control with Git and GitHub
A Quick Introduction to Version Control with Git and GitHub
github  tutorial 
july 2018
Raspberry Pi Bat Project
Bat Pi  2   Bat Pi  2RT
bats  rpi 
july 2018
3DHOP - How To
3DHOP was designed to allow the creation of interactive multimedia Web presentations based on 3D digital models in a simple way.
3D  vis  TGAC  dublincastle 
july 2018
Making the General Data Protection Regulation easier to understand – Co-op Digital Blog
To make colleagues in Digital aware that the regulation is coming, we created posters to explain what it means in plain language. We think they’re a good way to make sure everybody knows about the rules and understands what they mean.
gdpr  digital  coop 
june 2018
Home – Project Haystack
Project Haystack is an open source initiative to streamline working with data from the Internet of Things. We standardize semantic data models and web services with the goal of making it easier to unlock value from the vast quantity of data being generated by the smart devices that permeate our homes, buildings, factories, and cities.
internetofthings  iot  bms  semantic  digitaltwin  casa 
june 2018
Brick Schema
Brick is an open-source, BSD-licensed development effort to create a uniform schema for representing metadata in buildings.
buildings  internetofthings  iot  digitaltwin  BIM  BMS  CASA 
june 2018
An all-in-one IoT kit built for the cloud - IoT DevKit
An all-in-one IoT kit built for the cloud
All the sensors and parts you love, no soldering needed. Welcome to cloud IoT development.
iot  devkit  azure  wifi  microsoft 
may 2018
Choppy Video in iMovie | DJI FORUM
importing spark video into imovie or davinci
dji  spark 
december 2017
Elite 30th Anniversary
Celebrate by playing Elite again, for free. Thanks to Matt Goldbolt. the original BBC Micro version now runs direct in the Google Chrome browser if you click here.
november 2017
Joyce Timber - Timber Merchants
We offer a range of products that includes: softwood and hardwood timber, general hardware, doors, sheet materials, mouldings, decking, fencing and hardwood flooring.
timber  wood  north  london 
september 2017
The Fourth Industrial Revolution: what it means and how to respond | World Economic Forum
A key trend is the development of technology-enabled platforms that combine both demand and supply to disrupt existing industry structures, such as those we see within the “sharing” or “on demand” economy. These technology platforms, rendered easy to use by the smartphone, convene people, assets, and data—thus creating entirely new ways of consuming goods and services in the process. In addition, they lower the barriers for businesses and individuals to create wealth, altering the personal and professional environments of workers. These new platform businesses are rapidly multiplying into many new services, ranging from laundry to shopping, from chores to parking, from massages to travel.
industry40  ile 
april 2017
Neural networks and deep learning
In this chapter, we'll develop techniques which can be used to train deep networks, and apply them in practice. We'll also look at the broader picture, briefly reviewing recent progress on using deep nets for image recognition, speech recognition, and other applications. And we'll take a brief, speculative look at what the future may hold for neural nets, and for artificial intelligence.
book  machinelearning  AI  NN  CNN  deeplearning 
march 2017
Micro-Climate Climate Monitoring System
Bosch Micro-Climate Monitoring System (MCMS) is easy to deploy, technologically advanced and incurs zero added infrastructure investment. It connects compact wireless sensors over Wi-Fi and GSM networks enabling micro-climatic data collection. MCMS is powered with the state-of-the-art IoT-friendly Intel Quark processor enabled with a “pattern matching” technology; facilitating energy-efficiency, scalability and sustainability for real-world applications.
AQ  bosch  intel  airquality 
february 2017
Intel® Commercial IoT Labs | Intel® Software
By the end of this module, you should be able to:

Connect to your Intel® IoT Gateway from your development computer
Unbox and setup your Intel® Edison Hardware
Connect to your Intel® Edison from your development computer using a serial connection.
Connect your Intel® Edison to your Intel® IoT Gateway's hotspot
Deploy an application to your Intel® Edison using the Intel® XDK
intel  gateway  edison 
january 2017
Ready to Ship NVIDIA Gaming PC with a GTX 1060 SC LN75584 - SCANG36I - Scan.co.uk
Scan Gaming PC G36i, Intel Core i5 6400, 8GB Corsair DDR4, 3GB EVGA GTX 1060 SC, 240GB SSD, 1TB HDD, Win 10
gaming  pc 
november 2016
Blade: Inductrix FPV
The perfect beginner FPV drone designed for indoor flying in even the smallest of places, the Blade® Inductrix™ drone is an ultra-micro marvel. You get out-of-the-box FPV performance with a pre-installed 25mW micro FPV system and a 4.3 inch FPV external monitor which can easily be upgraded to FPV goggles.
november 2016
Scaling digital change for better public services — reflections on UK local government digital… – Medium
As Cabinet member for Finance, Technology & Growth at the London Borough of Camden and Chair of our new ICT Shared Service Board with Islington and Haringey, over the past few months I’ve been considering how digital transformation can be better progressed across local government — interviewing leaders of councils, cabinet members and councillors; chief information officers; chief executives and senior officers.
organicity  digital  strategy 
november 2016
Code With Mu
Mu is a simple code editor for beginner programmers. It's written in Python and works on Windows, OSX, Linux and Raspberry Pi.
codeclub  python 
november 2016
What do the party manifestos say on… research and innovation? | In Verba | Royal Society
This is the first in a series of three blog posts which will examine what the manifestos say in relation to our key areas of policy work; research and innovation, education policy and sustainability issues.
research  manifesto 
september 2016
Computational Thinking - Barefoot Computing Barefoot Computing
Computational thinking is not thinking about computers or like computers. Computers don’t think for themselves. Not yet, at least!
Computational thinking involves 6 different concepts and 5 approaches to working:
codeclub  computational  thinking  CAS 
september 2016
Bibliometrics: The Leiden Manifesto for research metrics : Nature News & Comment
Base assessment of individual researchers on a qualitative judgement of their portfolio. The older you are, the higher your h-index, even in the absence of new papers. The h-index varies by field: life scientists top out at 200; physicists at 100 and social scientists at 20–30 (ref. 8). It is database dependent: there are researchers in computer science who have an h-index of around 10 in the Web of Science but of 20–30 in Google Scholar9. Reading and judging a researcher's work is much more appropriate than relying on one number. Even when comparing large numbers of researchers, an approach that considers more information about an individual's expertise, experience, activities and influence is best.
research  manifesto  metrics 
september 2016
connected objects | A site using Network eLearning MFCA-UT3
PROGRAM Click on the title of each module for details.
Module 1: Architecture of a connected system objects
Module 2: Service platforms for the Internet of Things
Module 3: Sensors / smart actuators - Human-Machine Interface
Module 4: objects connected to the service of home automation and e-health
Module 5: For a v3.0 agricultural production objects connected in the field agro / agri
Module 6: Radiocommunication Signal Processing
Module 7: RF Transceivers
Module 8: Antennas and propagation indoor and outdoor
Module 9: RF Technologies connected objects
Module 10: RFID contactless technology and NFC
Module 11: Wireless communications protocols Development
Module 12: Internet Protocols
urbaniot  iotmasters 
july 2016
Courseware - IoT | Intel® Software
Intel® Software Academic Program

A wealth of resources at your fingertips including grants, tools for your classroom, complimentary software, and more.
july 2016
GitHub - guermonprez/intel-academic-IoT-course: Intel Academic IoT course - board setup, labs and projects
Intel Academic IoT Course

Videos corresponding to the labs and projects :


Contents :

Presentations on IoT : See the video recordings. Slides in PPTX and PDF are available in the slides folder.
Setup of Intel Edison and Intel Galileo : check the 2 readme in this folder and the videos (you'll need both).
Labs : simple IoT basics demonstrated in detail (analog and digital IO, PWM, SPI ...). Check the labs folder and videos ! To download the labs from Edison or Galileo :
wget https://github.com/guermonprez/intel-academic-IoT-course/archive/master.zip

Project : real life IoT projects, explained in detail with code. A mix of old and new IoT protocols, web, analytics ... and more.
july 2016
New MSc Module in Internet of Things: — Electronic & Electrical Engineering
technology and business drivers of the IoT, typical IoT applications, trends, architectures, network protocols, wireless technologies, application programming and data analytics.
july 2016
Cities are where the future happens first. The C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group, now in its 10th year, connects more than 80 of the world’s greatest cities, representing over 600 million people and one quarter of the global economy.

Created and led by cities, C40 is focused on tackling climate change and driving urban action that reduces greenhouse gas emissions and climate risks, while increasing the health, wellbeing and economic opportunities of urban citizens.
cities  smartcities  C40 
july 2016
Arup | Publications | Future Cities: UK Capabilities For Urban Innovation
This report, produced by the Future Cities Catapult and Arup, sets out the UK’s strengths in the global market for urban solutions. These strengths include the UK’s heritage in urban planning and reinvention, its commercial expertise in managing large scale urban projects, its diverse creative services, combined with its fast growing digital expertise and development of world leading standards for urban design and open data, among other areas.
FCC  arup  smartcities  london 
july 2016
Smart Cities & Sustainable Urban Development | Arup
Arup sees smart cities as one of the tools for urban development, with people at the heart of the process. We advise policy makers, executives, city departments, developers, and industry on defining how much to invest and how much value they can get from being 'smart'. Our range of services covers strategy and organisation, urban informatics, business systems and architecture, and infrastructure advice that, taken together or individually, will help deliver smart services.
arup  smartcities 
july 2016
Smart City London 2016
report by arup for smart london board on market in london 2016
smartcities  london  arup 
july 2016
BIM Task Group | A UK Government Initiative
The Government Construction Strategy was published by the Cabinet office on 31 May 2011. The report announced the Governments intention to require: collaborative 3D BIM (with all project and asset information, documentation and data being electronic) on its projects by 2016.
data  research  BIM  BIS 
june 2016
Urban Platforms | EIP - Smart Cities and Communities Market Place
Urban Platforms form a core building block by which cities better manage the current explosion in volumes of city data and more easily share this data between city services in order to improve outcomes for society. Few cities in Europe have implemented such solutions. Key blockers included: Capacity; Money (as it’s an investment with an unclear BCase); Cross-Silo breaking commitment (a leadership role).

The Urban Platform Initiative comprises three core elements:

Demand-Side – to define common requirements, and speed adoption
Supply-Side – to bring together EU Industry to adopt common open solutions
Standardisation – to formalise the capture of the core content as international standards
organicity  urban  platform 
june 2016
IoT - Getting started with the Intel® XDK IoT Edition | Intel® Developer Zone
This guide contains steps for installing the Intel® XDK IoT Edition, as well as creating and running a simple application on the Intel® Galileo or the Intel® Edison board. These are steps for all supported operating systems. Intel® XDK IoT Edition lets you create and test applications on Intel® IoT platforms. It provides code templates for creating new applications that interact with sensors, actuators, and so on, enabling you to get a quick start on developing software for your Intel board.
edison  xdk  sdk  setup  iot 
march 2016
IoT - Flashing the firmware on a system with Mac* OS X* (manual process) | Intel® Developer Zone
This guide contains steps to update (flash) the firmware on your Intel® Edison board. The firmware is your board’s operating system, and also allows for use of Wi-Fi*, Bluetooth*, analog and digital controls, and other functions.  It’s important to keep your firmware up-to-date to ensure the best stability and performance for your board.
edison  flash  setup 
march 2016
[no title]
Our speakers will be talking to the theme "Next Generation Inspired” and share their experiences of creating, developing or delivering innovations that have been produced with, for or by younger people.
iost  distance  corporateunion  iot 
march 2016
GitHub - CodeClubStrad/CodeClubStrad-Spring-2016: Contains all code week by week for the Stradbroke High School Code Club (Spring 2016)
Contains all code week by week for the Stradbroke High School Code Club during the spring term 2016. You can re-use any of the code under the MIT License.

We'll be using the credit card sized Raspberry Pi computers to try:

Programming Minecraft with Python
codeclub  rpi  minecraft 
march 2016
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