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january 2018 by dscassel
Faculty of Environment 2014 Holiday Message - YouTube
RT : Students from 's Environment faculty get the treatment in their holiday video:
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december 2014 by dscassel
Untitled (http://kitchener.ctvnews.ca/video?clipId=303612)
RT : 's Dawn Parker talks data modelling and predicting LRT impact on Waterloo Region with
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march 2014 by dscassel
Waterloo Daily Bulletin February 11, 2014
RT : Do you want to help keep Ring Road safe? Attend the open house on Thurs & share your input with Police
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february 2014 by dscassel
Can the Winter Olympics survive climate change? | Waterloo Stories
RT : study finds only 6 previous Winter Olympic host cities would be able to host again due to climate change.
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january 2014 by dscassel
Waterloo Daily Bulletin September 3, 2013
RT : Good news: is, at last, reviving the use of the lions-and-chevrons shield it should never have jettisoned:
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september 2013 by dscassel

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