Trump Russia dossier key claim 'verified'
"Watergate doesn't even come close." There are a lot of new allegations here, including hacking of voter rolls in coordination with the Trump campaign.
russia  spy  trump  USA 
march 2017
Signal Problems
A comic that combines the TTC with magical monsters. I'm in!
comics  toronto  ttc 
march 2017
Who Killed the Iceman? Clues Emerge in a Very Cold Case
> Inspector Horn has managed to piece together a remarkably detailed picture of what befell the Iceman on that fateful day around 3300 B.C., near the crest of the Ötztal Alps.
history  crime  science 
march 2017
Mayflower: the heart of the Trump-Russia scandal
Wow, this is juicy conspiracy stuff. Seems well-sourced though?
russia  USA  spy  trump 
march 2017
RIP Denis McGrath
Met Denis in 2001 when he was still working at Space. We have lost a great voice.
writing  canada  tv 
march 2017
Apple has acquired Workflow
Crazy! I've been using this app a ton lately and it's really impressive
productivity  ios  Apple 
march 2017
Manafort had plan to benefit Putin government
Was paid $10-mil to promote Putin's interests in the US and abroad. Wow.
trump  russia  politics  USA 
march 2017
Doomsday Prep for the Super-Rich
“A lot of my friends do the guns and the motorcycles and the gold coins. That’s not too rare anymore.” ... "I took classes in archery." (thanks y)
march 2017
Daring Fireball: About That Purported 10.5-Inch iPad
John Gruber tries to make sense of the somewhat confusing iPad rumours.
Apple  rumours  ipad  tech 
march 2017
Apple’s Next Big Thing: Augmented Reality
This does not surprise me. It can be rolled out to iPhones earlier and then the glasses would come later. The watch could also be cool for AR - if there was a camera on the buckle I guess.
apple  tech  future 
march 2017
Donald Trump, Frank Gaffney, and the Looming Threat to American Muslims
> The government’s vast post-9/11 counterterrorism powers have never resided in the hands of people who consider America’s Muslim organizations to be agents of treason. And the Trump administration could use those powers to cripple not only American Muslim civil-society groups, but also mosques.
trump  religion  USA  politics 
march 2017
Spammy Google Home spouts audio ads without warning – now throw yours in the trash • The Register
> Never before have we witnessed a technology giant destroy a product with such precision-engineered idiocy. Don't be evil? Do us a favor.
ads  google  tech  smarthome 
march 2017
Desperation Sets in for House Hunters in Toronto’s Red-Hot Market - Bloomberg
Good look at the real estate situation in Toronto within a broader North American context.
realestate  toronto 
march 2017
Could Probiotics Replace Prozac?
Study shows mouse depression can be eased with yogurt
psychology  science 
march 2017
The Dazzling Reinvention of Zelda
> “They said, ‘Change anything you want,’ ” Fujibayashi recalled. “So we wrote down all of the stress points, the things that make Zelda games less enjoyable, and we replaced them with new ideas.”
nintendo  games 
march 2017
Ridley Scott Is Planning 6 More Alien Movies
An Alien in New York, Chestburster: The Musical, Alien vs. My Little Pony, Gladialien... go ahead, run with those, Ridley
scifi  film 
march 2017
The Timing, Source, and What's Missing: WikiLeaks' CIA Cyber Arsenal Dump Explained - U.S. News - Haaretz.com
> There are no names of either individuals or organizations mentioned in the documents. WikiLeaks claims to have made 70,875 redactions in the "Vault 7" files. This is an amazing number, which raises two related questions. First, Assange has always been against redactions, often quarrelling with news organizations that have partnered with WikiLeaks in the past over their insistence on protecting the identities of individuals. What made him change his policy? Also, by all accounts, including Assange's, WikiLeaks has limited resources and very few employees, certainly nowhere near enough to carry out 70,875 redactions – if that figure is even accurate. All this indicates that either the source (and in this case it wouldn't have been one former disgruntled government employee) or some other well-funded organization, probably an intelligence agency, have been working on these documents for quite some time.
spy  conspiracy  tech 
march 2017
Path Finder Update : No Man's Sky
Huge expansion of a game that was a little thin at launch.
march 2017
Analysis: GOP plan to cost Obamacare enrollees $1,542 more a year
> We reported above the results for individuals. For families, the Republican bill would increase costs by $2,243 if the bill were in effect today. For families with a head of household age 55 to 64, the bill would increase costs by $7,604. For families with income below 250 percent of poverty, the bill would increase costs by $6,228.
trump  health  usa  politics 
march 2017
Radiohead and sadness: a data analysis
So lower scores on the "gloom index" are more gloomy? I guess that makes sense. Anyway, saddest albums appear to be Amnesiac and A Moon Shaped Pool.
march 2017
Porsche Design’s Book One is a beautiful alternative to the Surface Book
Hey, a Porsche convertible! Seems pretty cool, but these things are much better laptops than tablets. As a tablet it's either super heavy, if you keep the keyboard attached, or it only gets 3 hrs battery, and either way it's way bulkier than an iPad.
march 2017
YouTube, the world’s biggest video site, wants to sell you TV for $35 a month
Includes main US broadcast networks plus the cable channels they own, so Fox News, ESPN and Bravo, but no CNN, AMC, HBO. Also includes "A cloud DVR with unlimited storage space".
tv  google  tech  futuremedia 
march 2017
Trump, Putin, and the New Cold War
Pretty good overview, but doesn't get into the full extent of his Russian ties
russia  USA  trump 
march 2017
Streetcars are Toronto’s civic treasure and the King St. plan gives them their due
> Besides, if you want to drive without streetcars in the way, you have your pick of all kinds of other cities. You can go to Hamilton, or Mississauga, or Pickering. You can go most places, and they won’t have streetcars. We do have them, and they’re a civic treasure. It’s about time we treat them like it.
toronto  cities  transit 
february 2017
What's in your chicken sandwich? DNA test shows Subway sandwiches could contain just 50% chicken
Apparently a kind of "restructured meat" containing a lot of soy:

> Restructured products are essentially smaller pieces of meat or ground meat,  bound together with other ingredients  to make them last longer, taste better and, as Bohrer puts it, "add value" — restaurant speak for cheaper.
february 2017
NASA Telescope Reveals Record-Breaking Exoplanet Discovery
Ultra-cool dwarf alert!

> The TRAPPIST-1 star, an ultra-cool dwarf, has seven Earth-size planets orbiting it.
science  space 
february 2017
Scientists Say They've Discovered a Hidden Continent Under New Zealand
> Scientists say they have identified an underwater continent two-thirds the size of Australia — and they are calling it Zealandia.
science  world 
february 2017
OMB Reform: Contested development
Star feature on the shady Ontario Municipal Board, the unaccountable provincial body that has the final say in development approvals in Toronto
toronto  cities 
february 2017
These movies will help you through the Donald Trump years | Toronto Star
Definitely Children of Men. I would add Killing Them Softly and Hell or High Water
culture  film  trump 
february 2017
Logan review: not just the bloodiest X-Men movie, but also the saddest
> The weight of graphic, grotesque violence hangs over the entire movie. But the daring emotional violence lingers longer, well after the lights go down on the final shot.

Sounds fun!
film  scifi 
february 2017
Israel’s One-State Reality
Depressing look at the current state of things with Israel and the seeming impossibility of a two-state solution
world  politics 
february 2017
Apple Vowed To Revolutionize Television. An Inside Look at Why It Hasn’t
AppleTV definitely needs help. A lot of potential, but not much happening on it right now to justify the price tag
apple  tv  tech 
february 2017
Transit First For King Street?
Steve Munro analyzes the options proposed for King Street
toronto  transit 
february 2017
Trump Campaign Aides Had Repeated Contacts With Russian Intelligence
Looks like I picked the wrong day to quit reading Trump news.
spy  trump  USA  politics 
february 2017
How Sonos will take on Alexa and Google: by integrating them
They want you to be able to use your Sonos with multiple, competing voice assistant services. That would be good!
february 2017
Humble Freedom Bundle
$30 for waaaay too many good games, proceeds to the ACLU among others. Wish PC gaming didn't wreck my body now.
february 2017
Coed CYO hoops team defies archdiocese order to kick girls out, forfeits season
> They are 10-year-old children. They have a lifetime of disappointments ahead of them; let's not create an unnecessary one now.
news  society 
february 2017
The Spy Revolt Against Donald Trump Begins
NSA and other agencies are withholding data from the White House because they think Russia "had ears" there.
trump  politics  spy  USA 
february 2017
Steve Bannon: Donald Trump's chief strategist has a grand vision for remaking America — Quartz
Quartz performed the heroic task of watching Bannon's films and presents the worldview of "the Leni Riefenstahl of the Tea Party". I guess he's been promoted to Goebbels now.
USA  politics  trump 
february 2017
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