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Photobucket Is Holding People's Photos For "Ransom"
When a crappy change to a business model does in a large swathe of the historical web.
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july 2017 by dsalo
ikreymer/pywb · GitHub
pywb is a python implementation of web archival replay tools, sometimes also known as 'Wayback Machine'.

pywb allows high-quality replay (browsing) of archived web data stored in standardized ARC and WARC, and it can also serve as a customizable rewriting proxy to live web content.

The replay system is designed to accurately replay complex dynamic sites, including video and audio content and sites with complex JavaScript.
october 2015 by dsalo
What does the web remember of its deleted past? | Web Archives for Historians
How can you find bits of a deleted TLD if you don't know where they were and can't plug URLs into Wayback?
webarchiving  dns  discoverability 
september 2015 by dsalo
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