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Good usability script from Steve Krug.
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august 2016 by dsalo
System Usability Scale (SUS) | Usability.gov
Quick-and-dirty survey instrument for usability.
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february 2016 by dsalo
Sara Wachter-Boettcher | Everybody Hurts: Content for Kindness
"Question protocol" as a way to balance collected information with actual needs, as well as informant privacy.
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september 2015 by dsalo
Matthew Reidsma : More than Usable
People all the way down! Why you have to get out of your own head to do usability/ux right. Nothing happens in isolation.
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may 2015 by dsalo
Get a Peek Into Your Site or App's Usability | Peek by UserTesting
"5 minute video" of person using your site/app. Not clear whether you can set tasks.
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august 2014 by dsalo
Coyle's InFormation: Works, Expressions, and the Bibliographic Universe
What is FRBR modeling, and in what contexts does that modeling actually help catalog users?
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april 2014 by dsalo
Stepping Up on Usability | Insights and Outcomes
Good on the process/workflow of extending usability into all interactions, physical AND virtual.
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february 2014 by dsalo
The Pastry Box Project | 7 August 2013, baked by Karen McGrane
"Why would someone ever want to do that" is the wrong question. It doesn't matter why they want to do it. The fact is that people do.
644  mobile  usability 
august 2013 by dsalo
Why Americans Are the Weirdest People in the World
How many library assumptions about user behavior rely on similar fallacies?
socialjustice  551  usability 
march 2013 by dsalo
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