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Mismatch of Expectations: How Modern Learning Resources Fail Conversational Programmers
For "should everybody learn to code?" week. OK for grad-student summaries.
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january 2018 by dsalo
The state of women in computer science: An investigative report - TechRepublic
Associated whitepaper might work as a graduate research source.
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october 2017 by dsalo
Learning to code in one’s own language – HCI & Design at UW – Medium
What happens when everybody has to code in English, no matter what they actually speak.
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june 2017 by dsalo
Exploring Computer Science
A program working on HOW to do CS Ed in K12 in culturally-relevant fashion.
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may 2017 by dsalo
Computer Science Learning: Closing the Gap
Brief on women in CS; companion to earlier Google report on ethnicity.
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march 2017 by dsalo
In Finland, Teaching Computer Science Without Computers - The Atlantic
"But unlike in some parts of the United States where learning to code is an isolated skill, Finnish children are taught to think of coding and programming more as tools to be explored and utilized across multiple subjects." Which deals neatly with the notion too many US students get that coding is just for sitting in basements.
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february 2017 by dsalo
Tressie McMillan Cottom Excerpt from 'Lower Ed' - The Atlantic
"When investors and politicians say that for-profit colleges offer a flexible solution to retrain the country’s workforce, they are talking about inequality. Whose training in the jobs of the 20th century is now obsolete in the 21st century? Who needs a flexible solution? Women who carry the burden of primary childcare, men working more than one job, older adults caring for both their parents and their own children—a group for whom time isn’t just money, but also the absence of money."
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february 2017 by dsalo
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