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John Madden Hockey: The making of NHL ’94 – Read-Only Memory
CUSTOM METADATA. "For example, it could emulate the ambience of a game day NHL arena by including the proper organ music. The problem, though, was that each team’s organist played different songs. ‘That’s not a problem, actually,’ explained Dieter Ruehle, the organist for the San Jose Sharks (and previously for the Los Angeles Kings), ‘I can do that.’ True to his word, Ruehle provided EA with organ music for every team; and he didn’t just provide all of their songs, but also noted which music was blasted during power plays, which tunes were used to celebrate goals, and all the other inside info needed to make each arena feel like home."
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Life-Saving: The National Software Reference Library « The Signal: Digital Preservation
Data file containing tracking info on bad batch of Botox was in a file format too old to open. Software library to the rescue!
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