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This is why Alex Jones has been able to get away with exploiting social media - The Washington Post
Clear statement of why Moderation Is Hard, why "AI" is not the answer, and why moderation is necessary anyway.
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10 weeks ago by dsalo
The Platform is the Message
Grimmelmann on the ills of the attention economy.
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12 weeks ago by dsalo
A chief ethics officer won’t fix Facebook’s problems.
A lot of good stuff in here on how theories of change faaaaaaaaaail.
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april 2018 by dsalo
Who Does She Think She Is?
"The Internet does not hate women. People hate women, and the Internet lets them do it faster, harder, and with impunity."
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march 2018 by dsalo
Facebook executives blasted after botching response to data 'breach' - Business Insider
Not TECHNICALLY a "breach," but pissed-off users aren't really seeing the difference.
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march 2018 by dsalo
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