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Not Fade Away: Social science research in the digital era | Parameters
"Needless to say, these three scenarios are fundamentally incompatible. Yet more incompatible scenarios can be generated from the perspectives of funding agencies, university administrators, private business, students, and other stakeholders. Specifics of the scenarios will vary greatly by research specialty, institution, career stage, funding source, and other factors."
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july 2016 by dsalo
DIPIR Project
Research study on social scientists, zoologists, and archaeologists re what significant properties of data aid reuse, what information sources data reusers consult.
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november 2014 by dsalo
Science in an Age of Scrutiny: How Scientists Can Respond to Criticism and Personal Attacks
An excellent guide to what scientists should do when attacked or harassed online over their work.
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february 2014 by dsalo
Battle of the Box | stratēchery by Ben Thompson
Dropbox pivoting away from consumers because consumers can't be arsed to back their stuff up.
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january 2014 by dsalo
Big Data Is Too Big for Scientists to Handle Alone - Wired Science
“Machines are not going to organize data science research,” said Bin Yu, a statistician at the University of California, Berkeley, who works on high-dimensional data problems. “Humans have to lead the way.” But, she said, “no one knows who is leading data science right now.”
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october 2013 by dsalo
The Cost of Open Science
The "scooping" dilemma in a nutshell.
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may 2013 by dsalo
PHD Comics: Show me
Shows the difference between data and graphs.
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may 2013 by dsalo
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