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Preserving research data
Simply storing data does not constitute preservation. Simply storing minimal, descriptive metadata does not ensure usability. True data archives are equipped for storing, preserving, and providing access to the various kinds of metadata that accompany research data. Metadata includes data documentation, descriptions of methodology and instrumentation, formulas used for recoding and analyzing the data, and field notes, as well as administrative and preservation records that ensure the long-term access and usability of data files.
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may 2011 by dsalo
dLOC SobekCM Home
Open-source DLCMS, optimized for newspaper collections.
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april 2011 by dsalo
arXiv.org help - Data set support in collaboration with the Data Conservancy
If you post your paper to arXiv, you can post your data to the Data Conservancy.
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april 2011 by dsalo
repinf / FrontPage
Alma Swan's wiki about the European effort to solve Every Repository Problem Ever. Lots of useful lists of repo-related stuff -- software, initiatives, organizations, etc.
april 2009 by dsalo
What repositories do: The OAIS model « Everybody’s Libraries
Brilliant, lucid explanation of the OAIS reference model. ADD TO SYLLABUS.
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october 2008 by dsalo
Tilburg University - Stimulating the Population of Repositories: A Research Project
Succinct statements of "success factors" and "challenges" for IR population. Nothing we didn't already know, though. Maybe someday we stop restating the problem and actually SOLVE IT?
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january 2008 by dsalo

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