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John Kenyon Chapman Papers, 1969-2009
Good example of description for digital materials inside a finding aid.
findingaids  digitalpreservation  ead  metadata 
april 2018 by dsalo
UC Guidelines for Born-Digital Archival Description
Putting born-digital stuff, including disk images, into finding aids.
archives  digitalpreservation  findingaids  metadata 
december 2017 by dsalo
Metadata - BBC R&D
Blog posts and short videos on metadata, accessibility from an A/V perspective.
644  853  bibliography  metadata  accessibility  audio  video  digitalassetmgmt 
august 2017 by dsalo
Reading In — On Archivy — Medium
A great example of how to extract file metadata and what it might tell you.
fileformats  metadata  digitalforensics  datacuration  borndigital  casestudy 
july 2015 by dsalo
Free online metadata extractor
Looks like it's running exiftool under the hood.
metadata  datacuration 
april 2015 by dsalo
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