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UC Guidelines for Born-Digital Archival Description
Putting born-digital stuff, including disk images, into finding aids.
archives  digitalpreservation  findingaids  metadata 
december 2017 by dsalo
Metadata - BBC R&D
Blog posts and short videos on metadata, accessibility from an A/V perspective.
644  853  bibliography  metadata  accessibility  audio  video 
august 2017 by dsalo
Reading In — On Archivy — Medium
A great example of how to extract file metadata and what it might tell you.
fileformats  metadata  digitalforensics  datacuration  borndigital  casestudy 
july 2015 by dsalo
Free online metadata extractor
Looks like it's running exiftool under the hood.
metadata  datacuration 
april 2015 by dsalo
John Madden Hockey: The making of NHL ’94 – Read-Only Memory
CUSTOM METADATA. "For example, it could emulate the ambience of a game day NHL arena by including the proper organ music. The problem, though, was that each team’s organist played different songs. ‘That’s not a problem, actually,’ explained Dieter Ruehle, the organist for the San Jose Sharks (and previously for the Los Angeles Kings), ‘I can do that.’ True to his word, Ruehle provided EA with organ music for every team; and he didn’t just provide all of their songs, but also noted which music was blasted during power plays, which tunes were used to celebrate goals, and all the other inside info needed to make each arena feel like home."
digitalassetmgmt  successstory  metadata 
march 2015 by dsalo
PROV-O: The PROV Ontology
Linked-data-friendly alternative to PREMIS.
metadata  provenance  premis 
march 2015 by dsalo
Guidelines for Dublin Core Application Profiles
Pretty good exercise in section 5 for making a metadata language.
551  metadata 
february 2015 by dsalo
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