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id.kb.se - Data Model
Swedish linked-data model for their national catalog.
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april 2017 by dsalo
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One piece on going from MARC to linked data. Another on DACS/EAD/EAC-CPF. Another on e-records standards.
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december 2016 by dsalo
Sex or Gender?
In FOAF it's a dang literal.
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march 2016 by dsalo
Alexandria Digital Research Library
"lots of linked data" here; to get Turtle, URL pattern is http://ucsb.curationexperts.com/lib/ark:/99999/fk4sf30x0v.ttl

.nt and .json also work.
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january 2016 by dsalo
yEd - Graph Editor
Image editor specifically designed for graphing. Open-source, cross-platform.
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january 2016 by dsalo
Simplicity in Data Models
Good history on how-we-got-here-from-there.
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june 2015 by dsalo
What it means to be Open | Overdue Ideas
On the open world assumption and what it lets libraries do.
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may 2015 by dsalo
List of reconciliation services.
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january 2015 by dsalo
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